Death by Six Million Cuts

“I am being punished for the crime of the Jew Silverstone…I was persecuted by Maxwell Mattuck, another Jew, and I am to be sentenced by Judge Julian Mack, the eminent jurist [and an NAACP board member]. Truly, I may say, ‘I am going to Jericho and fell among thieves.” — Marcus Garvey

ACCORDING TO Jewish New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, “We Can Replace Them,” speaking of course about Whites. Jewish columnist Emily Goldstein writes in Thought Catalog, “Yes, diversity is about getting rid of white people (and that’s a good thing).” Mass migration propagandist, Executive Director of HIAS Pennsylvania, and professor of immigration law at Philadelphia Community College Judith Bernstein-Baker is Jewish. HIAS itself is a Jewish organization that provides “aid and assistance to refugees.”[1] Dale Bernstein, mass migration activist and Women’s Refugee Committee Commissioner, is Jewish. Carol Hymowitz, senior writer at Bloomberg News and Board Member of the Women’s Refugee Commission, is Jewish. Mark Greenberg is a mass migration activist and is the head of Health and Human Services for the Migration Policy Institute. He is also Jewish.

Also Jewish: the Washington Post tech policy reporter responsible for spearheading the attempted termination of the border wall GoFundMe fundraising page, Tony Romm; Miranda Kaufmann, author of Black Tudors: The Untold Story; Daniel Kibblesmith, author of a children’s book depicting Santa as a homosexual in an interracial relationship; “refugee” propagandist and “migration activist” Jesse Bernstein of the US Department of State; “migrant” activist and senior policy analyst on “immigrants’ rights” for the ACLU, Ruthie Epstein; Georgetown University professor and author of the following tweet Christine Fair: “All [entitled white men] deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”; feminists Andrea Dworkin, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Andrea Bronfman, Brenda Howard, Rosa Luxemburg, Cathy Young, Madeleine Stern, Judy Cohen, Susan Sontag, Rachel Adler, Naomi Klein, Naomi Wolf, Helen Cohen, and Gloria Allred; Bradley Burston, author of the column “Memo From California to Trump and His Nazis: We Will Replace You”; pro-mass Third World immigration “journalist” Tina Rosenberg; immigration lawyer and anti-travel ban agitator Josh Goldstein; Emmanuel Celler, architect of the catastrophic Hart-Celler Act (also known as the Immigration Act) of 1965; George Soros, open borders advocate and financier; open borders advocate and “academic” Philip N. Cohen; serial anti-White Tim Wise; “academic,” mass migration activist, and Anthropologist Action Network for Immigrants and Refugees member Deanna Barenboim; pro-mass migration activist, “academic,” and author Naomi Zucker; “If you hate the migrants in Calais, you hate yourself” columnist Nick Cohen; Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen; SPLC board members Pam Horowitz, Bennett Grau, Jocelyn Benson, Marsha Levick, Howard Mandell, Lida Orzeck, Elden Rosenthal, Ellen Sudow, and Board Emeritus member Joseph J. Levin, Jr.; Ruth Silverberg, “academic” and head of an underground network for illegal aliens in the United States; Advisory Board of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Hedy Weinberg; border wall obstructionist Chuck Schumer; Director of the St. Louis Regional Immigration and Innovation Initiative, Betsy Cohen; Mark Schultz, author of the sentiment, “Jews win by sticking together against divided Gentiles.

Jews love persecution. It justifies offense and reinforced the need for strength in numbers to divide and conquer Gentiles (non-Jews)”; immigration lawyer and mass migration activist Lee Cohen; author of Inventing the Immigration Problem and member of the American Immigration Council, Katherine Benton-Cohen; “race traitor” Noel Ignatiev; neo-liberal economist Paul Krugman; the aforementioned neocons; American Immigration Lawyers Association member and leading member of the team to strike down Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban, Susan J. Cohen; open borders and anti-gun, pro-degeneracy financier Michael Bloomberg; Statue of Liberty sonneteer and mass immigration activist Emma Lazarus; gay rights activist Harvey Milk; “cultural anthropologist” Franz Boas; “academic” Judy Finkel, whose work explores, “white racial identity as a barrier to understanding diversity”; senior fundraiser for the International Rescue Committee, Daniel J. Cohn; head of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Mark Hetfield; Commissioner of the Women’s Refugee Committee, Sheppie Abramowitz; Paideia founding director and “multi-cultural advocate” Barbara Lerner Spectre; Jewish chauvinist and lawyer Alan Dershowitz; “academic” Jennifer Roth-Gordon, an “expert” on “racial malleability” and “the centrality of whiteness”; Frank Furedi, whose work centers on the idea that “whiteness is a nonsense category”; Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg; anti-White agitator and financier of anti-white blacks-only schools and colleges, Julius Rosenwald; lawyer and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, primarily responsible for stripping Donald Sterling of his Los Angeles Clippers franchise for saying naughty words illegally taped by his mistress; Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Zionist Horace Kallen; Rules for Radicals author and activist Saul Alinsky; Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel; Ben Wattenberg, originator of the idea of America as a “proposition nation”; Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, and Elena Kagan; “activist” Batya Ungar-Sargon; Salon columnist Terry Schwadron responsible for the piece “Trump’s Defenders at Justice are Hopelessly Conflicted”; Paul Warburg, architect of the Federal Reserve; Magnus Hirschfeld, notorious “sexologist” and inventor of the word “racism”; Hans Goldberg, immigration lawyer and pedophilia activist; and Joel and Arthur Spingarn, former presidents of the NAACP and “one of the few white Americans who decided in the 1900s decade to support the radical demands for racial justice being voiced by W.E.B. DuBois,” per Wikipedia, along with Henry Moscowitz, Arnie Aronson, Kivie Kaplan, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Herschel, Herbert Lehman, Herbert Seligmann, Arthur Sachs, Felix Frankfurter, Marvin Rich, Stanley Levison, Will Maslow, Jacob Billikopf, Rabbi David Saperstein, Abraham Lefkowitz, Edwin and George Seligman, Felix Adler, Theodore Bikel, and Alan Gartner.

Over 90% of the civil rights lawyers in Mississippi during the so-called “Civil Rights Era” were Jews. The Jewish Arnold Aronson founded the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. The main author of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was Jewish assistant attorney general Norbert A. Schlei (he also wrote the Voting Rights Act of 1965). Jewish Senator Jacob Javits was prominent in support of the Jewish Congressman Emanuel Celler’s Immigration Act.[2] Oh, and don’t forget nine of the ten communist revolutionaries in 1918 Germany, a huge contingent of Weimar Republic figures, and the majority of Soviet Bolshevik Revolutionary leaders and Cheka members. What conspiracy!? As Andrew Joyce writes:

Apparently you can get millions from Jewish billionaires, pass through several perfectly stable nations, get assistance from NGOs along the way, have your journey documented by a media wholly in your favor, and still turn up at the border of a Western nation claiming “asylum.”

To quote Kevin MacDonald, “Try finding one Jewish organization [in the West] that opposes immigration…you can’t.” 80% of Jews in the United States vote Democrat, yet only 8% of Jews in Israel identify as “liberal.” Jews are perfectly content to push for multi-culturalism in Western societies, but abhor the idea for their ethno-religious apartheid state. Not only that, but Israel was conceived of and implemented through deception, and since its “independence” it has actively pursued an aggressively expansionist policy. If and when things get too bad in the West, the Jews can always take off, kiss the dirt and become citizens through their “right of return,” and stay nice and cozy behind their big wall. In the meantime, their rampant persecution complex serves as a powerful tool to manipulate Whites. The following is an illustrative quote from the Jewish Ricky Marcuse:

Jewish oppression is real; it affects the life of every Jew. As a people and as individuals Jews have been the targets of systematic mistreatment and of anti-Jewish attitudes. … Every Jew has and is entitled to have a unique (self-defined) relationship to Jewish traditions, Jewish cultures, Jewish religious practices, Jewish history, and to the state of Israel.

So for those keeping score at home, Europeans and European-derived peoples, however, may not have such a relationship with their respective cultures. Indeed, many so-called “intellectuals” have gone so far as to proclaim that “whiteness” itself — and White culture by extension — does not exist! How, then, does one reconcile the omnipresence of “white supremacy” if “whiteness” itself is little more than a theoretical proposition? Consider George Lipsitz’s The Possessive Investment in Whiteness: How White People Profit from Identity Politics (2006), in which the author offers “an unflinching look at white supremacy…whiteness is a structured advantage that produced unfair gains and unearned rewards for whites while imposing impediments to asset accumulation, employment, housing, and health care for members of aggrieved racial groups.” But wait, according to the Times of Israel, a mere 165 Jews worldwide together possess $812 billion! Isn’t that something, Mr. Lipsitz? To quote Joe Sobran:

The general public has become accustomed to judging everything from a Jewish point of view. This is most striking — to me, anyway — in the constant harping on World War II, which has long since ceased revolving around Pearl Harbor and Japan and now centers obsessively on the “Holocaust” — a word never used during the war itself. We are taught that it is good that the United States won, because Hitler was destroyed. In fact, the real victor was Stalin, who quickly took ten Christian countries under Communist rule; but since Communism enjoyed a good deal of Jewish support and most of its victims were Christians, its role in the war is barely acknowledged. Even Jewish anti-Communists (of whom there are now many) say next to nothing about the savage Communist persecution of Christians. In contrast to the endless hunt for old Nazis, there has been no campaign to find and punish aging Communist criminals, or to exact reparations for the cruelty and suffering they inflicted. Until recently, Jews passionately supported (and, to a large extent, controlled) the “civil rights movement,” which was really a socialist campaign to extend the power of centralized government over private individuals and institutions.[3]

This is absolutely correct, and the Jews have continued to make legal inroads to silencing any and all criticism of the Jews themselves or their Apartheid state of Israel, but it is only one side of the Jewish coin. As for the other, Sobran continues:

The Jews (by and large) feel that criticism of them means persecution, and they are quick to paint swastikas on their critics. Given their inordinate power in the media, this means that the general public hears very little criticism of them, even when they deserve it. It amounts to private censorship. Jewish power inhibits free speech even when the press is absolutely free from government control. Of course the Jews are only exercising their rights as property owners when they bar their critics from their networks and newspapers, but the result is still a severe curtailment of full public discussion. The news media not only inform, but “disinform” the public by suppressing both facts themselves and comment on those facts.[4]

Sobran presaged today’s social media censorship protected by the fact that it is immensely beneficial for the “elite” and by the asinine libertarian refusal to interfere in the affairs of a “private company,” which is effectively out-sourced censorship. Much as both the Democrat and Republican Parties in the United States receive extensive funding from Jewish donors, both the public and private sectors find themselves in thrall to Jewish interests. It’s a millennia-old tactic employed by the Jews in order to wring concessions from their host populations and seize and entrench themselves in positions of power and influence (usually behind the scenes), and though there are of course Jews who are fiercely patriotic and loyal to this country, they will always be a minority in their own group. From the opioid crisis to mass immigration, from the erosion of civil liberties to endless foreign interventions, trace the issue back and you’ll inevitably find a Jew behind it.


[1] 60% of HIAS’s funding comes from US taxpayers. The organization’s mission is to facilitate as many non-Western peoples into the West as possible.

[2] Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Congress, The Jewish Federation, the ACLU, and the B’nai B’rith, (there is no end to their organizations), filed briefs in support of open immigration before the Senate Subcommittee in the early sixties leading up to the passing of the 1965 law. Source:


[4] Ibid.

* * *

Source: The Anatomically Correct Banana

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21 March, 2019 12:37 pm

4.5 million Jews in German occupied lands during WW2.
4.2 million Jews claimed compensation because they survived WW2.

23 March, 2019 11:23 am

I’ve been linking this article about LBJ from for years and I can’t seem to get anybody to read it. It’s from a jew website:

23 March, 2019 11:27 am

That LBJ link worked last week but now it doesn’t so don’t bother posting the first message. They have removed the article from the main search engines so I’ll try to find a link that works somewhere else

25 March, 2019 7:50 pm

Why do you need a professor of immigration law at a community college?