His Name Means “The Glory of God”

THEY ALSO CALL HIM “Glory of the Most Glorious” and “The Blessed Beauty” and even “The Return Of Christ.” He is Baha’u’llah (pictured), the founder of the Baha’i Faith, a faith which is in reality a prescription for genocide and race extermination. Its headquarters are in Haifa, Israel.

Baha’is — true believers — are not allowed to see this picture of their divine “Manifestation of God,” the founder of the new religion they believe should rule the world. They are told it is ‘too holy.’

They never behold his (rather unprepossessing) image until they finally make a pilgrimage to Israel, and then they see it only for a few moments. Meanwhile, they have spent their lives intensively pushing multiculturalism and racial mixing.

The “Baha’i faith” is one of the reasons our unique and beautiful European genetic lines are racing toward annihilation. It is an explicitly race-mixing religion.

The religion Baha’u’llah, or simply Baha, originally created was basically Islam with a few mild reforms, but the reforms angered other Muslims — especially his claim to be their promised “12th Imam.” (And, I might add, he also claimed to be the “return of Christ.”) Exile, fratricidal factions, prison, poisonings, blood and gore — lots of bad karma surrounded Baha and his new faith. (Note: Such blood-lust is not unusual in religious sectarianism, of course.)

The Bab

Originally just a follower of “The Bab,” (another Muslim heretic), Baha took over that brotherhood by essentially declaring himself to be the “Promised One” of every single religion known in the area.

Baha'i booklet

He became the darling of some Western feminists (suffragettes) and freethinkers because of some slight Islamic reforms regarding women, and some “universalist” sayings that are common to all mystics and not unique to Baha.

The new religion was hijacked in the West by these feminists and liberals, and was gradually reinvented by naive Western do-gooders into a religion that that bore little resemblance to the original.

For example, the Baha’i “Ten Basic Principles” list is a blatant promotional concoction. Many of the ten items would not be deemed “basic principles” by any objective survey of Baha’i texts. There were inserted to “sell the faith” and attract self-styled progressives.

The slick new promoters transformed Baha’i into a marketing-based religion that emphasizes religious liquefaction (all religions ground down into one), feminism, and ‘racial equality’ — which naturally resulted in marked race mixing among Baha’is.

True Believers

Another Bahai booklet

Though originally Baha’is only promoted “racial equality,” they now have a fetish for mixed marriage and interracial adoptions. It’s a kind of an unspoken ‘high sacrament’ of the fully committed Baha’i.

The Baha’i Faith has for years been carefully presented to White Americans with Madison Avenue image engineering designed specifically to appeal to racially unaware Whites stricken with media-induced ‘White shame.’

Naive Whites enter the “the faith” with the idea that the world’s problems are primarily caused by ‘racism,’ ‘prejudice,’ and ‘religious divisions.’ This is a distorted and shallow understanding of the world and the human condition. This worldview has been carefully fed to young Whites by anti-Gentile elitists who control Western media, and who seek to create racial ‘diversity’ in their host country so that they could operate freely and attain domination over their White hosts.

Baha’is and the Jews: A Symbiotic Relationship

A symbiotic relationship developed between Baha’is and Jews, in which the Baha’i agenda serves the Jewish agenda, and vice-versa. To understand it you first have to understand that:

1) Jews, in general and especially their leadership, do not consider themselves to be members of the White race.

Most Whites don’t realize this, and this suits the Jewish establishment just fine. It serves their racial interests when Gentiles think that “Jew” refers merely to a religion.

2) Jews do have a very strong racial identity.

3) Jews have viewed Whites as their only serious racial competitor and adversary for centuries. Jews are involved in a long-running, covert race war with Whites, but now only Jews are “at their posts” and aware of it, which was intended.

4) The Jewish power structure has favored a strategy of weakening Whites by:

a) reducing their racial consciousness, or giving Whites a negative racial consciousness

b) encouraging the intermarriage of Whites with non-Whites

The Racial Con Game

The Baha'i "Universal House of Justice" is carved out of a mountain in Israel. It is the declared future seat of a world government.

While Jews work to make Whites racially unaware, or to give them a negative racial consciousness, and negative ideas about White racial pride — Jews keep their own racial identity very strong. They ‘hang together’ as a racial group for their own interests. While Whites become less racially cohesive, Jews become more and more racially cohesive, especially through having their own state, Israel. (Jews constitute the only race that has its own country, explicitly defined in law. The Israeli government demands loyalty to Israel with very specific language that must be used: “loyalty to Israel as a Jewish state.” Even American politicians must recite that mantra. Whites, on the other hand, no longer have their own countries, and any majority-White nation that has tried to do so in recent years has been mercilessly put down.)

Jews operate in White society on many levels, but their goal is always to reduce White racial identity and cohesion. They believe that this makes the environment “safe” for themselves and their continued power and prosperity in other peoples’ nations. Also, by acting as the only permitted racial collective, they end up having power and dominance over the Gentile host nation which no longer acts collectively for its own racial interests.

Three important ways that Jews work for White racial destruction are:

1) The promotion of non-White immigration into the White country.

2) The promotion of anti-White attitudes in all schools, colleges and universities.

3) Messages in the media that are anti-White and which champion non-Whites.

Jews do much of their work through the messages they place in their media, which they now control to a great extent.

The Jewish Media Programme for White People

Since before the 1950’s, Jewish media controllers have been steadily inserting more and more of the following messages into their media content:

1) ‘Whites are oppressors and exploit other races.’

2) ‘Whites are evil.’

3) ‘Race doesn’t really exist.’

4) ‘Our White ancestors were merely ignoble people, hypocrites, or fakes who have commited many crimes.’

Seven Elements of the Media’s Agenda

1) Present Whites as ridiculous, ineffective, hypocritical, unattractive, or evil — especially White males. (Archie Bunker is one of many examples.) Jewish filmmakers often choose stereotypically White — often blonde and blue-eyed — actors to portray evil characters.

2) Avoid positive images of Whites, particularly White males, and especially White male authority figures. (Jews take a different approach to the White female, and basically dupe her and use her against her own men — and against her own real interests. This is why Jews have been heavy promoters of the most extreme forms of feminism.)

3) Avoid positive presentations of historical White culture and history.

4) Focus obsessively on news and stories involving “racism” or “prejudice” — and especially perceived injustices by Whites against Blacks and Jews. (The incessant focus on WWII “Nazi” atrocity stories is an example of this.) Avoid depicting the racial hatred of Blacks against Whites, or Jews against Gentiles.

5) Create a negative atmosphere around all cases of White racial self awareness or self-determination (racially aware White people are always ‘haters,’ ‘racists,’ ‘nazis,’ etc. in the Jewish-owned media.)

6) Promote and champion Blacks, and place them in positive and powerful roles over Whites.

7) Gradually introduce more and more images of racial mixing (so called ‘diversity’), interracial dating and marriage, and interracial adoptions.

Using the Black Man as a Spoiler against White Cohesion

Jews have a special relationship with Blacks and use them in a powerful way. They use them as a racial ‘spoiler’ to liquidate White racial identity and White racial cohesion.

The original founders of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) were mostly Jews. The original board had only one Black. Almost all “anti-racist,” “accept the Black man,” programming since before the 1950s has been Jewish in origin. Blacks certainly didn’t create the twin juggernauts of the “racial equality” quasi-religion and the “Affirmative Action” / forced association racial spoils system.

Jews, of course, are far too intelligent to believe in anything so absurd as “racial equality,” and in private they are contemptuous of Blacks in ways that would make most White people blush. They champion the Black man only as a strategy to give themselves free reign in White society — by crippling their only serious racial competitor.

Jews know that Whites have historically had a strong instinctive aversion to mixing with Blacks. By forcing Blacks onto Whites in every possible way, Jews use the Blacks as a weapon. Their tactical goal is the complete liquidation of White racial consciousness. Their strategic goal is the destruction of the White race at the genetic level.

Meanwhile, Jews retain their strong racial identity and, by and large, continue to practice endogamy. (It is now against the law in Israel for a Jew to marry a non-Jew. One law for the White man — quite another law for Jews.)

Jews know that the Black man can never be a real racial competitor with them as the European can. So it is a small risk for the Jew to champion and elevate the Black. Only a very weak White race, with weak racial awareness, could ever be dominated by Blacks, and Jews know this. By championing the Black man among and over Whites, Jews “prove out” the weakening of White racial consciousness, making the world, their leaders think, completely “safe” for themselves and future Jewish strategies. Meanwhile, as race-mixing spreads, Jews gamble that they will survive intact as a race (because of centuries of racial cohesion), but not the Gentile.

Jews benefit the Baha’is by sending them recruits, young Whites full of “White shame” and a distorted racial consciousness. Meanwhile, Baha’is benefit Jews by working to break down the White race through ‘religious’ race-mixing propaganda and actual miscegenation.

The Pretended Spiritual Is Not Spiritual

Even though their founder repeatedly referred to the world as “dust,” an obsessive outer focus and “fix the world-ism” turns Baha’i’s into outer desire beings with the weight of the world on their shoulders, rather than developing real spiritual interests, spirituality, or inwardness.

Whites who grew up in recent decades end up with little or no understanding of the special virtues of their race, and develop a negative attitude about being White — and even about the very existence of distinct races. Because Whites are sensitive and noble, young Whites suffer anguish over the media message of “oppression by Whites.”

Young media-fed Whites conclude that the cure for human problems is to liquidate the races and religions, and make ‘all mankind’ members of one religion. This implanted thought process, with its prefabricated solutions to imaginary problems, is what leads Whites to join the Baha’i religion.

Blacks join the Baha’i faith because it removes social barriers for them, giving Black males access to White females.

The modern Baha’i public relations campaign has included the suppression of the photo of Baha which began this article, and also, amazingly, the suppression of their own “most holy book,” the Baha’i Book of Laws.

Both are dangerous items that could turn away sensitive Whites. They had to be handled “delicately.” White Baha’is really are sensitive people. The disappointing visage of Baha’u’llah could shake their faith. No sensitive person could look at that picture and retain belief in the divine nature of the Baha’i faith.

The Baha’i religion is like an underground aquifer that’s been quietly feeding poison into our spiritual water supply for a century now.

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