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Who We Are #25 — The Second World War: The Great Watershed in the Collapse of the West

Editor’s Note: The chapter below explaining the devastating racial consequences of the Jews’ victory in World War Two is the most important section of Pierce’s Who We Are series. It’s impossible to understand the decline and fall of Western Man without understanding what the Jews and their allies did in this most horrible of tragedies to ever befall our race. This chapter demonstrates why the struggle for White racial survival is, contrary to the opinion of kosher nationalists, totally inseparable from the public’s misconceptions regarding Hitler, National Socialism and the Second World War. The lies regarding these matters need to be destroyed in order for our race to continue its upward path. — Dissident Millennial 

By Dr. William L. Pierce

The Second World War: Greatest Watershed of World History
Racial View of Life Governed Germany

War Propaganda Depended on White Provincialism
Tide of Western Civilization Turned at Stalingrad

After War U.S. Got Same Dose as Forced on Germans

IN RECENT INSTALLMENTS we have seen the White race expand outward from Europe over the globe, conquering and colonizing; we have traced its interactions with alien races — in particular, with the Jews; and we have seen its way of life transformed radically, as the feudalism and then the corporatism of the Middle Ages gave way to new social forms in the modern era.

We have also witnessed two major upheavals: the Reformation, followed by the ruinous Thirty Years War; and the French Revolution, followed by the Napoleonic Wars. In both cases White society was badly disrupted, and the race’s defenses against its enemies were weakened. As we saw in the last installment, the Jews were quick to take advantage of this.

From Atoms to the Stars

Nevertheless, when the 20th century dawned European man was still firmly in control everywhere, and he was on the verge of some of the most magnificent victories of his entire history. The first quarter of the century saw the birth of modern physics, with the pioneering work of Max Planck, Erwin Schroedinger, Werner Heisenberg, and others, who gave to our race the conceptual tools which allowed us to understand the microscopic world: the interaction of matter and radiation, the behavior of electrons in crystals, the structure of the atom and its nucleus.

Other White pioneers — the Russian, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky; the German, Hermann Oberth; the American, Robert Goddard — gave us the modern rocket engine and the dream of using it to explore the macroscopic world of interplanetary and interstellar space.

Democracy on the March

But the same quarter-century also saw White men slaughter one another on an unprecedented scale. Although only the American promoters of the slaughter were so brazen as to openly proclaim that its purpose was to “make the world safe for democracy,” that, in fact, was the outcome which the First World War went a long way toward establishing. It was a democratic war, in which finance-capital and the manipulators of the rabble joined hands to finish the job begun 125 years earlier with the storming of the Bastille.

With the politicians cheering them on from a safe distance, 61 million White men (plus some four million assorted Japanese, Turks, and Negroes) marched forth to do battle. Nine million of them never marched back. Seven million White civilians also lost their lives, many of them from the starvation caused by a British naval blockade of Germany and her allies which was maintained even after hostilities on the battlefield had ended.

But the cause of democracy was definitely advanced. In the first place, by selectively killing off the brightest and the bravest as never before, the war left a population more susceptible to the type of mass manipulation inherent in democratic rule. And, of course, autocratic rule suffered a major setback, as Kaiser and Tsar met their ends.

Zionism and Communism

The chaos, the breakdown of long-established institutions, and the political exigencies of the war gave the enemies of the race several excellent opportunities for furthering their own ends: the Jews scored major triumphs on both the Zionist and the Marxist fronts.

With the war stalemated in 1916 and the British considering an armistice with the Germans, the Jews stepped forward and offered their services to the British government in persuading the government of the United States to enter the war on the British side. As a quid pro quo they demanded British backing for their territorial ambitions in the Middle East. The consequence of the deal struck between the British and the Jews was the sudden switch early in 1917 by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson from an anti-war to a pro-war position, and the issuance by the British government in that same year of the infamous Balfour Declaration, promising support for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.”

It is said that the Treaty of Versailles ending the First World War was the cause of the Second World War. The most likely cause of a Third World War will be the Balfour Declaration.

Democracy in Russia

In Russia the social and economic ravages of the war provided the necessary preconditions for the success of the Bolshevik Revolution, another giant step forward for democracy — at least, in the eyes of President Wilson and others of a similar mindset. Addressing the U.S. Congress on April 2, 1917, and referring to the mutinies in the Russian Army and Navy of the previous month, in which Bolshevik-incited troops had risen, butchered their officers, and established “soldiers’ councils” and “sailors’ councils,” Wilson said:

Does not every American feel that assurance has been added to our hope for the future peace of the world by the wonderful and heartening things that have been happening within the last few weeks in Russia?

Those who, like Wilson, fawned on the Jews also found “wonderful and heartening” the consolidation of democracy in Russia which soon followed, when the triumphant Bolsheviks murdered most of the Russian intelligentsia.

Penicillin and Computers

Despite the enormous destruction and loss of life — more important, the loss in the average biological quality of life — in the First World War, the second quarter of the century saw another spurt of racial progress. Great strides forward in the race’s understanding of the universe were made, and powerful new tools based on that understanding were acquired. Advances in aviation, electronics, the controlled release of nuclear energy, medicine, and biology were enormous.

From the chemists came plastics and a multitude of other new materials. Metallurgists, electrical engineers, and agricultural scientists made more progress than in any previous 25 years in history. Penicillin, the electronic digital computer, and television were born.

The National Socialist Revolution

Of greater significance ultimately than all these scientific and technological advances was the dawning of a new sense of racial consciousness and racial mission during the second quarter of the century, and the establishment of a new society based on this awakened racial feeling and dedicated to the goal of racial progress. The new society was that built by Adolf Hitler and his followers in National Socialist Germany between 1933 and 1945.

It was a society from which alien racial elements and alien spiritual and cultural influences were progressively excluded. The Jews who had been burrowing into German cultural life since the Napoleonic Wars of the previous century were rooted out of the universities and the government bureaucracy, the newspapers and the cinema, radio broadcasting and book publishing.

The homosexuals who had been parading along Berlin’s main streets in women’s clothing were rounded up and packed off to labor reeducation camps to think things over. Drug dealers and communist activists found themselves facing the executioner’s ax. The mulatto offspring of French-colonial Negro occupation troops and German women, stemming from the postwar period, were sterilized, along with tens of thousands of congenitally defective Germans.

The whole country was infused with a new spirit of health, vigor, and purpose. From kindergarten child to assembly-line worker; from urban housewife to farmer, university student, or soldier, there was a carefully planned, organized effort directed at each segment of the German population and aimed at integrating that segment into the national-racial whole as a healthy, functional, productive part.

An enormous investment was made in educational and recreational programs: curricula for the schools were redesigned to develop a strong sense of racial identity in each child; young adults were taught to look for the best racial qualities when seeking mates and to think of marriage as a sacred institution for producing the next generation of the race; workers were taken on group outings to different parts of the country in order to broaden their outlooks and augment parochial loyalties with national feelings; pageants, public lectures, folk festivals, fairs, parades, and other activities were used extensively to stimulate an understanding of and an appreciation for their cultural heritage among the people; hikes, campouts, and athletic endeavors of every sort — skiing, gymnastics, swimming, shooting, fencing, sailplane piloting — were organized for boys and girls throughout the country.

Ending Class Warfare

The Marxist-tinged labor unions were dissolved, and in their stead factory employees, together with factory owners and managers, were organized into a corporative industrial structure which not only reconciled the sometimes conflicting interests of labor and management, but which raised above both these the interests of the nation. The Jewish-Marxist tactic of class hatred and class struggle, which had been used to divide the Jews’ Gentile hosts against themselves, was forced to give way to a new spirit of class cooperation for promoting the common interest.

The differing values of human beings were no longer determined by the amounts of money they were able to accumulate, but by their inherent racial quality and by the social value of their work. The refuse collector, of sound racial stock, who performed his essential task well and responsibly was held in higher esteem than the money-hungry entrepreneur who made millions by exploiting the gullibility or the vices of his fellow men or by controlling the access to some essential commodity. In fact, the latter was likely to end up in a labor reeducation camp alongside the panhandler, the pimp, and the professorial purveyor of the lie of human equality.

Promoting Free Enterprise

Every businessman in National Socialist Germany was permitted the freedom to make a reasonable profit, so long as he served the public interest in doing so, and the freedom to starve, so long as he did so without making a public nuisance of himself. These two freedoms were recognized by the government as the two most certain guaranties of efficiency in the nation’s economy.

Therefore, every socially and racially responsible form of private enterprise was encouraged, while raceless, international finance-capitalism was sharply curtailed. The storekeeper who worked on his own premises, the independent craftsman who rented out his own skills, and the manufacturer who built up and managed his own plant — that is, who put his life into his enterprise, and not just his hoarded capital — were given the benefit of favorable legislation; a great many of the people who had formerly made their profits from speculation and from usury, from shuffling papers and knowing when to buy or sell, were put out of business. Those among the latter who had thought that Hitler would be forced to deal with them in order to keep his government and Germany’s industry solvent were simply bypassed when he turned to international barter instead of to international finance as a means of building Germany’s foreign trade in the face of a lack of liquid capital.

Training New Leaders

Most significant of all the institutions which formed the basis for Hitler’s new Germany was that designed for producing the future leaders of the country. Although the National Socialist German Workers’ Party had attained power in January 1933 by purely democratic means, those who believed that Hitler’s movement was only another political party, perhaps a bit more radical than the others, or that he intended to allow a continuation of “business as usual” in the political realm were mistaken in the most fundamental way.

Hitler was determined from the beginning that the new Germany would be a state ruled by a definite view of life, and not by politicians chosen either by power brokers in smoke-filled back rooms or by the fickle and easily manipulated masses. The leaders of the state would henceforth be men trained, screened, and selected for that task from their early youth, not those political candidates with the most fetching smiles and convincing lies, as was the rule elsewhere in the West.

Building Consciousness

Beginning at the age of six years the National Socialist youth organizations — first the Young Folk and the Young Girls, then the Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls — began training young Germans in willpower and character development, at the same time instilling in them a race-based view of life and a new set of fundamental values. After that came a two-year work period in the National Labor Service.

Finally, for the very best, there was the SS (Defense Echelon), which was much more than either a military or a political organization, although it was these too. The SS was also a holy brotherhood, an order of warrior-priests ordained as guardians of the National Socialist worldview.

12-year Miracle

In the brief span of 12 years during which National Socialist Germany existed — only six of these years in peace — miracles of economic, social, scientific, and artistic achievement were wrought. While the United States and other Western nations still wallowed in the massive unemployment and misery of the Great Depression, Hitler had already restored Germany to full employment and prosperity. What the democracies could only achieve by aiming for war, Germany did as early as 1936 by building roads and Volkswagens.

The degeneracy and decadence which had characterized the democratic Weimar regime in Germany prior to 1933, with all its prancing homosexuals, self-destructive drug addicts, jaded thrill seekers, musical and artistic nihilists, pandering Jews, Marxist terrorists, and whining self-pitiers, were gone, and in their place was a nation of healthy, enthusiastic, self-reliant, and purposeful Germans: a nation led by progressive men and women conscious of the value of their race and their culture and committed to the advancement of both on all fronts.

And Germany was the only such nation in the White world. Italy had undertaken a number of progressive social, economic, and governmental reforms after the victory of Mussolini’s Fascist movement in 1923, but Fascism failed to put race in the center of life, as National Socialism did.

Implacable Hostility

In the non-White world Japan provided an outstanding example of race- consciousness, but it was not a new development for that country.

Nor, of course, was it new to the Jews, a people more chauvinistic than any other — and at the same time implacably hostile to every manifestation of national or racial feeling except their own. This hostility is understandable, in view of the unique Jewish lifestyle as a coherent minority everywhere in the midst of a majority of different race. One of the requirements for the maintenance of this lifestyle is that the host majority be kept incoherent and unconscious, lest it, like the pharaoh who “knew not Joseph,” rise up against the Jews and spew them out.

Thus, it was world Jewry which publicly declared war on National Socialist Germany only six months after Hitler took office as chancellor. In his declaration of war (published in the August 7, 1933, issue of The New York Times), Jewish leader Samuel Untermyer explicitly noted that he expected the Jews’ Christian friends to join them in their “holy war” (his words) against Germany.

And, of course, they did — not just the illiterate fundamentalists from America’s Appalachia, who, not knowing any Jews personally, found it easier to believe the Old Testament claim of Jewish “chosenness” than those who lived in closer proximity to the Self-Anointed Ones, but also the mainline Christians of America and Britain, the more intelligent of whom recognized in the National Socialist worldview a creed antithetical to their own.

And the Gentile members of the international capitalist set, who were more than a little alarmed by Germany’s unorthodox financial arrangements, joined as well. As did the Marxists of every shade, of course, from parlor Pinks to revolutionary Reds. Everyone with a vested interest in the continuation of the decaying old order eventually enlisted in the “holy war” against Germany.

Altogether it was quite an orchestra: Catholics joined forces with Lutherans and Holy Rollers to stamp out the dangerous National Socialist heresy of the primacy of race and the breeding of the Superman; barter-hating bankers and competition-fearing manufacturers pitched right in with communist union organizers and academic Bolsheviks to put an end to a system which had succeeded in getting laborers and managers to work together more productively than in any other nation; and on the conductor’s podium stood the Jew, who had to destroy Germany before the growing new race consciousness there spread to other lands.

Everything to Gain

It was one thing to recruit these elements, each of whom would lose if White resurgence continued. It was more difficult to recruit the rest of the White population, especially in the United States, which had everything to gain from the continued realization of Hitler’s dream: the annihilation of Bolshevism, for one thing; the liberation of their kinfolk in Europe from the influence of the Jew and the yoke of finance-capitalism, for another; best of all, the example of a proud, free, racially-conscious White nation and its achievements.

In the 1930’s and early 1940’s the Jews had not yet consolidated their grip on all the news and entertainment media of the English-speaking world. There were no television networks, of course, and there were still many independent newspapers and magazines. A united opposition to Jewish war plans by alert Whites might have won the day.

Traitors Were Plentiful

Most Whites, however, were neither alert nor united. Their “leaders,” the products of a democratic system, were generally devoid of both character and any sense of responsibility. Only an exceptionally bold, selfless, and responsible few — men like aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh — spoke out effectively. The Jews, on the other hand, found many prominent and powerful Whites with no scruples against taking their money and following their lead. In the United States their chief instrument became Franklin Roosevelt, and in Britain it became Winston Churchill.

Still, it was not an easy job to convince millions of White men — the majority of them originally of German origin — to march off to Germany in order to butcher their White cousins, just because the latter had dared raise their hands against the Chosen People.

Racial Feeling Not Dead

After all, English-speaking Whites were not entirely without racial feeling. In 1939 White Americans did not live with Blacks, work with Blacks, eat with Blacks, or go to school with Blacks, and anyone who had attempted to force them to do so certainly would have been lynched.

Likewise, the prospect of inviting millions of Blacks and Browns from the non-White portions of the British Empire to come settle in England alongside the English and be supported by them was simply unthinkable. Such a development would no more have been tolerated by the people of Britain than the sight of a Black male holding hands in public with a White woman would have been tolerated by the people of most sections of America.

Nor were the people fond of the Jews, who, despite the philo-Semitic preachings of the Christian churches, remained an outcast group viewed with suspicion and latent hostility, except by the most deracinated and liberalized Whites (and the Bible-bewitched Holy Rollers).

Spiritual Dimension Lacking

All of this racial feeling, even though much of it was institutionalized (for example, the customary racial segregation in most of the United States), was less an obstacle to Jewish aims than it might have seemed. It was, in nearly all cases, unconscious feeling. The institutions in which it was embodied were dried out, without vitality. Most people supported the institutions merely because they were customary, without thinking about their origins, relevance to current trends, or ultimate effects.

Unlike the case in Germany, racial feeling and racial values in most of the White world had no conscious, living expression in a dynamic, progressive worldview. In the United States and Britain they were without a spiritual dimension; their institutionalized forms served mainly the passive aim of maintaining the social status quo; there was no great, positive purpose — no long-term racial goal or ideal — to engage the imagination and secure the conscious commitment of a substantial portion of the population.

Lethal Provincialism

Thus, the Jews were to find it relatively easy later, in the postwar period, to undermine and destroy virtually every race-based institution in the West; and even before the war they soon learned how to manipulate Britons and Americans well enough to accomplish their aim of destroying Germany.

The Englishman who would have been greatly offended by the suggestion that the Jamaican Negro or the East Indian was his “equal” also considered himself superior, at least culturally, to the German and the Irishman; and he was, in true barnyard fashion, readier to pick a fight at any sign of encroachment by the latter, who were next to him in pecking order, than he was at a bit of uppishness on the part of the Black or Brown subject races.

The same, narrow-minded, lethal provincialism was the rule in America: the White Mississippian of Anglo-Saxon stock who was careful always to maintain the proper social distance from the local Blacks also despised “Yankees.” He did not look upon Whites outside the South as his racial kinsmen — especially if they didn’t speak English, or spoke it with a different accent than he did.

Jewish War Propaganda

So the Jews turned this provincialism to their profit, by portraying Germans as strange, contemptible, alien creatures who goose-stepped, clicked their heels, wore monocles, and spent most of their time with their right arms thrust out stiffly at 45 degrees while shouting, “Sieg Heil!” The first Hollywood films with this portrayal were ground out in the mid-1930’s, and they’re still coming, half a century later.

Early in this propaganda effort the strangeness of the Germans was given a sinister twist: they were said to believe that they were all supermen and that non-Germans were subhuman. When they were not saluting and shouting, the Germans were bashing out the brains of non-German babies — or ghoulishly draining their blood. This author can remember, as an elementary school pupil in 1942, listening to the principal of his school announce over the public address system that the Germans were busily draining the blood from all the babies in Belgium, in order to use it for transfusions for their military casualties.

Back Door to War

And then, of course, there were the lies about German plans to invade the United States, via South America — after which, presumably, all American men would be packed off to concentration camps, the women to “Nazi stud farms,” and the children to the blood-draining centers. Not everyone believed the lies, but enough did, so that when the plot to get the United States into the war via the “back door” in the Pacific was finally hatched there was virtually no more public resistance.

But the campaign of lies was intensified, not abated, for this was to be much more than merely a military effort to force the Germans to change their politics. This was to be a total war; its aim was not only to “liberate” the Germans with fire and famine from their new sense of racial mission, but it was to destroy forever the possibility that some other group of White men and women might pick up and rekindle the torch that was to be knocked from the Germans’ hands.

Indeed, the Jews’ fear in this regard was shown to be well founded by the enormous success the SS had in recruiting volunteers in other nations. During the war there were French, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish, Walloon, Flemish, Dutch, Estonian, Latvian, Ukrainian, and even Russian SS divisions fighting alongside their German comrades against the Red Army. Had Hitler won the war, these non-German SS units would certainly have formed nuclei for the spread of the National Socialist revolution to every country in Europe. Therefore, the war was directed as much against the Americans, the British, and all the non-communist peoples of Europe as against the Germans, although few realized it at the time, even among those who had had the courage and foresight to speak out against it before Pearl Harbor.

Racial Suicide

When German strength faltered at Stalingrad, the democratic Allies celebrated the disaster, smiled at one another and said, “The tide has turned.” If they had known that it was the tide of all of Western civilization which began running out so swiftly at Stalingrad, their smiles would not have been quite so broad.

When huge fleets of R.A.F. and U.S.A.A.F. heavy bombers destroyed Hamburg in July and August 1943, killing 70,000 German civilians, the foolish British and Americans imagined that they had struck a great blow against their enemies. They little suspected that their true enemies rejoiced to see them killing so many of their own kind.

And when the raping queues of Mongol soldiers formed in every residential neighborhood of a shattered and defeated Berlin, in front of every house where they found a pretty German girl or woman, there was dancing in the streets of London and New York by throngs of empty-headed Whites who did not even dream that what they had caused to happen to the women of Germany would soon enough begin happening to their own women, on their own streets and in their own homes, and that Jew-instigated “civil rights” laws would render them powerless to defend their womenfolk against growing and ever-bolder swarms of savages from every non-White corner of the earth.

Not Like Korea or Vietnam

The generation born in the United States since the Second World War, which has experienced only the Korean and Vietnam wars, cannot imagine how altogether different was the behavior of the masters of the controlled media, the priests, the politicians, and all the other representatives of the old order — all the mortal enemies of a White renewal and resurgence — during that great conflict than the behavior they have manifested since then.

During the Second World War they knew well that their own continued existence, and the continued existence of the sickly creeds they represented, were at stake. They closed ranks and formed a united front, in which not only was dissent absent, but it became virtually unthinkable. There were no denunciations of the government’s war policy from the pulpit, no enemy propaganda in the newspapers, no Congressmen addressing Washington rallies on behalf of the folks on the other side, no government tolerance for pacifist demonstrations.

The Second World War was a “good” war, and no effort was spared to convince every citizen of that. Every facet of civilian life was deliberately altered in some way, so that everyone, in every waking moment, was conscious of the war and was involved in it to some extent. There were no bystanders, no neutrals, in America.

Phony Blackouts

It was not only assent that was demanded of everyone, but participation; everyone was made to share in the responsibility. There were scrap drives every other week. Air raid practice was frequent, with wardens assigned in every residential neighborhood and given silhouette cards of various enemy aircraft to memorize, even though the authorities knew there was virtually no chance of a significant air attack on the continental United States. Automobile owners were required to paint over the upper halves of their headlights, and there was much to-do about showing any lights after 10:00 PM.

Film stars made their public appearances in military uniforms, and posters and slogans were everywhere. Rationing became nearly universal, with government coupons needed to buy everything from sugar to automobile tires.

No one was left unchanged by the experience.

Postwar Payoff

And so it was that when the war was finally over — and to the people pulling the strings that meant when Germany was defeated, for Italy and Japan were wholly secondary concerns — it seemed only natural that many things should begin changing. After all, the people had assented to the destruction of everything for which National Socialist Germany stood.

Should Americans and Britons have given their all to smash racism in Germany, only to tolerate racism in America or in Britain?

Should people who had just finished killing millions of Germans, in order to teach them that they did not have the right to exclude Jews from their society, still believe that Mexicans could be excluded from the United States or Pakistanis from Britain? Should such a huge sacrifice have been made by everyone to annihilate an authoritarian, militaristic regime, without people also being obliged to change their own attitudes toward authority and military service?

No, it is quite clear that the era of social turmoil and change which followed the war grew inevitably out of the new attitudes deliberately inculcated in order to make the war possible.

And it is clear that the war not only resulted in a vast spread and strengthening of Marxist power, but that it also brought about a significant decline in the moral authority of the White world relative to Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The White man had questioned his own right to rule, and so he could hardly expect non-Whites not to ask the same questions. Thus, the dissolution of the British Empire, and the end of European colonialism everywhere, were direct consequences of the changed attitudes accompanying the war.

We All Lost the War

Finally, just as clearly as the Germans lost the war, so did Britain and the United States. In fact, the loser was the White race: European man, whatever his nationality. It was the greatest, most catastrophic loss the race has yet suffered. Whether the loss will prove to be irreparable and decisive remains to be seen.

* * *

Source: National Alliance

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
6 March, 2020 8:14 am

After starting out as a typical “dumb American” with an American education, I began to look into things and eventually came to the view documented in this essay, pretty much all. But there is one detail I think, that was missed. The harassing of the American population into WWI in return for the Balfour Declaration from defeated Britain. The Balfour Declaration never did anything to get one Jewish foot into Palestine, even though it is waved around like a flag of liberation. No. I believe the function of the Balfour Declaration is to act as a back-door to Jewish legitimacy with the old canard of the Chosen People. It assumes that Rothschild is a Jew from the Promised Land and therefore has an intrinsic title to it. He is from… Read more »

Bradford Hanson
Bradford Hanson
Reply to  Patrick Pappano
6 March, 2020 10:47 am

The Jews of today are direct descendants of the disgusting Jews of the disgusting Old Testament. Never fall for the “we Whites are the REAL Hebrews” nonsense. It is poison.

Reply to  Bradford Hanson
6 March, 2020 12:06 pm

Thank you

13 August, 2020 2:03 pm

I would really like to see this series published as a book.

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  HamburgerToday
13 August, 2020 6:33 pm

It has been. And it will be again after the revisions Dr. Pierce was working on before his death are completed.