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by Blake Hood For two thousand years the Christian religion, with its hatred of the world, has found its symbol of life in the self-crucifixion of the creator of that world! — Ludwig Klages THE ‘ideal’ that is presented to our people is endless apology, subservience, and meekness (cucking) to all other…
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by Dissident Millennial WHEN THE HEADLINES of a culture become indistinguishable from satire, that culture is beyond parody. Such is the case with a recent Medium post by Kelly Tyler titled “I’ve Had Sex With Well Over 100 Men, but That Does Not Define me as a Slut”. What is your number?…
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The War Against White Women: How Feminism & Diversity are Harming Them by R. Houck Feminism, the sexual revolution, open borders, advertising, and the anti-white media have coalesced to create a barren hellscape for white women in the postmodern world. Society endlessly inundates women with…
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

Editor’s Note: The chapter below explaining the devastating racial consequences of the Jews’ victory in World War Two is the most important section of Pierce’s Who We Are series. It’s impossible to understand the decline and fall of Western Man without understanding what
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