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The bloody “Old Testament” casts a long, long shadow on the White man’s thinking.

by Douglas Mercer

PERHAPS NO ONE exemplifies the sickness of Christian Zionism as much as the man who was perhaps the most fearsome special operations officer in history: Orde Wingate.

Wingate was born in India to the minor gentry, but grew up in Britain cocooned within his family and brainwashed by them into a freakish dissenting and Jew-loving Christian evangelical sect: The Plymouth Brethren.

The Plymouth Brethren were a cohort of Jew-loving fanatics who placed fallacious end-time fantasies centered around Israel above their duties to their race.

Jew fetishes run deep in the history of England; as early as Alfred’s time some were saying that it was they who were the “true Israelites”; the only references to the Bible in Beowulf are to the Old Testament. By the nineteenth century a sick mania in the British upper classes, from the demented Queen on down, once again posited Britain as the “lost tribe” of Jews.

Lost, for sure; Jews, no.

But this evil perniciousness was ramped up to fearsome proportions in the latter half of the nineteenth century and beyond. Ultimately it was this British Jew craze that led to the Balfour Declaration, the state of Israel, the Scofield Bible, and the lunatic evangelical Christian Zionism of America.

And it was the Plymouth Brethren who were among the pioneers of this invidious doctrine.

But among all the Zionists of the White race it was the outstanding freak among freaks named Orde Wingate who takes that cake, who takes the palm.

He out-Jewed the Jews, if that is possible.

In many respects he is the true father of the modern state of Israel.

Moshe Dayan said that he “taught us everything we know.”

Knesset member, former Israeli ambassador to the United States, and historian Michael Oren has opined that Wingate was the father of the Israeli Defense Force and that for all of its existence the IDF has remained strategically “Wingatean.” Oren has even written a screenplay about this man, which for some reason or other Jew Hollywood has yet to see fit to make.

One of Wingate’s field commanders said in reference to the Jewish leaders of the Yishuv that “from the top downwards… they all knew Wingate.”

That is, Wingate strove in dubious battle.

It can verifiably be said all the terror tactics used by the Irgun and other Jewish terrorists emanated from the thinking and teaching of Wingate. When he came to Palestine in 1936, full of holy fervor for the Jews and full of holy fervor for ushering in the “End of Days,” he quickly took control of the rag-tag Jewish forces he found there and whipped them into vicious shape.

In his memoirs, Dayan wrote that “Wingate had a positiveness, a stubborn lack of compromise. A dominating personality, he infected us all with his fanaticism and faith.”

Wingate drilled and trained the Jews in Palestine, suffusing in them an ethos prioritizing offense over defense.

“The concept is new to us,” Dayan wrote in his memoirs of his first meeting Wingate, when the visitor led a nighttime ambush. “Arab attackers had been forced to realize that no longer would they find any path secure for them.”

What “offense” meant was killing Arabs and terrorizing anyone who was in the way. To the natural cruel, cutthroat, conscienceless, and genocidal way of the Jews, Wingate added the perfection of British organization, initiative, and confidence. He led brutal attacks against the Arabs, raiding rebel bases and indiscriminately shooting anyone in his path, and later killing and torturing members of enemy units who fell into the hands of his men.

A prize lunatic himself, Bernard Montgomery later said that Wingate was “unbalanced.”

You think?

It got so bad that at one point that Wingate was showing the Jews how to blow up British possessions. Later they would do this in spades at the King David Hotel.

When they caught wind of this, the British authorities recalled Wingate from Palestine. Even for a Jew-fawning people, helping Jews blow up British assets was apparently still too much.

But Wingate had left his mark. To this day he is revered in Israel as the secret father of their army and indeed of their country.

Wingate was a Jew in White man’s clothing.

(Lord Moran, personal physician to Winston Churchill, said that “[Wingate] seemed to me hardly sane — in medical jargon a borderline case.” Nevertheless, Churchill continued to praise him to the skies.)

It is said that few non-Jews are regarded as highly in Israel as Wingate. Many towns in Israel have streets or squares named after him and his descendants are often told by Jews how great their debt is to him.

On Mount Carmel Ridge in Israel there is a campus named after Wingate and drama students at the school recite words about him in order to commemorate his deeds.

Israel’s National Center for Physical Education and Sport was established in 1957 and is named the Wingate Institute.

Indeed, he is the George Washington of their country.

And a traitor to his own people.

In 1943, Wingate perished in a plane crash in Burma. But before that he went to Ethiopia where he commanded special operations. In this latter country he called his mission “Gideon”

Always the Jews with these people.

Always the Jews.

* * *

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18 December, 2020 9:15 pm

Orde Wingate was born in India to the minor gentry, but grew up in Britain cocooned within his family and brainwashed by them into a freakish dissenting and Jew-loving Christian evangelical sect: The Plymouth Brethren.”

Now we have a entire gaggle of stupid Christian Zionist Jew-lovers who swallow anything about Jews

20 December, 2020 1:24 am

Not this; one who calls them as Christ called them of their father the devil. India has also turned this world upside down with its man made traditions

21 December, 2020 6:03 am

Excellent article…Chindit leader also…however I have exposed on as many American sites as I can, the crypto-Zionism of the alleged ‘Nationalist’s’ of Britainistan who still hate Europeans and in particular, Germans, and still incoherently troop the symbols of kosher hegemony on their many flags…British Nationalism is by definition, Masonry.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
31 December, 2020 4:47 pm

Yep, it’z all whitey’s fault. After all, when has it been any different? There they were, a rag tag, bunch of innocent, terrified Jews sitting on their tuffets eating their bagels and lox with no idea of what to do or how to defend themselves, when along comes a fanatical, white debil that sits down beside them to show them how to frighten the goyim away. Ya sure, you betcha! Cue Cesar over at “The West’s Darkest Hour.” But you know what, when I read the Jews’ wholly, black book, I find they were already long accomplished murderous, genocidal psychopaths that knew exactly how to wreck civilizations long before this British fop Wingate came along. Take the story of Jericho. Jew spies gain access to Jericho, helped into the city… Read more »