Literally A Threat


THERE HAS NEVER been an era in American history better suited to the practical joker, the prankster, the laughing man who might not be as lighthearted as the initial impression suggested. All you need to stir up massive side-splitting outrage from the ruling orthodoxy is a handful of chalk, a communist indoctrination center or “college” as it was once called and a nice flat surface to cover with the newest and best outsider art. A simple “Trump” can get the waterworks going, reducing the patrons of the Star Wars cantina to wailing, quivering learned helplessness, begging for intervention from the law they love to condemn and making pathetic, ineffectual threats that don’t make it past the keyboard. Saddled with debt, head full of jew communist nonsense, having emotional breakdowns over references to a New York businessman…that’s no way to go through life, son. (ILLUSTRATION: Hate speech!!!!!!!!!1111111oneoneoneone)

The College Republicans (CR) at Ohio University (OU) wrote a message on their school’s “Graffiti Wall” that mocked the idea of safe spaces, causing some students to demand a police investigation into the matter.

Crime thought at the designated place for free and open expression. We need an extensive investigation from the same police we hate. Cognitive dissonance is one hell of a drug.

“Trigger Warning: There are no safe spaces in real life. You can’t wall off the First Amendment,” CR members painted on the wall, later claiming responsibility for the messages.

LOL. I could never pull a prank this hilarious. Can you?

In response, one student demanded a “mandatory investigation” and another vowed to “beat the sh**” out of the CR members.

Tolerance. It sure is strange how the kosher leftist is so quick to appeal to authoritarianism and “the legal monopoly on violence” when they’re the ones holding the power, see also Soviet Union. Meanwhile a pitiful shell of a man briefly wallows in “toxic masculinity” by making promises his noodle arms can’t possibly keep before going back to kissing jew tuckus. You’re a real tough guy, college cuck student loan victim.

Yeah, he'll fight us. Real rough customer, this one. Total loser, can't do anything.
Yeah, he’ll fight us. Real rough customer, this one. Total loser, can’t do anything.

“We can start with a mandatory investigation because trigger warning is literally a threat,” one student tweeted at her campus police department.

We can place “literally” on the same ash heap as “diversity,” “tolerance,” “justice,” “hate,” “reprehensible,” and all the other perfectly good words destroyed by Jewish Newspeak. Poopy talking debt slave wants an extensive investigation and will use cargo cult social media to flail about ineffectually before conceding defeat and sinking back into the kosher mire of higher education in the current year.

OU’s police department then hosted an open discussion with the school’s LGBT Center after the graffiti appeared on the wall.

Better discuss this with the mentally defective damaged rectal tissue brigade. They eat shit, that qualifies them to be the guardians of what is and is not acceptable in a dead nation. And yes, you’ll get the bill for this nonsense, White tax-paying sucker.

The graffiti wall has become an object of controversy at OU over the past week, beginning with a pro-Trump message that was painted on the wall followed by several back and forth efforts between competing campus organizations to occupy its space.

The graffiti wall just got ten feet higher. Removing offensive messages? Someone’s doing the scraping.

Last week, a group of anonymous students painted the slogans “Build the Wall” and “Trump 2016” on the free speech wall, rendering the involvement of OU’s president, who apologized to students who were “hurt” by the messages.


“Indeed, this wall is a place of free speech and expression; however, the words painted were troubling because they had a very different meaning to some than they may have to others viewing the message or even those who painted the message,” President Roderick McDavis wrote in a campus-wide email.

Indeed, obedience to our state religion requires elaborate and ridiculous logical contortions. Sure, it’s a free speech wall, but some foreign invaders here to loot this country might not be happy. Shut. It. Down.

Prior to his response, OU’s LGBT center tweeted a photo depicting an updated version of the free speech wall, showing that the Trump graffiti had been painted over with messages such as “Build Bridges Not Walls” and “Latino Pride.”

For future reference: anything related to White interests or even opposing our destruction and displacement is “raciss” and deeply wrong. La-teen-oh pride? This, shkotzim, is a very good thing, winning the approval of insane sodomite perverts who have to wear diapers because their rectum has been destroyed by the insertion of random objects.

Cult brainwashing or college? You might be surprised by the answer.
Cult brainwashing or college? You might be surprised by the answer.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
31 August, 2020 1:12 pm

Orwell wrote “1984” for us, the future, in the hope of recognizing the real threat and symptoms of the tyrannical world government and preventing its establishment in our world. Let us be sure that he did not write in vain.

The Myth of German Villainy

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I have glimpsed into hell. The Jews are in control.”
(Sir Percival Phillips)
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ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
22 September, 2020 10:37 am

If the world is poorer and more decadent, it is because communism and its inventors are at the helm…
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