APF: Stop NATO Warmongering


EUROPE IS UNDERGOING the most dangerous foreign policy crisis since the end of the Cold War. For over a year, the rulers of the United States, NATO, and in their wake, the European Union, have done everything possible to manoeuvre Europe into a new confrontation with Russia. (ILLUSTRATION: NATO’s expansion is Napoleonic in scope.)

These irresponsible lunatics are trying to lure Russia into the trap of a military conflict with the West.

The men behind this conspiracy against peace in Europe are not only trying to destabilise Russia and promote a ‘regime change’ against President Putin, they also have long-term geopolitical and economic aims:

– To slow the economic rise of Russia by economic sanctions, in order to weaken Russia as a geopolitical competitor of the United States;

– To sabotage the development of solid and long-lasting relations between Europeans and Russia;

– To stop the long-term development of a common Eurasian trade block from the Atlantic to Vladivostok.

The main weapon in the new US Cold War and NATO’s push for confrontation with Russia is the creation and exploitation of the crisis in Ukraine.

Such a development would be devastating for all of us. If the worst comes to the worst, it could lead to a widespread European war. The NATO Warmongers could bring death, destruction and suffering to millions. No one in Europe including Russia, can support such madness.

Therefore, the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) campaigns strongly in the countries of Europe and in the European Parliament

– for a de-escalation of the Ukraine crisis

– for an immediate halt to the bad and politically counterproductive sanctions against Russia, and

– for a resumption of constructive relations with Russia to build trust and co-operation.

Beyond that we recommend a sovereign European Foreign and Security Policy without the interference of non-European powers such as the U.S. In particular, we demand the immediate end of any intelligence control of Europeans by the U.S.

We stand for a common European-Eurasian security architecture that promotes peace, economic prosperity, the extension of political, economic and cultural relations between the sovereign peoples of Europe and Asia. For this we recommend the abolition of NATO or the resignation from it of as many as possible European nations.

NATO no longer even pretends to be a defense alliance, but is now openly an instrument of global intervention for the narrow interests of the US military-industrial complex, Washington and Wall Street. NATO’s so-called “missile protective shield” in Central and Eastern Europe, whose installation is correctly seen by Russia as an act of aggression, must be removed immediately.

US-instigated conflicts — and ballistic missile systems — encircle Europe and Asia.
US-instigated conflicts — and ballistic missile systems — encircle Europe and Asia.

As patriots and Europeans we pledge ourselves to a world of sovereign nations and to a multipolar system of states on the basis of law, freedom and justice. The APF therefore rejects totally the policies of global interference and domination imposed by the USA and its puppet regimes in Europe.

YES to peace and freedom!

YES to solidarity and sovereignty!

YES to Europe and its peoples!


Source: Alliance for Peace and Freedom

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Dan York
Dan York
19 February, 2015 6:07 pm

What Happened to England as a World power since World War 2? Prior to WW2 they were the most powerful empire in the world, and a highly influential country that regulated the balance of power in Europe. I understand that England sacrificed their empire to defeat the Germans in WW2, but how come England is not at least the major influence in Europe now? Shouldn’t England still be a major player in world affairs instead of America, since after all England was a member of the Allied forces and made the choice to eliminate Germany instead of America or Russia. How did England completely lose it’s grip in all of Europe?

2 March, 2015 11:17 pm

I do not consider myself an amerikan. Amerika was just an illusion since the the worthless constitution to allow the jews and/or rothchilds to use and genocide our once predominate white land. I and others have come to the realization that the killing usg corporation has to be ended by starving it. No more consent to their bloody slave contracts and statutes and to hell with their taxation and fiat currency! We’re at a boiling point but of course you won’t hear about this in the whore media as they are afraid! They will be hanged along with the whore politicians and dual citizens by lamp posts in the village square! We will resist!