NFL Death Watch: Ratings in Decline

Come back, goyim!

WATCHING THE Liberia Ball is such a wasteful and damaging activity it’s a true testament to the kosher debasement of our people that it was ever able to gain popularity. Watch Negro criminals collide with each other and then mill around, monitor statistics for that “fantasy” football team, stare at the wall while slobbering on a ball gag, expose yourself to Jewish lectures on why you need to give up your rights and die, drink poison with a little “K” on the bottle, soil yourself, this is healthy and fun. Slowly, we’re waking up. The recent antics of the amazing hero morlocks, promoted by their kosher zoo keepers, have served as an alarm clock for the more salvageable White sports cucks. Now, with the precious six million shekels being lost, this ugly and degenerate Semitic circus is in full panic mode.

Through the first six weeks of the NFL season, total viewership of games is down 7.5 percent, compared with the first six weeks of 2016.

Watching misshapen, idiotic, worthless, vile creatures use the vestigial symbols of a dead nation as toilet paper has drawn some objections from Middle America, believe it or not.

An average of 15 million people watched games for the first six weeks this year, compared with 16.2 million people through Week 6 last season, according to metrics from Nielsen.

The Million White Man March away from the Congo rugby. Soon many of them will join our growing ranks. Our enemies are terrified. We’re going to win.

An NFL spokesman didn’t immediately return a message from ESPN seeking comment.

I can imagine what the statement might have been. Come back “racist” Whites! We promise to reduce that amount of super orcs screaming directly into the camera about killing you and raping your women by at least 10%. Please keep using up your irreplaceable time and money on this sickening and grotesque pile of anti-White vomit.

In the past week, Credit Suisse lowered its price targets on both Fox and CBS stock, citing NFL ratings declines.

“If ratings don’t improve materially, we see a potential headwind to domestic advertising revenues,” the investment bank’s analyst Omar Sheikh wrote of Fox on Thursday.

Omar Sheikh, praise be upon him, delivers the bad news for g*d’s chosen people. Get more gentiles in front of the Talmudvision or you’re going to lose out on all that Mohammedan geld. The failed modern world birthed by the disastrous Jewish century, a house of cards before the coming storm.

Compared with the first six weeks of the 2015 season, NFL ratings are off 18.7 percent — a sharp drop, but a smaller decline when considering the general overall fall in television viewership due to people dropping their cable packages.

See, everything’s fine. We must allow the “African-American” to continue its important political protest about killing Whitey or whatever the point is supposed to be.

Last year, the NFL attributed part of its viewership decline during the first nine weeks of the season to competition from presidential election coverage.

I can’t watch Homo erectus run for the big “tug,” the fraud news is repeating the same thirty seconds worth of phony outrage on a continuous loop. Seems plausible.

This season’s challenges also include player protests during the national anthem, which have pitted the NFL against President Donald Trump, who again tweeted Wednesday that players should stand to honor the flag.

Thank you Lord President Dr. Donald John Trump for destroying the NFL.

Players and owners met Tuesday in New York to discuss how best to deal with their public platform and work together to support the fight against social injustice. The meeting led to further conversation on the matter but no immediate resolution.

The room where the meeting was held was described as “humid,” there were complaints about the “small portions,” no one seemed to know what to do about the schwoogies and nothing was accomplished.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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Over It
Over It
23 October, 2017 10:02 pm

I don’t care how much someone loves Liberiaball. How can they sit there knowing these goons are disrespecting them and their country right to their faces, and then cheer them on only minutes later after the game starts? People have no self-respect anymore. It’s shocking in the same way people continue to support Hollywood in spite of the rabidly anti-White content they create nonstop. The people who remain in their seats after these players basically give them and their country the middle finger are absolutely irredeemable. Even IF these goons are eventually forced to stand for the national anthem, it’s clear they’ll only be doing so with great resentment. so nothing really changes.

Miss Krafty
Miss Krafty
Reply to  Over It
6 February, 2018 3:50 am

Super Bowl TV ratings are down 3% vs. last year.

24 October, 2017 2:45 pm

In my adolescence, I can recall my honest disappointment when learning that blacks were allowed to play western sports. Later, in college, there were those who claimed overlooking the racial intrusion into an authentic Europid cultural activity was a manner of super-intelligent manifestation of the implicit honour of the game itself.

Most of these people were either anarchic Asians, crypto-jews or drunk lads. I would have liked to have been a proper sports fan; yet however perilously, I chose a life of racial consciousness.

christopher drach
christopher drach
24 October, 2017 9:53 pm

The TD celebrations are especially grotesque this year as the NFL has allowed the orcs to display their full range of thespian talents. The quality of NFL play will really be in serious decline as the last of the high caliber white QBs like Brees, Roethlisber, Rivers and Brady retire only to be replaced by black running backs like Cam Newton masquerading as QBs.

G Robertson
G Robertson
25 October, 2017 1:17 am

I’m thinking the CTE issue will bring down the NFL before 2025.What civilized white man wants to watch ugly blacks on steroids butting heads.The white audience will turn away from the game and for the kids no more football,why chance your white child getting their brain scrambled.

Miss Krafty
Miss Krafty
Reply to  G Robertson
5 February, 2018 4:52 am

I could be ignorant of the facts, but I suspect the CTE issue will evolve into a PC crisis – that brain autopsies on negroids who played no meaningful high-impact sports, also reveal CTE, which coroners and medical teams have assumed to be a product of a crack and alcohol abuse lifestyle. Since, buried in a PC article, “African-Americans suffer from these cognitive impairments [dementia and Alz] at two to three times the rate of non-Hispanic whites, ” per

Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
25 October, 2017 10:44 pm

The only time I was a sports fan was when I was about 12 in the late 70s and I wanted to be a catcher for the NY Yankees like Thurmon Munson. Most ballplayers were white back then and there were almost no Hispanics that I can remember. Now it seems that all the baseball players are from South America and can’t speak English. I never liked basketball as it was always for blacks. Football was okay for a while until black players started doing their disgusting touchdown antics like a bunch of immature high school subhumans. The whole premise of sports is to make you a slovenly couch potato who ignores his wife and children while watching hours of sports, munching on junk food, guzzling beer and worshiping black… Read more »

George Wright
George Wright
26 October, 2017 8:40 pm

All of the comments on this article make very valid points. However, the commentators are vastly overestimating the willingness of the average White American to “kick the habit” of professional sports. There will be some outrage at the disrespectful behavior by these overpaid savages, but in a year or two this will be acceptable as “expression of free speech” and attendance will rebound. At this point in time, even a black athlete killing a White athlete on live TV wouldn’t change the situation after the initial furor died down with the assistance of the mainstream media. It is utterly disgusting, but true.

27 October, 2017 12:05 am

I love watching Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, and Aaron Rodgers in their precision, coolness, and quickness when under pressure from the defense.

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
30 January, 2018 11:49 am

FYI- The picture is of Malcolm Glazer, former owner of the Tampa Bay Bucs. He’s deceased since 2014. The majority of these rich owners are not jews, but jews are very over-represented compared to their 3% percentage of the population (32 teams, jew owners Kraft, Blank, Lurie, Ross, Glazer fam., Wilf, Tisch (50%), that I know of). An example of Big Jew? See the “Controversy” section in Wilf’s bio at . As to the game, one interesting fact is the very high percentage of penalties called against negroid players for the most stupidly violent actions – late hits on players already out-of-bounds (not “momentum caused”), targeting (ramming an opposing player helmet-to-helmet), and taunting (“talking smack”). Another is the end-zone celebration antics that have been recently formalized into little plays… Read more »

Miss Attila
Miss Attila
Reply to  Travon Martinberg
5 February, 2018 4:36 am

This article is meaningful for showing the language skills of the typical negroid NFL player, almost all of whom graduate from large well-funded universities.
“I ain’t got nothing to say,”… “F–k. It is what it is.”