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American Fascism, part 1

Ken Burns

by Douglas Mercer

THEY SAY THAT RACE science was born on a bison hunt and ended in the dock at Nuremberg. Well, it hasn’t really ended (all science that deals with human beings is race science, really) but there’s a bit of truth in that. Alleged scholars will tell you it’s the “dirty little secret” of American history that, before the Second World War, a significant segment of the American intellectual class (race scientists, biologists, anthropologists, eugenicists, and others) had deep connections to their counterparts in National Socialist Germany. “Most people don’t know this,” they will ominously intone right before they start screaming. Well, most people don’t know much of anything, so what does that prove?

Most people would be shocked! Americans and Nazis! Weren’t we the good guys? We are speaking English aren’t we? Well, most people are delicate flowers and will wilt at the first sign of truth. And no, we were not the good guys. The race scientists were, but our government — by then wholly in thrall to the Jews –most certainly was not.

It’s why they “liberated” Europe (by outright murdering and incinerating White people) in World War 2 and left the survivors half in chains — with the other half soon to follow. That certainly was no coincidence. It’s no coincidence when half your government is outright working for the Communists and the other half is fellow-traveling.

Any more such “victories” and surely we’re done for.

* * *

Now that epitome of establishment stoogery, Ken Burns, is on the scene at traitorous PBS, telling is how Americans way back when “were Nazis.” If true, it would be something to celebrate — but to most who have been trained by Jews to be like retarded seals and see Hitler as the epitome of evil, this will be deeply unsettling. In fact that’s their goal, to make it deeply unsettling and disturbing. They think that American fascism is on the rise. After all, didn’t Viktor Orban speak at CPAC? Didn’t the My Pillow guy storm the Capitol? Isn’t Lynne Cheney looking for a job? These things are all deeply unsettling for our ruling class, and so PBS is wheeling out the man (can I say that word?) they consider to be their heaviest of hitters to defame the legacy of America First, and make sure that the average American learns to feel shame and hatred for “our Nazi past.”

They definitely don’t want us to be intrigued by the racialism of the Old America. They don’t want us to see it as a possible alternative path that could have been taken. They only want us to hate it.

In this way this documentary is akin the 1619 Project; it evolved out of the Jewish war on White people. If it has the high sheen of the eggheads in Public Broadcasting that means it’s just all the more insidious.

The US and the Holocaust is a three-part, six-hour documentary (Sept. 18, 19, 20 2022 on PBS) is about America’s response to Nazi genocide.

That response? It wasn’t enough, that’s for sure. What never again really means is never enough. The SS St. Louis? We should have let it in. Reed-Johnson? Should have overthrown it. Those railroad tracks? Should have bombed them. The asylum laws? Should have expanded them. Our gates? Should have obliterated them. It wasn’t enough for the Jews that they took over America, that they fomented the war, that they were war agitators, that they got America to spill its sacred blood and its equally sacred honor in order to take down the Jews’ enemy, Germany. No, it wasn’t enough! You should have done more. Who told you you could slip your neck out of the noose?

Burns’ latest — co-directed by long-time collaborators Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein — seeks to grasp why we chose to admit so few Jewish refugees in the 1930s and 1940s and whether we could have done more to stop, or at least slow down, Hitler’s Final Solution.

Does it ever occur to the Jews that perhaps they shouldn’t have ticked the Germans off?

But here comes Ken Burns to tell us the fact that we “didn’t do more” is a stain on our national honor.

He is a stain on our national honor. We shouldn’t have lifted a finger, unless it was to help Hitler smash Bolshevism once and for all.

But Burns is running cover for Jews and as such he is an enemy of our people. It’s no surprise that his two long-time collaborators are Jews.

Why wouldn’t they be?

This is America, after all, and it’s run by Jews.

Any questions?

* * *

One could make a powerful documentary on the subject of Jewish Communism in America; how the Jews fomented and infested American Communism, how they sent their kids to “socialist summer camps,” how FDR’s administration was riddled with Jewish Communists at every level, how they worked for Stalin and enabled him to send millions of people to vanish in the gulags; how they enabled the Soviet Union to dominate half of Europe and set itself against us for over half a century.

In Stalin’s War Sean McMeekin says there were hundreds of paid Soviet agents working within the US government by the late 1930s, in the Departments of Agriculture, State, Treasury, and the US Army.

One wonders how many were Jews.

One wonders when eternal bogeyman Joe McCarthy will get his well-deserved apology.

That would be a true tale worth telling, a saga worth sanctification. It could be a reminder and a warning and a salutary one at that. Ken Burns and his Jews would never touch it. Because it would expose for all time the lies and plans of world Jewry.

Ken Burns and his Jews want you to think that “American fascism is on the rise.” When even a cursory glance shows it’s the very same Bolshevism Jews have pushed and bankrolled from the beginning.

“We say Hitler would travel around Germany promising to restore Germany’s greatness, right? We could have just as easily said, promising to make Germany great again, which is another translation. I did, for a point, and then we all looked at it and said, yeah, it’s a little bit too much, let’s pull that out (laughs).”

Ha ha.

But this is no laughing matter.

* * *

Hitler famously said that, for the Germans, their Mississippi would be the Volga. That is, Hitler with great profit studied US history, a history which he said was an example of White world supremacy. He got the idea of the concentration camps from the reservations; he sent his people to American universities to study American Indian law and American race law.

The verdict: America was a country groping its way to racial consciousness, but a countervailing strain of egalitarianism might keep it from reaching that goal.

Pretty prescient, really.

Americans were pioneers in applying biology to governance; states began to sterilize the unfit as early as 1907; a Supreme Court justice opined that “three generations of imbeciles were enough”; and we passed Reed-Johnson in 1924 aimed mainly at keeping out Jews. And at eugenic conferences German and American scientists took the lead — indeed, when Hitler took power the latter were green with envy that Germany finally had a leader who took their teaching seriously and was ready to apply it.

We must also grapple with the fact that American institutions and policies, like segregation and the brutal treatment of indigenous populations, were influential in Hitler’s Germany.

Rather we should ponder it. Perhaps those leaders and thinkers, from a time when our leaders and thinkers were most often of our own people and for our own people, knew a thing or two. But eventually, instead of circling our wagons, too many Americans would abandon the fight to protect the race and the race’s homeland forever. Even the nearly always redoubtable Madison Grant got cold feet, telling his colleagues before his death in 1937 that their close relationship to German race scientists could “come back to haunt” them.

And so it did; that’s what this disgusting documentary is about.

* * *

Ken Burns is the go-to stooge when the regime has a message it wants to impart to its managerial class. What is that message? Why, Viktor Orban said he wants a pure race of people; fascists in “nazi gear” stormed the Capitol; Donald “He Put Kids in Cages” Trump is still on the loose; and American fascism is rearing its ugly head again.

That’s the message. The “history” is just a way to serve it up.

They’ll tell us all about how Charles Lindbergh and Father Coughlin stirred up fascism among the masses, how the Bunds were undermining democracy, how America First was un-American treason.

Of course it’s all a pack of lies.

Watching the documentary, it’s impossible not to notice echoes of MAGA fascism in the words of Charles Lindbergh and Father Coughlin, in the anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant sentiments that justified exclusionary policies, and in the refusal by many to confront the mounting domestic authoritarian threat.

A film like this will remind you why you became a vicious xenophobe in the first place.

It certainly wasn’t for no reason at all.

The series makes a point of establishing the bigoted, racist atmosphere of the US at the time, showing Nazi rallies in New York, clips of the popular anti-Semitic broadcaster Father Charles Coughlin, and colorized footage of a Nazi-themed summer camp in New Jersey.

Ken Burns says this is the most important film he will ever make. You can see why it is close to his heart. His famous Civil War film is already reactionary, what with the slow, soothing, and syrupy southern-accented voice of Shelby Foote from time to time saying something nice about the Confederates. But this one is all-in; his Jewish handlers hope it will make a mark in the vein of the 1619 project, one more cultural artifact that is tearing down the greatness of America’s history.

And the slogan now is not so much “never again” as “never enough.” Never enough! There is nothing the world could do for the Jews, no amount of dying, no amount of toadying, no amount of slavish worship, nothing that could ever possibly satisfy these insatiable monsters. They fomented the war; they egged us on; they demanded that war be fought for them and for their interests — and then when it was fought just as they demanded, when we saved them from just retribution, the result was nothing but seething resentment from Jews directed against us.

You should have done more. You stinted on Jew-love, and that is the same as hate. Not automatically giving us a hundred times more than we demanded is hate!

Remember that treacly scene where Oskar Schindler says he could have sold his watch? One more Jew alive, and for a watch! That’s about the long and the short of it. When Jews get through with you you’ll be lucky to still have your underwear.

You’ll be lucky if you don’t vanish into the gulags.

You could have done more! Much more.

We should have done squat for them. And even after all we did for them, they proved an ungrateful lot. They peered for a second into their peculiar moral compass and found us wanting.

“This will be, for the general public, somewhat surprising and a little hard to ingest. That we could be both the liberators of freeing the world from tyranny and fascism, and unwilling — as Daniel Greene says in the film — to do much to rescue the victims of fascism.”

Always more. Always take. No matter how much you’ve already gotten.

The ghost ship was turned back; the national quota system was in place. And so, no matter how many millions of Jews we did save — according to their reckoning — we always “could have done more.” That’s the accounting that they’ll bash us over the head with forevermore.

It’s an analysis of the 20th century’s darkest chapter from a distinctly American point of view, investigating the nation’s bigoted roots in order to comprehend the decisions that were made (or, often, not made) to not welcome more Jews to our shores.

Hell, even everybody’s favorite fiction writer, Anne Frank, tried to get inside the “golden gates” and was cruelly turned away.

Anne Frank and her family applied for but failed to obtain visas to the US before they went into hiding. This unexpected aspect of the Franks’ story underscores an American connection to the Holocaust that will be new to many viewers. America did not want more Jews, and even fancy, rich ones could barely buy their way in through the golden door blocked by red tape. Among them was Anne Frank’s father. He begged for help from a personal connection — a Macy’s co-owner, Nathan Straus — but was defeated by draconian American visa limits.

Defeated! Draconian! How dare the Americans consider themselves a sovereign country! How dare they decide who comes in and who does not! When it comes to the vast horde of Jews in Europe, you have to let them in on demand! — or else you’re a flaming bigot.

Burns continues his summary by quoting the malevolent roving Jew:

“We did more than any other sovereign nation— which to say, let in more refugees than any other sovereign nation…. In my eyes, and this is me personally speaking, the film doesn’t say this anywhere, and I’m just telling you after the fact: We were a failure. But I agree completely — you picked up on another great thing. Deborah Lipstadt said maybe we could have gotten more people out from those ports that would have allowed more people in.”

There’s not satisfying to a Yid. A Yid will always want more.


The moral of their story is that “anti-Semitism” is on the rise, authoritarianism is back in vogue, democracy is under threat, the media are mistrusted, White supremacism stalks the land, Black bodies are imprisoned, and the stranger is not welcomed.

Actually we let in millions of race aliens a year, Blacks skate on all crimes, Jews are inordinately powerful, and Whites are a persecuted majority — but these facts will never spoil their story. To them, wherever they are, it is always the 1930s in Germany, and it’s the 1920s in America too: Immigration is being restricted, the Klan is back in force, Lindbergh is a hero, eugenic thinking is popular — and nativism, xenophobia, and racism rule the land.

If only.

So here comes their loyal employee, Ken Burns, to lecture us on our inadequacies. It’s The Current Year, after all. And such things shouldn’t be happening in The Current Year, whatever year that happens to currently be.

Today, in America, we stand at a peculiar and frightening crossroads. We are witnessing the rising appeal of authoritarianism abroad and at home, we are bombarded by social media outlets that spread divisive falsehoods and hatred, and, a mere two months before midterm elections, we find our democracy itself under attack.

“Democracy is under attack” is one of their newer catch-phrases. “Democracy is under attack” means that somewhere things aren’t going 150% the way the Jews want them to go. As in “Viktor Orban was elected democratically for the umpteenth time — democracy is under attack!”

Burns said making this documentary took seven years, which is hard to believe. That means each hour of the show took over a year, so there must have been a lot of dawdling. Perhaps they had to hide under their desks from time to time, what with all the threats to democracy. But seven years in the making means they began it in 2015 and thus couldn’t have known America would elect a “fascist” — that was just dumb luck, but it did sharpen their appetites for more White blood.

They should have reminded themselves that the way you know that Trump isn’t Hitler is that the people who say Trump is Hitler are still living.

To be continued

* * *

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Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
22 September, 2022 5:59 pm

Ken Burns and his Jews want you to think that “American fascism is on the rise.” 

comment image
Two bronze fasces have hung behind the House Speaker’s rostrum since 1950 when that chamber was remodled.

comment image

comment image
True American fascism, in the good sense of the word, has been everywhere in the U,S., most of the time, as a symbol of unity. It was on the U.S. Mercury dime from 1916 until it was removed in 1945 — the same year the Jew puppet FDR’s face was added.

It’s shabbos goy Ken and his masters who have approriated the word and sullied it.

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
23 September, 2022 9:22 am

Harold Rosenthal interview. He spilled the beans and was assassinated for it, by the Jews.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
23 September, 2022 6:04 pm

“Watching the documentary, it’s impossible not to notice echoes of MAGA fascism in the words of Charles Lindbergh and Father Coughlin, in the anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant sentiments that justified exclusionary policies, and in the refusal by many to confront the mounting domestic authoritarian threat.” Now think about this: Is it possible that the Jews had their boy Trump spouting scripted BS so they could then link it to this kind of propaganda? Could this be another way Jews are working to convince everyone Trump was an evil Nahdzee, when in fact his attitudes and policies were and are Jewish to the core?* But then it all makes sense when one considers the only Nahdzees that ever existed were the product of Jewish subversion, lies and propaganda. Anyone that knows the… Read more »

Reply to  Arch Stanton
24 September, 2022 6:31 pm

I watched as much as I could stand of a Trump rally in Wisconsin. Before I couldn’t take any more of his whiny, New York monologue, I heard him claim that he actually finished the wall!

Maybe he meant the “big, beautiful door”.