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Blacks Can’t Figure Out the Simplest Things: Water Pressure

by David Sims

NOT LONG ago, the city of Jackson, Mississippi, was having problems with keeping the water running in area houses. The pressure was low due to water being depleted from tanks owned by the water utility. The local “engineers,” mostly Blacks, couldn’t figure out how to solve the problem. So in came the US Army Corps of Engineers, who discovered that solving the problem involved filling the tanks, which they began doing.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have joined the local, state, and federal response team at Jackson’s O.B. Curtis Water Plant.

The joint effort is the result of President Biden’s emergency declaration that increases federal support to improve the Capital City’s water conditions.

In a new status report on Thursday, the city of Jackson also said the plant’s water pressure has increased to 78 PSI. The level was 40 PSI on Wednesday.

“The O.B. Curtis Water Plant made significant gains overnight [Wednesday] and into this morning [Thursday]. There are some challenges remaining to navigate over the next few days, but the outlook for today is currently continued progress,” the city said in a statement.

The city said over half of the tanks on the surface system have begun filling back up and it expects others to make gains as progress continues.

“Many areas throughout Jackson now have some pressure. Areas closer to the plant are experiencing almost normal pressure. Areas further from the plant and at higher elevations are still experiencing low to no pressure. This pressure will improve as the tank levels increase,” the city added.

Multiple contractors are on site at the O.B. Curtis Water Plant working Thursday.

“With the support of our partners at the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Health, we are also sourcing immediate staffing support including operators and maintenance staff. We have also begun the process of expediting some of the projects that were already being planned. These items each will contribute significantly to the stability of the OB Curtis plant,” the city said.

[With reference to the contractors arriving to save the day and the official statement “we are also sourcing immediate staffing support including operators and maintenance staff,” it sounds like the existing staff were mostly just lounging around, smoking blunts and committing who knows what lewd acts, while the system deteriorated due to lack of maintenance. In Africa and some US cities where rescuers never showed up, this process has continued to the point where facilities are simply abandoned and return to Nature. — Ed.]

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9 September, 2022 5:35 pm

A year or two back, Jackson MS voters rejected a tax increase that would have helped fund repairs to infrastructure. Apparently, the only time negroes become conservative/libertarian on taxes is when they don’t have Whites to pay them!


Reply to  Guest
10 September, 2022 12:04 pm

maybe jacksonians realized that taxes would be routed away from improvements promised, possibly to enter the pockets of the corrupt?

Reply to  wasp
11 September, 2022 9:07 pm

Except they’re blaming Whites, not their own officials.

But no doubt, corruption appears to be rampant in Jackson. I looked for information on budgeting from the Jackson website and … well let’s just say the site is not very open and transparent about its operations. That’s why I used the news article. Even the news article seemed to use caution in describing the situation to avoid being tagged as racist.

Cabot Montreaux
Cabot Montreaux
9 September, 2022 6:13 pm

The White man has built and rebuilt for tar creatures since colonial times and continuing to do so is largely due to “white man’s burden, a duty formerly asserted by white people to manage the affairs of nonwhite people whom they believed to be less developed.” The title of this article reminded me of one that was posted on NV back on 9 November, 2016, under the title, Aid to Haiti: A Sinful Waste of Resources and Wealth. Here are some excerpts: “In 1915, after an especially chaotic period, US Marines were sent into Haiti to halt domestic unrest. They were in Haiti for 19 years, during which they not only enforced governmental stability, but they also built schools and hospitals, and more than 1,000 miles of paved roads with… Read more »

Reply to  Cabot Montreaux
10 September, 2022 11:44 pm

At least three times in one century a negro country gets a complete infrastructure upgrade (not counting every time there is an earthquake) costing us billions yet ours falls further into disrepair.

Just looking at the interstates, what a nightmare. Every bridge & mixmaster locally has giant full on punch-throughs, it’s been that way for decades, every poorly applied bandaid failing shortly thereafter.

The random “jumps” possibly caused by shifting or a joiner are quite unnerving when your vehicle catches air at 65mph.

Cabot Montreaux
Cabot Montreaux
Reply to  Forsaken
11 September, 2022 4:21 pm

I occasionally watch a YouTube channel called HoodTime. This guy drives through areas of cities that have been laid waste by the tar creatures. In the slums created by them, he passes packs of these beasts in the streets, in yards of their dilapidated houses, and in front of convenience stores. Many are sitting in chairs on sidewalks or on their porches, just watching people pass by.

You hear their wretched ©rap as HoodTime drives down what’s left of the streets the White man built. Piles of garbage are everywhere. When the Christcucks come into these areas to clean up, fix or rebuild, which these fools constantly keep doing, they are charged with “gentrification.”

10 September, 2022 8:42 pm

Rhodesia, before and after.. UK dominated by Jews betrayed them.
Black Minister Says Zimbabwe Was Much Cleaner Under Whites | SA-News.com

10 September, 2022 11:31 pm

Similar public works issues always arise where I live due to the evergrowing employ of low I.Q. non-Whites. Every year the water main supplying the east end explodes around the time it regularly gets below 32°F. Why? The morons put the pipe barely a foot beneath the surface instead of below the frost line which is about 48″. Occasionally when heavy trucks carrying say road grading equipment pass overhead the main splits, another issue solved by more depth & damping material. Atleast twice a year there is a decent sized LPG explosion in the underground service tunnels due the leaks & non-isolated electrical works. Something as simple as gas alarms which trigger a valve closure would be a vast improvement over dozens of manhole covers going into low earth orbit… Read more »