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History Teachers Lie All the Time

by David Sims

HISTORY TEACHERS lie to their students by omission. Their narrative is gerrymandered to create a false impression. The American practice of slavery before the Civil War is a subject on which you can’t trust the official history. It leaves out many important facts because it’s a weaponized narrative that serves to vilify White people.

It leaves out the fact that slavery was made legal in the first place because a Black man (Anthony Johnson) chose not to honor the terms of a contract by which another Black man (John Casor) had been an indentured servant and was due to be set free because his time of servitude was finished.

It leaves out the fact that the transportation of African slaves to the Americas was a very profitable business for the Jews whose shipping companies carried it out. It wasn’t Whites who did this. It was Jews.

It leaves out the fact that American Indians and free Blacks in the Americas also owned slaves. Indeed, the per capita rate of slave ownership among free Whites was under 2%, while among free Blacks the percentage of slave owners was greater.

It leaves out the fact that some of the slaves were White.

The Second World War is another subject on which you can’t trust the official history.

The establishment of the Federal Reserve System, and its true nature, is another subject on which you cannot trust your public school’s history teacher.

The origin of Marxist socialism and the creation of Communist countries is yet another subject on which you can’t trust the public school’s history teacher.

Jewish history, and the influence of Jews on Western culture (and in Russia) since the 1600s is also a subject on which you can’t trust the public school’s history teacher.

They lie to you. Either they lie intentionally, with the desire that their students shall be deceived, or else they don’t understand history rightly themselves and are incompetent, by reason of ignorance, in relation to the requirements of their jobs.

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Alex Wells
Alex Wells
8 March, 2021 3:23 pm

“This video is unavailable.” Any idea where it is available?

Art Thief
Art Thief
Reply to  Alex Wells
26 February, 2022 11:59 am

This happens way too often with stuff our side posts or relies upon. Our guys need to start getting wise and either self-hosting media or using more reliable hosts. And where the enemy makes the mistake of posting something useful for us, for gods’ sakes, download it.

LH Collins
LH Collins
25 September, 2021 6:18 pm

The Whites founded the shipping companies that ferried slaves to the Americas. Not that our ancestors were exceptionally evil for doing this, nor were any worse than the sub-Saharans, Arabs or Tuareg merchants who specialised in African slaves. When you try to finger the it all on the Jews, you make them sound like they were responsible for our European empires. They were but the second-wave. It’s not in the nature of Jews to be pioneers. They don’t take the risks that our kind have to. Our ventures and our conquests were OURS by our own efforts. The Jews just swept-in like carrion birds after the lions dined.