Amazon’s Massive Own Goal

by Michael Walsh

THE AMAZON book-burning fest has caused consternation and in some cases despair. As a consequence of Amazon sticking two fingers up at the public’s right to freedom of information, I will suffer financially. Yet, today I celebrate the hole that these on-the-ropes last-resort book burners are digging themselves into.

It is a mistake to think that Amazon Books and Amazon Kindle are omnipotent. They are not; they have many publishing rivals. These challengers are now partying at Amazon’s expense. Anticipating Soviet-style censorship, most dissident publishers are already spreading their bookselling bets across a wide number of online book publishers.

Amazon’s denial of the public’s right to access information will lead to the firm’s losing much of its market and credibility to rivals. Will the Jewish lobbyists, who coerced the online publishers, make up for Amazon’s massive financial losses?

There are many other ways to expose international “Holocaust”-related fraud. Amazon is small fry. It wasn’t Amazon (or the Russians) that was pivotal in the US presidential elections; it was alternative and social media. The relatively uncontrolled Internet has got the mainstream media in a panic; they too are on the ropes.

The book-burners can interrupt progress, but an interruption is never going to stop the free flow of information. Holocaust fraud is taking place on an international scale. Such fraud is in defiance of every country’s laws. Holocaust fraud has got to stop, and it will be stopped at whatever cost.

Bans never stopped booze production during prohibition, bans don’t stop crime, sex, or drug-taking — and bans don’t stop the truth seeping out and becoming a torrent.

I have made a number of positive points and recommendations in my hour-long Spingola Speaks radio broadcast. I hope that, after listening to the broadcast, your spirits will lift and inspiration will flower.

Jewish omnipotence is an illusion; the international Jew does have great power, but they are few in number. In an awakening world, the comparative few who are active in waging a war for domination are more vulnerable today than they have been.

If they don’t succeed in their aims to once and for all crush and dominate one billion ethnic Europeans and subjugate the world’s 6.4 billion non-Jewish ethnic communities, then this tiny insignificant group of swindlers will fight and lose their last battle. The Jewish tail will not be wagging the Gentile dog for very much longer.

Michael Walsh is an author of 39 book titles that are still available for purchase.

Interview with Deanna Spingola:

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Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
14 January, 2021 8:29 am

My first indication that not all was well with SlimeAzon came when they ate ABEbooks, my at that time favorite supplier of used books.
The second when I noticed that items I had put in my cart without buying tended to change (increase) in price, which items I only looked at but didn’t place in my cart never did.
In Spring of 2020 -The Year of the Hoax – I stopped buying from them and have no plans on ever doing so again.