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RT, Sputnik being targeted in ways that Jewish/Israeli and other controlled media never have been; Trump administration now captured and doing the precise opposite of what Trump promised in 2016. MOSCOW has not ruled out retaliatory measures if Washington continues its crackdown on Russian media…
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It isn’t government censors who are generating all the fake news, lies, and omissions of the media. So what is it? by David Sims ALTHOUGH a free press, one not subject to government censorship or unreasonable obstruction, is necessary to the public’s welfare, it isn’t sufficient.…
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by Michael Walsh WHILST MEDIA TRY to keep the lid on news of growing dissent, there is foreboding of seismic change among the 28 nations of the splintering European Union. The collapse of the Euro is openly discussed, as is grim acceptance that the political elite won’t be “infallible”…
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by Michael Walsh THE AMAZON book-burning fest has caused consternation and in some cases despair. As a consequence of Amazon sticking two fingers up at the public’s right to freedom of information, I will suffer financially. Yet, today I celebrate the hole that these on-the-ropes last-resort book…
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