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WLP90: There’s a Conspiracy

There are real conspirators: Silencing us is their goal.

This week we honor William Luther Pierce, the founder of Cosmotheism, of the National Alliance, and of National Vanguard on the 90th anniversary of his birth by presenting classic articles of his, nearly all of which haven’t appeared on this site since their original publication more than two decades ago.

by Dr. William L. Pierce

LET’S TALK TODAY ABOUT about conspiracy. That’s a subject I usually stay away from. The reason I don’t like to talk much about conspiracy is that there are a great many right-wing nuts in America who believe that everything is the result of a conspiracy, and I don’t want to sound like a right-wing nut.

Actually, there also are many left-wing nuts who believe in conspiracies. Ever since the Oklahoma City bombing last April, the trendy liberals and leftists have been insisting that Timothy McVeigh couldn’t have done it with just one or two buddies. It had to have been the result of a giant conspiracy, involving all of the people and groups that the leftists hate and fear.

The right-wing conspiracy mongers believe that the government itself bombed the Federal building, in order to provide a pretext for cracking down on right wingers. And the left-wing conspiracy mongers believe that everyone to the right of Jimmy Carter was involved in the bombing. They don’t buy the story that Timothy McVeigh did it simply because he was enraged at a government headed by a criminal like Bill Clinton which would murder its own citizens wholesale, the way the Clinton government did at Waco. They don’t buy that story, because they can’t imagine anyone not loving Bill Clinton. How could anyone be enraged at our wonderful government, which has promoted all of the Politically Correct policies, from affirmative action to special rights for homosexuals to open borders? Certainly, no one could hold the Waco massacre against the government. Why, those people the government slaughtered at Waco were just a bunch of crazy Christian fundamentalists, just a religious cult! It’s a good thing the government got rid of them. No, the Oklahoma City bombing had to have been a giant conspiracy, involving White supremacists, anti-abortionists, the military-industrial complex, male chauvinist pigs — and all the rest of the people the lefties have been taught to hate.

Sounds pretty nutty, doesn’t it? That’s why I hesitate to talk about conspiracies. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy nut. But, you know, in the real world there are conspiracies. Not as many conspiracies as the conspiracy nuts believe there are, but still there are some. There was a conspiracy a little over 2,000 years ago by Roman republicans and traditionalists to assassinate Julius Caesar, because they saw him as a threat to freedom. Shortly after that, there was a conspiracy by Jewish leaders in Palestine to have Jesus of Nazareth crucified as a heretic and a troublemaker. Today there are conspiracies to fix prices, where the executives of a number of companies will get together and make a secret agreement not to undersell each other. There are conspiracies to cover up criminal activity by committing perjury, as occurred in the Watergate cover-up of the 1970s, in which a number of high government officials, including the President of the United States, were involved.

And there is a conspiracy now to deprive the American people of their most fundamental right: a conspiracy to deprive them of their right to say or write or preach whatever they believe. I’ll say that again, because I want it to sink in: there are many people in the United States, some of the wealthiest and most powerful people, including many in the highest government offices, who today are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to deprive you and me, and our children and our grandchildren, of our right of free speech, a right for which our forefathers fought and bled and died.

I’m not using the term conspiracy loosely here. I don’t mean merely that there are trendy people who believe that the First Amendment was meant to protect only Politically Correct speech. I don’t mean merely that there are people who hate you and me and wish that they could shut us up. It’s not against the law for Politically Correct people to hate us. It’s not against the law for someone to want to shut someone else up. But it is against the law for a group of people to get together and secretly make a plan to shut us up by depriving us of our Constitutional rights and then to begin carrying out that plan step by step. That’s a criminal conspiracy, a conspiracy for which people can be arrested and sent to prison for many years. And I’m telling you that there is a criminal conspiracy involving many rich and powerful people, a criminal conspiracy in progress now to deprive us of our freedom of speech.

Now let’s get down to the concrete facts of this criminal conspiracy. Ever since American Dissident Voices, went on the air four years ago, there has been a concerted, conspiratorial effort to silence us, to keep us off the air. Jewish groups have contacted one radio station owner after another and tried to persuade him to cancel his contract with us. When persuasion didn’t work, they used threats. Some station owners have been threatened with arson or bombings. But most have simply been warned that they will be boycotted by all the advertisers the Jews are able to influence if they continue to broadcast American Dissident Voices. The Jews approached the owner of station WWVA, in Wheeling, West Virginia, more than a year ago and persuaded him to stop carrying our program. They approached the owner of station KAAY, in Little Rock, Arkansas, recently and persuaded him to stop carrying our program. During the past four years they intimidated many other station owners into breaking their contracts with us and dropping our program.

I know that this is so, because station owners who have not yielded to this Jewish intimidation, station owners who really believe in free speech, have told us about the pressure which has been applied to them. They have told us about delegations of Jews showing up at their offices, sometimes with an ambitious Gentile politician or a Christian clergyman in tow, and warning them to stop broadcasting our programs. We have heard this over and over again from the owners and managers of the stations in the American Dissident Voices network.

And I should add that the station owners who do cave in to this Jewish pressure usually won’t talk to us at all afterward, because they understand that by cooperating with the Jews they have themselves become criminals. Again, I’m not talking loosely here: I mean criminals in the strictly legal sense of the word. It is not illegal for a station owner to decide all by himself that he doesn’t like us and won’t carry our programs any longer. But if he yields to a Jewish demand that he drop our programs, he is becoming a party to the conspiracy to deprive us of our Constitutional rights, and he knows that he must keep his mouth shut in order to protect himself.

I’ll give you another concrete fact. Just a few weeks ago I accepted an invitation to speak before a private meeting of a patriotic organization in London — the largest patriotic organization in Britain, in fact. The day before the meeting the British Home Office, which is in charge of immigration, sent me an urgent message warning me that I should not plan on traveling to Britain, because I would not be admitted to that country. The Home Secretary, the message said, was concerned that I might cause a public disorder if I came to Britain.

Now, I have never in my life caused a public disorder anywhere. There have been times when I’ve been tempted to make a ruckus, times when I felt a disorder was justified, but I’m basically a very peaceable person, and I’ve never yielded to the temptation to make a public disorder. Furthermore, the meeting at which I was scheduled to speak was a closed, private meeting: hardly an opportunity to make a public disorder. Nevertheless, the Home Secretary in the British government — a Home Secretary who just happens to be a Jew — told me that I would not be permitted to enter Britain because I might make a public disorder.

Now it’s bad enough to be told by a Jew, an alien, a Middle Easterner, that I will not be permitted by him to enter the country of my ancestry, the country of my forefathers, for any reason at all. But, more than that, it is quite obvious that this Jewish Home Secretary was attempting to prevent me from speaking. He didn’t want to preserve public order in Britain: he wanted to silence me.

I am happy to report to you that he failed in this attempt. I managed to get into Britain, make my speech, and get out again, although not without employing certain precautions in order to avoid being intercepted by the minions of the Home Secretary. But I am not happy at all that this criminal conspiracy to keep me from speaking, to keep me from being heard by those who are interested in what I have to say, reaches all the way across the Atlantic and involves the highest officials in the present British government.

This criminal conspiracy also involves the highest officials in the United States government. Although I cannot yet prove it, I strongly suspect that the Home Secretary in Britain was in collusion with government officials in the United States when he acted against me. He did not decide all on his own that I should be prevented from speaking in Britain. He received information about me and my travel plans from his fellow Jews in the United States government — and also from non-Jewish government officials here, officials like the politically ambitious chief of our secret police in Washington.

There are elected officials in our government, as well as appointed bureaucrats, who have been planning and working for years to torpedo the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, just the way they have torpedoed the Second Amendment, planning and working to prevent anyone from saying or writing anything Politically Incorrect.

Many of the conspirators who have been working to deprive us of our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms have not been bashful about their aim. They have formed organizations publicly stating their intent to disarm law-abiding citizens. The conspirators in the government, people like Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congressman Charles Schumer, have been quite loud in announcing their opposition to the Second Amendment. The bureaucrats in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms have been quite flagrant in their abuse of the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

But there has been much more secrecy and double-talk and deception in the campaign against the First Amendment. The same people are involved in the conspiracy against the First Amendment as are involved in the conspiracy against the Second Amendment — people like Senator Feinstein and Congressman Schumer — but they are much less open about it. At the same time that they are campaigning for new laws to limit what Americans can say and write, they are telling us that they believe in freedom of speech.

Ever since the Oklahoma City bombing in April, which the criminal conspirators against free speech have regarded as a godsend, the consistent, unvarying line of the conspirators has been that the bombing was the direct consequence of permitting Americans to say and write Politically Incorrect things. Immediately after the bombing, Mr. Clinton was on television blaming the bombing on radio programs which criticize the government, its policies, or its actions: programs like American Dissident Voices. Since then spokesmen for the controlled media and for various Jewish groups, such as the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, have been unanimous in making the same claim. “Words have consequences,” they say. “People who attack the government with words must be held responsible for acts of violence against the government committed by others who are influenced by those words,” they say. Their message is that the only way we can be safe from terrorists is to outlaw the sort of speech which may inspire terrorist acts. We are living in increasingly dangerous times, they say, and we must be willing to give up just a little of our freedom in order to be safer. I’m sure you’ve heard that argument a hundred times during the past few months.

Is it a serious argument? We all understand, of course, that words and ideas do indeed have consequences. All around us, in every city in America, we can see the consequences of the ideas promoted by television and the other Jewish media for the past 50 years. I am quite certain that they wouldn’t welcome the suggestion that they be held responsible for what their words and their ideas have done to our society.

The conspirators don’t want to outlaw words which have dangerous consequences. They just want to outlaw words which are dangerous to them, words which expose the crimes they have committed and are committing against our people, words which reveal them for what they are. They want to continue spreading their poisonous and destructive ideas. They just want to stop us from talking about what they’re doing and from defending ourselves against them.

And they know that Joe and Jill Six-pack always have been willing to give up their freedom in return for the promise of a little more security or a little more comfort. They know that they can persuade Joe and Jill that everyone will be safer if no one is permitted to criticize the government. They know that they can continue to manipulate Joe and Jill with their words if they can stop us from contradicting them and exposing them. And for most of the past 50 years they have been able to manipulate Joe and Jill and most of the rest of our people virtually without opposition, without contradiction.

I could speak out against them, but my voice was ineffective. Only a few people could hear me. The mass media were too huge and too expensive for me and my associates to use. Only the Jews and their friends could use them to reach the great masses of people.

But in the past few years technological advances have begun to change this situation. First, the advent of desktop publishing made it vastly easier and less expensive to publish books, magazines, and newsletters. Then computer communications through the Internet made it even easier to reach large numbers of people with uncensored ideas. I and my associates in the National Alliance have used the strength we gained from employing these new media to begin building a bridgehead for ourselves in the older mass media, starting with radio broadcasting. In the next year or two we will be ready to move into other mass media.

And the Jews cannot tolerate this. They cannot permit the truth about themselves and their policies to reach the great masses of our people. They know that even Joe and Jill Six-pack will rebel if they fully understand what has been done to them and to their world by Jewish monopoly control of the mass media.

And so, once again, the essence of my message to you today is this: the people in the media and the government, the spokesmen for all of those Jewish organizations calling for bans on what they call “hate speech,” are not just misguided individuals who believe that we all will be better off if people like me are silenced. No, they are not misguided, and they are not acting as individuals. They know exactly what they’re doing, and they are acting in collusion. They’re involved in a criminal conspiracy to deprive all of us of our rights, so that they can maintain their control over our society without opposition. The conspirators are deliberately and consciously manipulating public opinion, pushing the average voter toward giving up the First Amendment, so that no voice can be heard but the voice of the conspirators.

You know, it has been said, even by many of those who would like to silence me, that the book I wrote nearly 20 years ago, The Turner Diaries, is prophetic, that many of the things I predicted in that book are becoming reality. Now I will make another prophecy: very soon, perhaps within the next few months, certainly within the next few years, the conspirators will make a final push to write into law a ban on any speech contradicting them or exposing them. The politicians who are talking now about how much they support free speech will implement this ban for them, in order to keep their jobs. They will tell us it’s for our own good. And when this happens, it will not be by accident. It will not be that we blundered away our freedom. It will be the consequence of a deliberate, calculated, cold-blooded, criminal conspiracy by those who hate our people, hate our ways, hate everything about us, and are determined to destroy us.

And I will make one other prophecy: the conspirators will have their way — for a while. As I said, Joe and Jill Six-pack are very gullible, and they always follow the path of least resistance instead of the path of greatest advantage. They will permit their freedom to be taken away, and they will let themselves be persuaded that they are better off without it. But the victory of the conspirators will not last. It will not last, because they have waited too long to silence us. We have reached too many people with our message. Too many people of courage and commitment know about the conspirators now. Even if I am silenced, the truth will continue spreading. The rage will continue to grow. The smoldering fury will burst into flames, and the conspirators will not be able to extinguish it.

Ultimately, the conspirators will be no more successful in keeping the truth from the American people than the Jewish Home Secretary was in keeping my message out of Britain. And the day will come when the conspirators — all of them — will be held accountable for their crimes and will be punished in full measure. I not only prophesy this, I swear it, I promise it.

* * *

Source: National Alliance

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