Progress in Fighting Internet Censorship

by Mark Weber (pictured)
Director, Institute for Historical Review (IHR)

I’M GLAD to report that we’re making progress in our recently launched campaign against Internet censorship:

— Here in southern California, the Anaheim Union High School District responded to our expressions of concern by unblocking access to our Web site.

— In Columbus, Georgia, a local activist successfully persuaded the city’s library system to unblock access to our site.

— Some businesses have responded positively to our letters and meetings explaining why blocking access to the IHR site is bigoted and unfair.

— We’re gathering more documentation on the one-sided and bigoted standards used by major web content filtering companies to censor the Internet.

— We’re carefully considering legal action against schools, businesses or other entities that do not respond positively to our expressions of concern, but instead insist on blocking access to the IHR Web site.

I’m very encouraged by the backing we’re getting for this project. People across the country are providing helpful information and advice.

In letters, by telephone, and in face-to-face meetings, we’re contacting businesses and other institutions that block access to our site to explain why this practice is unfair, defamatory and harmful, and to call on them to stop it.

(For more on our campaign, click on :
http://www.ihr.org/news/newproject_aug2010.html )

This project is much more than a battle for the IHR. By exposing and fighting the censorship of partisan special interests, we are defending Internet freedom for all Americans.

Our project has attracted overseas media attention. A reporter for the English-language service of Iran’s foreign broadcast service interviewed me about the problem of Internet censorship in the US, and our initiative to counter it. Our project has also, predictably, prompted Zionist complaints.

I’d appreciate your help with this important effort. Please send me information about businesses, school districts and other institutions that block access to the IHR website. (Of course, the identity of everyone who helps is kept strictly confidential.)

Through hard work and determined effort, and with crucial support from men and women like you, we’ve established the IHR on the front line in the struggle for freedom and historical truth.

One sign of our effectiveness is the furious criticism we get from major Zionist groups. Year after year, these influential associations hammer us because they hate our resolute work against their agenda of supremacism, oppression and censorship.

What we accomplish — through meetings, lectures, interviews, online outreach, Web sites, and distribution of books, discs and flyers — depends on support from men and women like you.

Source: Institute for Historical Review

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  1. gagoonies
    1 November, 2010 at 8:19 pm — Reply

    There is no greater threat to white civilization than censorship in my opinion. It is Western tradition for us to speak our minds & philosophize free of the chains of mental bondage. May we be free to dream. We can breath life into our thought forms to build heavenly utopia here on Earth. We have this natural ability as free sentient beings to choose the correct path.

    Its the good fight. Its the white fight.

    Notice who’s always trying to censor. Whites must take a stand against censorship collectively & smash those who promote it. For it is our enemy true.

    Censorship serves only one purpose & that is to keep one ignorant of the truth. It is the tactic of the low. Those who partake of the gruesome behavior are doing so because they do not have a leg to stand on in a fair debate, so they hide the truth because their logic & reasoning are founded on wishful thinking & ignorance.

    The light of truth shall drive out the darkness of ignorance. It is ugly in truth. Deserving of our scorn.

    When they come to you & say you cant speak your mind, tell them to go to their version of hell where such demons belong.

    We whites have no need for their “new speak”. We need only tell the truth & live our lives to watch them crumble before us.

    The chains of their oppression shall be forced off Atlas!

  2. FED UP
    2 November, 2010 at 12:06 am — Reply

    Gagoonies, I agree. Also that thing we call ‘political correctness’, which is actually basically another term for censorship.

    Apparently Australia now wants to control internet access like China. It’s one thing if they want to limit access to porn or hate speech sites, but my question is, where does it then end? I believe, even if blacks are making hate speech comments against us on the internet, let them say it, because that way they are outed, also, when they lie about something, we get to defend ourselves and prove them wrong.

    In SA, the government wants to kill free speech with media tribunals and new information and secrecy laws, which is rather hypocritical considering their disgust with censorship a couple of decades ago.

    In another show of glaring hypocrisy, they decided to appeal a court decision calling their ‘struggle’ chants that call for the killing of whites “hate speech” and “unconstitutional” after a white businessman dragged them to court over it.

    The main person targeted here was the childish Julius Malema, of the ANC youth league. The ANC vowed to support him and appeal the court decision, calling it “free speech”.

    Some of the victims of their “free speech” includes Amy Biehl, who was stabbed, beaten and stoned to death amid shouts of “kill the boer” when dropping off black friends
    As well as these people:
    http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2010/06/tortured-farm-womens-gardener-guilty.html (kill the boer written on walls using victims’ blood)
    http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2010/07/well-kill-all-you-fng-whites.html (we’ll kill all you f—ing whites)
    http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2010/04/mandelas-ex-bodyguard-gert-barnard.html (sleeping family attacked: “Viva Malema” and “kill whites”)

    Even just the incitement of genocide is a punishable offence according to the Rome Convention, and yes of course if someone would for instance continue to post something along the lines of “kill crackas” on this site, you should probably remove it. But censorship in general should NOT be allowed. It ensures freedom, democracy, fairness and honesty.

    The first thing that muslims target in a country is human rights (especially women’s rights) and free speech, as this former terrorist will tell you:

    We should not allow this sort of thing to even take root. An I see that aside from considering ruling by executive decision in 2011, apparently Obama wants an “internet kill switch”. If that doesn’t sound like an African dictator, I won’t know what does.

    However, it is heartening to see that people are waking up, getting fed up and that progress is being made.

    We should all support this project and perhaps even start some of our own.

  3. FED UP
    2 November, 2010 at 12:06 am — Reply

    Well done to everyone who has been working on this project and others like it.

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