South Africa: To Protest Black Police Misbehavior, Black Students Burn Historic Library


Students are protesting against higher education fees, which they say discriminate along race lines

CIVILIZED OBSERVERS are appalled at the savage behavior of Black students in
the burning of one of the country’s finest law libraries during protests over university fees, in which students say a female classmate has been raped. (ILLUSTRATION: The historic library, which contained many rare volumes, was gutted by fire)

The ruling Communist ANC (African National Congress) likened the burning of the library to “1930s Germany” in a statement. But the truth is that the Germans did nothing at all similar — though pro-homosexual books and magazines were purposely burned by the German National Socialists as a way to symbolize and celebrate the cleansing of their country of Jewish sex perversion propaganda. What the Blacks did — destroying one of the last vestiges of civilization in their rapidly-declining country — is totally different.

Hundreds of students ran riot across the campus of University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) on Monday night and Tuesday, part of a series of protests across South African universities at the cost of higher education, which some say is perpetuating White privilege in the country.

The clashes at UKZN have been particularly pronounced, and relations between students and the authorities worsened when it emerged one female student reported she had been raped by a police officer at the Pietermaritzburg campus on Monday.

A UKZN spokesman told South African media a case of sexual assault had been reported to the university. “The alleged incident is reported to have happened off campus. It is under investigation,” he said.

Videos have also emerged showing police opening fire on students with rubber bullets during the day on campus, and on Tuesday the university cancelled all lectures and events in a bid to calm the unrest.

But while the damage on Monday was contained to six torched vehicles, the destruction of the library on Tuesday night has seen public sympathy for the protesters tested.

A law lecturer at UKZN, Franaaz Khan, told TMG Digital that while fire fighters had managed to bring the fire under control‚ the faculty had lost priceless material, including rare books dating back to the foundations of modern-day South African law in the 17th century.

“Many date back to early Roman-Dutch time,” she said. “Some are rare as well. It is devastating to watch the library in which you spent many hours as a student burn up in flames.”

Protesters and supporters of the students have hit back at those who have condemned the library arson, suggesting more concern should surround the alleged rape and an incident where a female student was reportedly shot in the leg with live ammunition.

In its statement, the ANC said it condemned “the destruction of university property and the intimidation and harassment of university leaders”.

“The burning of books and university infrastructure is reprehensible and has no connection to the calls for free education for the poor,” the ANC said.

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Source: Independent

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8 September, 2016 5:07 am

Hurr durr dem blacks. They complain about expensive university rates, yet they burn the library, where they can borrow the books that they can’t buy themselves. And the rape/shooting of the female student, I bet my head that it was done by a corrupt Black officer of their black corrupt police.
They don’t respect themselves, and silly Whites still expect Blacks to respect them? There is no honor amongst thieves, and it also applies to Blacks.

8 September, 2016 7:49 pm

Why would anyone be surprised with black behaviour? Niggers will always behave like niggers – complete savages. Stop complaining – starting doing something!

Franklin Ryckaert
Franklin Ryckaert
9 September, 2016 10:11 am

The capacity to create a civilization must be present in the DNA. If it is not in the DNA then there will be no civilization.

9 September, 2016 10:50 pm

I agree totally with my compatriots who ventured a reply before me. The Jews have chosen well the ground level shock troops to do their dirty work. This library burning and this type of behavior just comes naturally to sub-Saharan subhumans; the University, something to complain about and target. The SJWs continue to reinforce the blacks’ belief in their already inflated sense of self-worth, their deserving of even more entitlements. They’re complaining about the cost of tuition so they set the school ablaze. That ought to work. An unexpected repair expenditure. Destruction holds more value to them than an education. That’s very well known, though.

Jack Spratt
Jack Spratt
31 May, 2020 1:46 am

Rare 17th century law books. Very oppressive.

This is the end eventual result of every minority white civilization. As it always has been. Always will be.

Either whites will stop allowing altruism and brainwashing to be used as a weapon against them – or they will commit collective suicide and civilization ends.

I don’t know how South Africa has lasted this long without being artificially propped up. I don’t know why every white South African with enough money for a plane ticket hasn’t fled.

1 June, 2020 1:36 am

“…all those who, like myself, have lived amongst the blacks, and are honest and bold enough to make known the sum of their experience, have but one opinion about them, viz. that the negroes will never be able to take a leading position, educate them as much as you may, and that therefore all attempts to place them on a footing of equality with the white man must prove futile.”

–Berthold Seemann, Ph.D.