South African Journalist Mugged Seconds Before Live TV Report

South Africa, since coming under Black rule, has become the crime capital of the world.

A CAMERA was rolling when a South African journalist was robbed by two muggers on the streets of Johannesburg Tuesday night, just seconds before he was set to begin a live television report.

Vuyo Mvoko, a correspondent for the South African Broadcasting Corporation, was standing in front of the camera, preparing to deliver his live hit when the two men — one carrying a gun — enter the frame and start circling Mvoko, demanding his belongings.

One of the men can be seen reaching for Mvoko’s pocket in an effort to take his cell phone. Off camera, the robbers took three phones from Mvoko and his colleagues, as well as a laptop before disappearing into the darkness.

Mvoko can be heard shouting, “We’re being mugged.”

Check out the video to see the dramatic robbery unfold.

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Source: CBC

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