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CBS: Guns and Blacks and Deception

by David Sims

HERE’S A typical controlled media editorial pertaining to gun laws from Jewish-run CBS. It doesn’t have a comment section following the text, and it’s no wonder. If such editorials had comment sections, all of the implicit and explicit lies contained in them would be exposed within a few hours of posting. The lefties don’t like back-talk, especially effective back-talk.

I’ll illustrate what I mean with an example from this editorial: “This is the handgun counter at Van’s Sporting Goods outside Jackson, Mississippi, a state with the fourth highest gun fatality rate in the country and some of the weakest gun laws.”

The reason that Mississippi has a lot of gun crime isn’t that it has permissive gun laws. The reason is that Mississippi has a lot of Blacks in its population. Want to check? All you need to do is draw two scatterplot graphs, one of them showing gun crime rates versus no-gun-control-laws, the other of them showing gun crime rates versus percentage of Blacks in the population. I’ve done this. You will see that there’s a positive correlation between Black demographic percentage and gun-crime rates, whereas the correlation between areas having permissive gun laws and gun-crime rates is either null or negative.

By presenting only the single datum represented by the state of Mississippi, the CBS 60 Minutes article by Steve Kroft deceives its readers, tricking them into assigning to permissive gun laws the blame for a crime rate that is, in reality, to be blamed on the high Black demographic percentage in that state.

That’s a kind of deception encountered routinely in the controlled media.

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George Wright
George Wright
14 March, 2018 6:51 pm

Anyone advocating for more gun control laws is either a bold faced liar or an uneducated moron. The issue is one of racial differences. Non -Whites having guns generally leads to high crime rates, mostly drug related. No amount of restrictions can solve this problem. Only a mass expulsion of these elements will reduce the number of murders involving guns.

Reply to  George Wright
15 March, 2018 2:23 am

Schopenhauer once called the Jews the “great masters in lying” and Jews seem to be proving him right over long periods of time.

It’s irresponsible to allow Jews to occupy any position in media.