Berlin: Non-Whites Rape Little White Girl For 30 Hours, Police Intimidate Girl


AFTER THEIR 13-year-old daughter was brutally gang raped by a group of Muslim migrants for 30 hours straight, the parents thought the police would deliver justice to the depraved pedophiles. However, what officers told them immediately turned their child’s nightmare into a living hell. (ILLUSTRATION: Migrants, mainly Muslims, are raping their way across Europe. However, police are less concerned with the sexual assault and more about the “image” of the offenders.)

Three Muslim migrants, described as “Arab men” and “foreign nationals,” grabbed the schoolgirl, whose family immigrated from Russia, on her way to class, covered her eyes with a blindfold, and took turns raping and assaulting her for 30 hours.

After she was dropped back off at her middle school, the traumatized child and her devastated parents believed that authorities would find and punish the girl’s attackers, but what they said instead is not only shocking and sickening, but a warning that the leftist agenda is perpetuating this depravity.

The Epoch Times reports that upon contacting the police station on the horrific crime, the police spokesperson shamelessly defended the child rapists, claiming that the men had neither abducted nor sexually assaulted their victim.

“After the police investigation, there was neither abduction nor rape. Further details are not disclosed to protect the personality.”

The spokesperson admitted that the investigation was not yet complete, but that didn’t stop them from forming an official opinion on the alleged rapists and releasing them without charge.

So, in plain German, a 13-year-old girl had consensual sex with three ‘southern’ men,” a family member said, sarcastically referring to the police’s failed handling of the case. “It is an outrage that these people are not being arrested or detained.”

Because of government-ordered media censorship and fear of revenge attacks from the perpetrators, the family remained silent. However, after it was clear that authorities were more worried about softening the crimes of migrants, especially Muslims, they relinquished their anonymity and began protesting against the destructive efforts of both the media and police.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the family put on a rally over the weekend, revealing the stomach-churning details of the girl’s sexual assault. Seeking to expose Germany’s leftist agenda, they even created a Facebook page, which was met with liberals’ criticism and bigotry, shamelessly accusing them of spewing “right-wing propaganda” to prevent asylum seekers from entering Europe.

As appalling as it is to think that those charged with defending and representing the people could act as victimizers who are more concerned with the image of a group that is widely perpetrating heinous crimes, this is exactly what’s happening in the West.

Mad World News recently reported that a German federal officer had come forward to reveal that Chancellor Angela Merkel was ordering police and media to downplay or even cover up crimes committed by refugees, migrants, and Muslims.

“Our domestic rule is — better to let him run away,” Officer Bernd K. said.

Bernd explained that if a refugee is violent, “superior orders” warn officers not to use any coercive action. Instead, offenders are either let go or charged with much less than what they’ve committed. …

* * *

Source: Mad World News

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Travon Martinsburg
Travon Martinsburg
20 November, 2017 10:46 am

New National Socialism? It’s become obvious that Germany has furthered its jewish-supported mass immigration of non-whites, just to replace its own people. Has this been a play to build a rightist uprising to end the doldrums Europe has been in since the Euro currency standard began? One can only hope. Regardless, Germany should properly educate the rapefugees at no charge to them, so they can be held accountable for building a semblance of civilization in their original homelands, then send them on their way with 1000 Euros for each adult, 200 for each child (if you can find any among the mostly military age, male horde). These two unearned benefits are costly but could help a bit at dampening the jewish uproar and media condemnation Germany would face. It will… Read more »

17 July, 2020 6:11 pm

“So, in plain German, a 13-year-old girl had consensual sex with three ‘southern’ men,” a family member said, sarcastically referring to the police’s failed handling of the case. “It is an outrage that these people are not being arrested or detained.” It is an outrage that the police officers who handled the case were not arrested. It’s not really their fault because their conduct results from a lifetime of Marxists training imposed by Germany’s occupiers and the Jews who control those occupiers. The indoctrinated police subsequently , like all leftists, have difficulty in choosing who to punish/arrest. Should they arrest the perpetrator, victim or the witness? It all depends on the politics.