Italian Schoolgirl Fights Off Three Migrants

Introductory Note: Several lessons can be learned from observing this case and others: 1) The legal system is not swift enough to deal with the violence and crime (to say nothing of the racial destruction) these invaders bring (they are arriving and reproducing and committing horrific acts a thousand times faster than the police and courts can deal with); so 2) only direct action against them is effective; therefore 3) direct action by White citizens against invaders must be fully legalized, supported, and encouraged by the state, which should also use its military forces against the invaders. If a sixteen-year-old girl can do this, imagine what a million empowered citizens, backed up by the full authority of the state, could do.

A SCHOOLGIRL in Italy’s Lombardy region fought off an attack by three North African immigrants using her jiu-jitsu skills.

Three North African migrants tried to rob the 16-year-old Italian schoolgirl but ended up running away in fright after learning a humiliating lesson: never pick on a black belt in jiu-jitsu, even if she’s just a schoolgirl.

The incident happened in the town of Trescore Balneario, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy.

The young girl was walking home from school at around 2pm when she was accosted by a group of North Africans who appeared to be around 20 years old.

The men surrounded the girl and one of them tried to steal her mobile phone by putting his hand in her jacket pocket.

However, he didn’t count on the schoolgirl’s reaction, as she grabbed his arm and used her jiu-jitsu to immobilise him.

In shock, the man’s two accomplices quickly fled the scene. After the girl released her grip, the would-be robber ran after them, “without saying a word”.

The girl reported the incident to a family member when she arrived home, who took her to a police station.

Local police, who are investigating a wave of similar incidents, are currently trying to identify the three suspects, who are thought to be immigrants from North Africa.

* * *

Source: Jayda Fransen

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14 October, 2020 8:54 am

The enemy knows perfectly well that Whitey must be kept on the back foot, in a defensive crouch, backed into a distant corner (the ‘far right’, if you will) at all times, because when Whitey hits back for real, they don’t stand a chance and they know it.