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The Germans Have a Word for It

Susan Neiman

by Douglas Mercer

THE DEMOCRATS are right to say that for most of its history America was a country by, for, and of White people. Conservatives are wrong to say that it was not. The Democrats are wrong to say that being a consciously White country was a bad or evil thing. Conservatives are wrong to say that had it been a consciously White country, that would have been wrong or evil. The truth is that being White and being consciously White was what made America great to begin with — and is the only thing that could ever make it great again.

* * *

It’s true we need to come to terms with our past, to see its unparalleled greatness, and to return to the fanatical commitment to racial integrity that underpinned it.

We need a reckoning with our past, a processing of our past, not a “working off” of our past but a working out of it.

To do this we need propaganda and education, not on the “evil” of our past — but on its beauty.

* * *

The magazine Foreign Policy was founded by Sam Huntington. Huntington was basically a civic nationalist weenie but a weenie who from time to time veered into the biological reality of society. Perhaps it’s because Huntington was a good old-fashioned Mayflower name — or perhaps even Harvard professors who can see at least a little clearly don’t like to be civic nationalist weenies all the time. Who knows?

The magazine he founded has fallen on hard times. In September 2008 it was bought by The Washington Post Company (now Graham Holding Company). It was Jewified, it was.

You see how it goes.

In 2016, for the first time in its history, Foreign Policy endorsed a presidential candidate (Hillary Clinton). Apparently there was a menace on the other side.

But in the last week of January, 2021, Foreign Policy outdid itself, reaching a chart-topping moment in the annals of anti-White hate. First it had a bunch of foreign-sounding authors pen a piece about how America should now look to South Africa as a moral exemplar of what is euphemistically called “transitional justice.” What “transitional justice” really is is the transition from one people to another. Whites out, the non-Whites in. That is what our enemies call “justice.”

Here’s a paragraph that should send chills down the spine of any White man who is dedicated to the survival of his race:

After nearly 50 years of violence and discrimination against Black and other non-white South Africans, the first post-apartheid government, led by President Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC), undertook a range of reforms relating to housing and criminal justice. Parts of the Biden plan resemble these early initiatives.

Apparently Biden’s housing plan resembles the one South Africa initiated after the merciless savages took over — all about the now-ubiquitous “racial equity.” This latter term is part of “transitional justice” and can be defined as building disgusting low-rent housing units in your neighborhood so that the even more disgusting, and always money-strapped, scum of the earth can pile in, make your life a living hell, and cause you to move further and further out from wherever they are. But wherever you go they will follow. And you’ll pay for their aggression against and pursuit of your family, every step of the way.

As for South Africa, the policy of the Blacks was always simple: one settler, one bullet: in fewer words, murdering Whites.

* * *

Foreign Policy really hit its anti-White stride when it published an interview with alleged “moral philosopher” Susan Neiman in which she recommended that White people en masse get on their knees and grovel before Blacks, Browns, and various indeterminate mystery meats. Neiman (who is Jewish, obviously) grew up in the American South and wrote a memoir of her time there, called Slow Fire. I never will read it but I am one hundred per cent. certain she harps incessantly on how “racist” the White people were. She has been a professor at Tel Aviv University in her homeland (naturally) , and now works at something called the Einstein Forum, which is located in Germany — which is a shame because back in the early 1930s they got that big Jew phony to bug out of there.

But Susan Neiman’s real claim to fame is that she wrote a book about how Germany learned to get on its knees and grovel before Jews and before anyone else, whenever the Jews demanded that they do so. Apparently there is German word, Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung, which means “processing the past,” or getting on your knees before Jews and groveling. She thinks that all people who have committed so-called historical “crimes” can learn from Germany’s cowardly and sniveling meekness, everyone except of course Jews who rampaged through the 20th century killing White people left and right and who are “ethnically cleansing” their homeland to this very day. No Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung for them. No sir. No truth and reconciliation for us, please. We’re Jews!

Now that her ally Biden “won,” this enemy of the White race is in her element, demanding complete and total obedience from White America. She wants us reading Roots, buying the complete works of that skinny little faggot James Baldwin, genuflecting constantly to Elie Wiesel; she wants us on all fours with signs around our necks saying “it most definitely is not OK to be White.” She thinks it’s high time that America reckon with its “shameful” and “racist” past. And as the Germans’ Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung is often praised (by Jews and their sycophants) as a “model” for other countries facing a “legacy of historical evil and systemic racism,” that’s where we should look to for guidance — so says this Jew “scholar.”

It’s not only Germany that must perish. She wants all Whites to exit this Earth, saying “sorry” on the way out.

And the amazing thing is — these disgusting pigs tell us to die in so many words a thousand times a day, then write whole volumes in which they wonder why we hate them.

About Jew Neiman, Wikipedia has this air-sucking paragraph:

Learning from the Germans examines German efforts to atone for Nazi atrocities and identifies lessons for how the United States might come to terms with its legacy of slavery and racism. The book brings together interviews with politicians, activists, and contemporary witnesses in Germany and the United States; and Neiman’s own first-person observations as a white woman growing up in the South and a Jewish woman who has lived for almost three decades in Berlin.

So you see she is a “White woman” in the South (Jim Crow!). But she’s magically a “Jewish woman” in Berlin (Hitler!).

You see how the game gets played. Now she’s White! Now she’s a Jew!

Why, she’s Schrodinger’s Jew!

And these disgusting pigs wonder why we hate them.

The one thing that leaped off the page when reading this piece in Jewed Foreign Policy is that Neiman claims that the made (up) for television mini-series Holocaust was instrumental in getting Germans to finally abandon their racial pride and assume total guilt and, also, assume the position vis-a-vis their new Jewish masters. I must admit it shocks me that an enterprise that began in the Teutoburg Forest could have ended with James Woods putting on a Jew Badge. To think that the noble aspirations of 1933 could have been sunk by a a poorly-written melodrama from Jew Hollywood really beggars belief. It turns out it was Meryl Streep who finally made Germany perish.

What a world.

The Jew or Jew-sycophant who interviewed Neiman starts out with this doozy of a lie:

Despite a centuries long history of violent racism and its bitter legacy that remains very much alive, American society has long managed to avoid fully confronting its brutal past. It was only the tumult of the Trump era and last year’s protests following the killing of George Floyd that have led to a crescendo of pleas for the United States to finally reckon with its history.

You see, they want us on our knees too. They want us to to repudiate our past, to “reckon” with it; to deny its value. They know a people without a past has no future.

I hope the German language has a word for “No thanks; how about you die instead?”

Nieman traces her theme back to the Dylan Roof murders:

Obama’s eulogy for the nine people massacred in Charleston seemed to really be a moment where an American Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung had truly begun. It was the first time that a major national figure, much less the president, connected the violence of the present with our ignorance of the violence of the past. And that was a moment where it just seemed to me, gosh, America is waking up to this.

Gosh! Now that also was the event that led to foreign interloper Nimrata Randhawa to take down the Confederate Flag from the state capitol. It also happened to be the week candidate Trump said some Mexican invaders were rapists.

These things are connected.

And relative to Blacks murdering Whites, which they do in staggering numbers compared to the reverse, where is their Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung? For that matter, where is the “reckoning” by Jews for their murders of hundreds of millions of White people over the last 120 years, and all their horrific crimes against us ongoing to this day?

Nowhere, that’s where.

The Germans have a word for who is pulling the wool over our eyes: lugenpresse.

In outlining the historical arc of Germany’s racial degradation, she says:

Toward the late 1950s, there was a very small group of people — church activists, writers, and artists — beginning to demand that people come to terms with the war. And in the 1960s, there was an incredible disgust when the children of Nazis grew up and realized what their parents had done.

Ah, the Christians selling the rest of us right down the river in the name of their meek and loving God, a story told by now in a thousand different ways. As for “artists and writers,” that’s code language for Jews as surely as “globalist” or “international banker” or “pedophile” is. So, some “sensitive” Germans round about 1960 got the normal folk of Germany to buy into the lies, got them to toss over a sterling and magnificent heritage for a big mess of nothing, for a perpetual cesspool of subjugation to Jews. As for a few degraded, propagandized children of National Socialists thought of their “Nazi” parents — wait until their children and grandchildren find out what they really did: Flood their nation with raping Muslims, slander and defame the heroic German past, and consign the German people to oblivion. You can bet there’ll be hell to pay. I bet the Germans have a word for that too.

At one point the Jew or Jew-sycophant asking the questions asks a chilling one: “Based on what you’ve learned from the German experience, what’s your blueprint for the United States?”

When I think of this debased Jew, who has been showered with every award the ruling class can bestow, sitting in Germany at something called the “Einstein Forum,” and dreaming up what her “blueprint” would be for the United States, my blood runs cold. It’s like throwing a viper into the nursery with the children; by rights someone like her shouldn’t even be able to think about us, our future, let alone be an internationally feted (and fetid) “thought leader” being interviewed in a “prestigious” journal read assiduously by the Establishment’s policy and managerial classes and influencing them. Only in a Jew-ridden and a Jew-rotten world could such a thing come to pass. But there you are.

Unsurprisingly, her “blueprint” involves, first and foremost, universal brainwashing of all citizens. All must “learn” about the evil Whites. To start them out in the little grades hating everything about America’s past — hating everything about White people — making the new generation of Whites the people who not only dare not defend themselves, but who dare not even to speak their own name. And she laments that “We have a problem with this, since every state gets to prescribe its own curricula. What you learn in Texas is not what you learn in Massachusetts.” You see, those louts in Texas still don’t want to totally eat Jewish merde. If you research it, there’s probably a healthy dose of Jewish merde they do eat, but she wants 100 per cent. compliance. And she wants that enforced top down — no questions from you, goyim.

She says we need a “national narrative,” accepted and believed by all. A national narrative that no doubt begins with “And into a dark-skinned paradise crept the White man wearing jodphurs and jackboots, establishing his evil hegemony wherever he went….”

Neiman says she likes the 1619 Project but that it does not go far enough, in that it focuses only on Blacks as victims. One needs, she suggests, to look at the “indigenous people” and, likely, the queers, the fags, the purple-haired, the “trans,” the Muzzies and the Mexicans, deviants of all stripes and hues, the little Brown man everywhere yearning to breathe free of his benighted homeland and leech off us — the entire rainbow cornucopia of American decline. She wants the apology and the money to be large and to be wide. Because she’s a monstrous Jew who hates us. Simple as that.

Neiman calls the peaceful, prosperous, advanced, and safe White societies prior to 1945 “racial terror.” Now that Whites are actually being racially terrorized, she wants you to think it’s “justice.” She wants you to feel no outrage at what is being done to you — she wants you instead to feel guilt for imaginary crimes.

Those Germans who are not worthy of the name have a word for it: Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung.

Now Berlin has a dizzying number and variety of monuments to the victims of its murderous racism. By choosing to remember what its soldiers once did, Germany made a choice about the values it wants to reject.

That is, they made the choice to consign themselves to oblivion.

In this degraded endeavor, Jews lead them, order them, steer them — and cheer them on.

* * *

None of this is new. Right after the Second World War, Jewish “intellectuals” assiduously (and insidiously) attempted to link post-war White America with the National Socialists. Jew Sontag infamously said that the White race was the “cancer of history.” Jew Adorno wrote of the so-called “authoritarian personality”; the idea that anyone who supported traditional values was a closet fascist. That the White suburban father at a backyard cookout was but a hair’s breadth from firing up the “ovens of Auschwitz.” Simply preposterous. Would that it had been true, but by that time White people were already losing their sense of racial pride. There was resistance to the Jewish operations called “integration” and “civil rights,” but once those had been institutionalized, White America, outside small pockets of sanity, ceased to be its former self.

But perhaps, on a deeper level, Jews like Adorno were on to something. Perhaps their long experience with the White man made them know that there always lurks within us the fearsome fighting spirit that made us the masters of the world; made them realize that the apparent defeat of the National Socialists was only a lull in the battle, in a war that is far from over; that the colossal and magnificent racial consciousness of European man is yet alive and will one day rise again; that the dragon has not been defeated.

And not only has the dragon not been defeated; perhaps it never can be.

It’s what strikes fear in their hearts.

And when the final and better reckoning comes, when the past is finally processed, when history is ultimately worked out to inevitable destiny, you can be sure of one thing:

The Germans will have a word for it.

* * *

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NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
8 February, 2021 3:36 am

Для тех кто еще не понял почему бунт бесполезен Первое Вы собрались на площади до определенного времени вам нужна еда вода хлев . Вы же не будете спать на улице есть барахлр с улицы бомжевать на площади то не благородное дело . Да и вы же не хотите сдохнуть на площади правильно по этому вы куда пойдете после митинга рано или поздно правильно домой. Где вас ждать будет не каменный то пол а своя кровать и еда . Вы сами себя уничтожаете понимаете ? Какой же смысл покидать свой дом ради митинга на трассе какой смысл устраивать весь этот цирк с перекрытием трассы если даже дворнику понятно то что вы пойдете домой рано или поздно . Получается порча имущества , бездомность , и голод и все это ради !? Того… Read more »

Ben (Ken)
Ben (Ken)
8 February, 2021 4:15 am

Although it is common to say “die Vergangenheit aufarbeiten” (“to reappraise the past”) in verb form, but Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung (“reappraisal of the past”) is rather rarely used as a noun; more common is Vergangenheitsbewältigung (“coming to terms with the past”). The daily virtue terror of the Jewish manipulated leftist intellectuals is legendary, already the few still German pupils hear nothing else than “right is evil”, “right is Nazi”. Google times “against right”, no, not “right-wing extremism” or “right-wing radicalism”, only alone against right is something that is considered “morally decent”. Although it requires a left and right side in their fake parliaments (“Hand is washed only by hand, if you want to take, so give”, Goethe), “opposition against left” in ZOG-FRG is prinipally disreputable and undesirable. They obviously have also no… Read more »

8 February, 2021 6:42 am

That’s exactly it.

What the Jews advertise about the denationalized and racially unconscious “Germans” is the broken will of a once great nation to will and serve the Jews. This is what she transfigures to “maturity and enlightenment”. These feminists also declare in public how proud they are of their “manginas”.

In truth, they despise them like a master despises a servant. Men are unpersons for feminists, useful made objects. And peoples are unpeoples for the Jews. There is something repulsive and disgusting about this person’s arrogant look. Like ticks, they suck the blood of their hosts.

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
Reply to  Ben
9 February, 2021 12:51 am

Dude, femenism is an army for matriarchy on a cultural and religious level.
These are not just mongrels.
humanity has always been divided into two halves, male and female, just like brains. Then what happened was that the right half of the brain decided to just hush up the left. Matrirhat is an abyss cult of Isis for example. .Goddess mother forget that you are a man, the main mother in this world.
Mother is the source of love, peace, nature. You are nothing without her! etc. there is no man here, there is a eunuch slave.
They are simply playing on the natural desire of women’s groups to gain more power. This is all an abyss because there is no childbirth without a woman.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
8 February, 2021 8:47 am

Indeed so! The LAST word!

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
8 February, 2021 1:03 pm

Douglas: Your article on “Germans have a word for it” is on the edge of optimism, but I see the USA (Amerika) too far down the tube of Bolshevism to recover. The Amerika White does not see what the Germans saw/see. Germans today see/question Alfred Schaefer, Ursala Haverbeck, Sylvia Stotz and the GR8st of them all since 1945, the late Ernst Zundel. Europe in the early 1940’s saw the well disciplined, mannered German soldier, and then the looting, raping, killing Allied soldier. We in Amerika only got the jew lies of the soldiers. Your story of present day jews inspires, but how many Amerikans read it? Germany was changed 180 degrees in 1945. Many Germans see that sharp angle and question it. We in Amerika see a slight curve of… Read more »

Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
11 February, 2021 8:43 am

They do indeed and post links globally so people know what the best Americans are like.

8 February, 2021 6:23 pm

“I hope the German language has a word for “No thanks; how about you die instead?”

“Juden raus” comes to mind.

Reply to  JM/Iowa
13 February, 2021 12:15 am

Why not “Nichtmenschen raus” instead?

After all, it’s hard to be real and good, when everything is fake and bad.

9 February, 2021 12:31 am

I think we should worry about them less, think of them no more, let them do what they want to do. And we go on with our lives, be kind to each other, do goodwill to your kin, your brother, your people and slowly bring them back home. How can we do that when we are feeling displeased, pushing them away. I rather be meek than cause a furor when violence only begets violence. But then again let’s not do what is right, but deep down inside we all want to belong to our group, our race. I believe we have disappointed them as they have disappointed us, and the division runs deep.

Oppressed Nolonger
Oppressed Nolonger
11 February, 2021 12:11 pm

what places her in the world do the Jews currently reside, where do they concentrate themselves? Is there much divide (naturally occurring or artificial) a difference between the more orthodox of them then their counterparts? Are they merely spead out around the world? I once heard a person of Jewish heritage (who no longer remains part of the faith/religion and married outside his heritage to a European btw) say they have no real homeland, that all have been dispersed and that some of his own wanted a sort of “Fatherland” to call their own. Any viable research into this?

Reply to  Oppressed Nolonger
13 February, 2021 2:36 pm

Greetings oppressed. They cannot live amongst themselves and their own hateful beliefs. They have a Jewish homeland in Israhell and in the state that Stalin created for them in the former JewSSR but why would anyone want to live there unless they are escaping from justice. They have enough money to buy several countries but then everyone else would leave.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Truthweed
17 February, 2021 7:23 pm

their jewish filth that don’t belong on this planet
your point?

Julius Streicher Jr.
Julius Streicher Jr.
16 February, 2021 3:39 am

Auf Deutsch: Jew-heit.

Victor Arminius
Victor Arminius
17 February, 2021 12:07 am

The powers that be are determined to wipe out “Whiteness” to use their own term. Even Nancy Pelosi said the capital hill “insurrectionists” chose their “Whiteness” over America’s democracy! Look, there can no longer be any doubt. They have told you front and center to your very face that they hate “Whiteness” and are prepared to wipe it out as they consider it the number one threat to the United States far above ISIS and al-Qaeda! What more evidence do you need? The U.S. is no longer us! It has become a Frankenstein’s monster that has turned on its creator. Get off the USS Titanic before she drags you to the bottom with her!

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
17 February, 2021 7:11 pm

excellent piece here.

i didn’t think my blood could ever boil again as it did in the past, as i am now beyond “jaded”….but here it is.

when oh when will we once and for all be free from the filthy necrosis of these repellant Jew/Kike swine?

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
Reply to  mortal goyal
16 March, 2021 5:24 pm

Yes, these were inspiring words.