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Should Lauren Southern Be Married?

Plus, the story behind the pretty face

by Andrew Hamilton

THE QUESTION in the title applies to all young White women roughly Lauren Southern’s age. (She’s 22.) I’m playing off her recent YouTube video “Why I’m Not Married” (November 23, 2017; 315,000 views) because it offers a useful hook.

Southern is one of several articulate, conservative young women who have popped up as minor Internet celebrities on YouTube since Donald Trump’s presidential campaign began. The women are typically in their late teens or early twenties, attractive, and possess unusual poise.

They ordinarily express “alt-lite” or mildly “alt-right” views, placing them in a tiny minority vis-à-vis the Establishment and the general public whose views it molds, though they are not White racialists — Southern certainly is not. They are not the equivalent of the young Swedish singer Saga when she burst upon the scene with her Skrewdriver cover songs in 2000. Saga exuded the same sort of talent and sex appeal, but was genuinely radical and pro-White.

The women have elaborate wardrobes; you rarely see them dressed the same way twice. Their makeup is good, and they do quite a bit of international travelling in connection with their activism and YouTube videos.

Lauren Southern is probably the most prominent of them and possibly the first, apart from Red Ice Radio’s photogenic Lana Lokteff — if she was publicly visible before Southern. Lokteff seems to be genuinely alt-right.

Lauren Southern appeared out of nowhere in early 2015. Born in a Vancouver suburb in western Canada, she attended college for two years but did not obtain a degree. She ran unsuccessfully for public office in Canada as a Libertarian, has been featured in many online videos, engaged in public speaking and street activism, and has written a self-published book.

Ezra Levant

The talent scout responsible for her rise to prominence is Ezra Levant. Levant is a Jewish Zionist-neoconservative activist, part of a low profile group of similarly-minded Jews and philo-Semites around the world.

This comparatively small (as far as I can tell), shadowy, insurgent cabal exploits patriotic White sentiments while being anti-White in practice. It is pro-Jewish, pro-Israel, anti-Muslim, pro-homosexual, promotes and instigates Middle Eastern and Eastern European wars against people Jews hate, and subtly (that is, more subtly than the Establishment) pushes multiracialism in historically White nations.

A young alt-lite YouTube personality’s elaborate makeup routine, step by step.

Southern was an employee of Levant’s Toronto, Canada-based counter-jihad website The Rebel Media for two years before leaving in March 2017.

In “Going Independent” (March 9, 2017; 515,000 views) she said she couldn’t speak directly about her reasons for leaving Rebel, but indicated she had a desire to present “honest and unfiltered” stories and opinions that can’t be bought “with a paycheck or a condescending look.”

A secret recording of Levant made by his former employee Caolan Robertson, a homosexual, supposedly indicates that Southern was fired for refusing to tape a fundraising appeal for The Rebel’s Israel trip after the fundraising targets had already been met. Levant denies this and other unrelated allegations and is suing the homosexual.

Besides Southern, other former employees of Levant’s website whose names readers might recognize include Faith Goldy, the Jew Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes, and Jack Posobiec. Still on the payroll is former English Defence League head Tommy Robinson of Britain.

In other words, neoconservative counter-jihad activist and propagandist Ezra Levant and his Rebel Media, founded in Canada in 2015, is the progenitor of a large segment of today’s “alt-lite.”

Why I’m Not Married”

Lauren Southern has received much criticism from online commenters for advocating on behalf of marriage and family while remaining unmarried and childless herself. She should have a husband and several children by now these people say. Of course, most of the critics are doubtless also childless.

In a similar vein Nick Griffin, former head of the British National Party now with the Europe-based Alliance for Peace and Freedom (Griffin is married and has four children and several grandchildren), writes of these alt-lite women:

There are very good reasons for being concerned over the current marked trend for young women to become ‘spokespersons’ for a movement explicitly concerned with the survival of European peoples and the civilisation they produced — especially at the very time when they are at their most fertile and, if they are true traditionalists, should be setting an example and doing what nature primarily designed them to do, namely settling down with a good young man and having children.

As Griffin’s remarks suggest, other young online alt-lite/alt-right female personalities have been subjected to the same criticism as Southern. Several have attempted to respond to the reproach.

Southern felt a need to address such comments because they were so plentiful:

I’m still trying to figure this out myself. I’m 22 years old, and that may seem old to some hardcore traditionalists — I should have seven kids by now or something.

But the reality is we’re living in a very different age, and a lot of us who are on the more conservative end of things are longing for an age we’ve never lived in. We’re trying to recreate something that we never grew up being taught or understood.

We’ve been inundated with so much Marxist propaganda, we’ve been inundated with so much anti-relationship, anti-man, anti-marriage propaganda, that it’s hard for us to recreate this thing. It’s hard for us to understand how to do relationships properly.

I’m figuring it out myself, and I want to bring you along on that journey of asking questions and looking at statistics and taking the piss out of the hardcore feminists, and making fun of the silly things that they do.

But the reality is that I’m going to fail, people are going to mess up. Maybe I will end up a crazy cat lady when I’m thirty. I hope that doesn’t happen, and I’m going to fight for that not to happen, and work really hard to make my relationships work.

And I’m going to try to help other people do that, too. Like I said, I’m 22, and we’re all trying to figure this out.

Certainly she is biologically old enough to marry and have children. Scarlett O’Hara in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind was married at age 16, and a mother and widow by age 17. (It is clear from the novel that Scarlett was too immature, conceited, and self-centered to function adequately as a wife or mother at that age.) Ideally, many White women who have reached Lauren Southern’s age would be married and bearing children just as they did in the past. Indeed, it is probably vital for racial survival at this point.

But as Southern correctly points out, it is not easy. Her remarks do not even touch upon topics like divorce, the anti-family meddling of the state, whether young White couples can afford to have large families (or any family at all), and the unrivalled power of totalitarian governments and the controlled media to socialize children away from healthy racial, cultural, and moral norms and instincts in violation of natural family and community values. In addition there is the problem of finding what Nick Griffin calls “a good young man,” because that end of the equation is thoroughly bollixed up as well.

The idea should not be to guilt-trip young Whites, male or female, over whether they are presently married or have children, although some degree of social pressure is probably necessary.

There are profound underlying social reasons why we are in the predicament we’re in. Sociologist C. Wright Mills stated:

The knowledgeable man in the genuine public is able to turn his personal troubles into social issues, to see their relevance for his community and his community’s relevance for them. He understands that what he thinks and feels as personal troubles are very often not only that but problems shared by others and indeed not subject to solution by any one individual but only by modifications of the structure of the groups in which he lives and sometimes the structure of the entire society. (The Power Elite, 1956)

Anyone, childless or not, can fight effectively for our race and for healthy values. We need all the help we can get. Jews, the controlled media, and officialdom routinely target sweethearts, parents, spouses, children, and other family members of White dissidents as part of their scorched earth policy against our people and against normality. Leftists recognize those they hate as being vulnerable through their families. (Of course, the same practice could be applied in reverse. Indeed, everything Jews do to us could be done to them. Let that thought sink in.)

The main point is to foster awareness and understanding among Whites of the profound importance of marriage, reproduction, and rearing children in a strong, healthy family environment. The racial and mathematical implications of the failure of the population to reproduce, and to successfully pass on its racial, familial, cultural, and communal traditions and values to succeeding generations far into the future, must be made intellectually explicit and internalized.

Having children and families must become strongly aspirational for most, the norm to be reestablished and maintained against Jews, the Left, government, and everybody else motivated by hatred of our people.

Already there has been some progress in this regard. Demographic realities and the importance of family and children among White racialists formerly received short shrift within the movement despite its overwhelming importance. But this is beginning to change. Hopefully the trend will continue and strengthen.

Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff

Although I am referring primarily to intellectual awareness, it is possible to cite specific examples. Red Ice TV’s Lana Lokteff and husband Henrik Palmgren recently had a child.

Simultaneously with their doing so, Jews, government, and racist megacorporations launched the latest attack on freedom of speech as part of a plot to permanently silence and disenfranchise Whites and prevent a future Trump-style upset election that might conceivably elevate a genuinely pro-White candidate to office.

This massive censorship has seriously jeopardized the Palmgrens’ ability to support or grow their young family, not to mention unlawfully deprived all of us of our fundamental rights. It is a vivid demonstration of the myriad ways in which social factors continually impinge negatively upon White family formation.

Peter Brimelow with wife Lydia and their daughter Felicity

Though not a racialist per se,’s Peter Brimelow, who has five children from two marriages, including three daughters by his attractive second wife Lydia (his first wife died), is a role model in this regard. (Lydia is too, of course.)

So that is the general situation.

As far as Lauren Southern specifically is concerned, she should not have children, and Whites should not browbeat her over the issue.

She has stated that she is of Danish descent and, more specifically, “I’m Danish and a mix of a bunch of western European countries. A little bit of Iberian in there too.” But in a 2015 tweet at the start of her public career with Rebel Media she clearly signposted that she is half Jewish: “Jewish people are still recovering from the holocaust, my grandparents escaped the Nazi’s [sic] in Denmark & lost everything.”

Assuming this is true, Southern should not be expected to be unabashedly pro-White. Though Whites are frequently out-and-out philo-Semites, Negrophiles, pro-Amerindian, -Mestizo, -Arab, and every other race under the sun except their own, no Jew has ever been unconditionally pro-White. Indeed, the vast majority of them are full of hate. At least Southern does not exhibit that trait as far as I know.

Anyway, assuming her signposting is true, Southern should not reproduce, especially with a White man. There’s too much one-way gene flow in that direction, given the thousands of Portnoys in Hollywood, New York, Washington, and elsewhere. Jews and Whites should never racially mix, and hybrids should be rejected as potential members of the Aryan community and gene pool.

If Southern wants to marry, she should marry a Jewish man and have no children. There are too many Jews on the planet already. Jewish non-reproduction would be a blessing to humanity and reduce the overall global population.

A secondary criticism of Southern and other women is that their contributions are flawed because they are female: “No matter how honest her heart and her intentions, Lauren is a woman and will therefore act as such. They are brought on board or invite themselves through their physical appeal and stay if there is a constant supply of attention.” “Is Lauren Southern A Brave Culture Warrior Or Merely Profiting Off Male Thirst?

It is difficult to take this argument seriously. From a purely psychological and marketing standpoint it is smart to have attractive young people, especially women, as advocates for your cause, assuming they are committed and sincere. In addition, a revolutionary movement, which ours of necessity is, must skew young. (Note, however, that Southern and the other women alluded to are not revolutionaries. Most of them are alt-lite.)

More than good looks and youth are involved. These women also contribute valuable substantive insights and engage in useful activism and education.

Southern has made a number of other videos pertaining to marriage and family. She also skewers feminists, a closely related topic.

I don’t mean to imply that most of her videos, or the videos of other young women, primarily discuss such subjects. Many are political (in the broad sense). But these kinds of videos are central to the racial predicament because society has wobbled so insanely off course.

On average, Southern’s videos are not long, making them easy to watch without consuming too much time. Here are just a few of them.

What Every Girl Needs to Hear” (May 5, 2017; 816,000 views) is the video she currently highlights on her YouTube homepage. It provides good advice; I don’t know why any non-Leftist would object to it.

The Consequences of ‘Trading Up’” (July 13, 2017; 653,000 views) (a joint appearance with Brittany Pettibone, another member of the alt-lite female brigade who makes her own videos but frequently appears with Southern as well) and “Millennials are Being Set Up for Loneliness” (October 15, 2017; 295,000 views) (also with Pettibone).

Not all of Southern’s YouTube videos are static camera monologues of the sort conservatives and right-wingers habitually do. “How To Be Single” (November 22, 2017; 189,000 views) is comical and satirical. It hints at a certain level of money and professionalism; there is an unseen cameraman, not to mention above-amateur editing, lighting, musical soundtrack, and so forth. I assume it was scripted, at least loosely, before being shot.

One video I recommend that everybody watch, only three minutes long, is “City Women VS Marriage & Kids” (November 20, 2017; 96,000 views). Southern asks random people on the streets of London, some colored but mostly White, primarily but not exclusively women, but none old, which they would prefer: children or a dog, marriage, or a Netflix account.

As you can probably guess, the responses are not encouraging. She comments, quite understandably, “This video started out really fun, but now I’m just depressed.” It is an accurate snapshot of our mindless, completely irresponsible society.

Historically, human reproduction took care of itself. Today it no longer does, thanks in large part to totalitarian regimes and cultures that deliberately and systematically target marriage and the family for destruction.

Finally, I’ll end with a point she makes about persuasion, derived from her own upbringing.

My father was rather right wing, but he never forced any of his opinions on me. He just asked me questions that I couldn’t answer. . . . I’d be stumped so hard because all I thought about before were the pretty pictures painted for me and not the important question that would ruin them. . . . It was always questions being asked that changed my worldview and never things I was told to believe. I definitely plan on raising my kids the same way (when I have them!).

Watch some of her videos and you will see her employing the same technique with Leftists and ordinary people on the street. In a world whose ruling class is determined to twist people’s minds, parents might consider employing the same approach with their own children. It is not always wise to clobber people over the head because their views differ. Would somebody get you to change your mind on an issue — much less alter your entire worldview — by doing that?

* * *

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1 December, 2017 3:36 am

Marriage? I never cared for that word. In the natural world it’s cohabitation, which is based on food, clothes, shelter and reproduction.

The unknowing couple walks into the courthouse to buy a marriage license. First red flag is ‘license’. The instant the license is bought, the marriage enters into a contract with the state. Stay out of the courthouse.

If Lauren Southern chooses to wage war on nature, she will be defeated.

Reply to  cc
24 August, 2019 9:06 pm

There is a tweet by Southern in which she states that she “has a Jewish heritage” but she is Swedish & Danish. There is even a pic of her wearing a hat with the Denmark flag. In other words she’s not biologically Jewish.

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
4 December, 2017 2:35 pm

Very good article. Objective and rational.

6 December, 2017 7:12 am

Lauren Southern doesn’t quite say that her grandparents were Jews. She only implies it. There could be motives for doing that, other than truthfulness.

Some months ago I posted a request for clarification on her Twitter page. I never did see a response.

She doesn’t really come across as a Jew to me. I tend to think that she was being deliberately misleading about that. But I do find her safe libertarian blather annoying.

10 December, 2017 12:13 pm

Dumb question. OF COURSE she should be married… to me!

Uncle Cracker
Uncle Cracker
Reply to  Jeff
17 December, 2017 2:54 am

She is a mudshark.

Reply to  Jeff
25 June, 2019 2:04 pm

Lauren southern just got married.

Bruno D.
Bruno D.
10 December, 2017 12:48 pm

Lauren Southern was a fake person

17 December, 2017 2:42 am

Lauren Southern is a Jew, that’s why she never mentions them in any of her videos. She’s also pro-Israel and had a history of dating non-whites. It’s all on YouTube.

17 December, 2017 3:14 am

Lauren (((Southern))) exposed.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
17 December, 2017 9:47 am

Based upon the limited information available–in this society, we have to make operational decisions based upon very imperfect information–I assume that Lauren Southern is part-Jewish (probably half) and that her financial support comes primarily from the Jewish counter-jihad network–not White “beta cuck” Internet fans. I would modify these assumptions if other evidence becomes available. In addition to her anti-Muslim propaganda, she has strictly avoided, as far as I know, any endorsement of White racialism in even its mildest forms, never mind criticized Jews or Jewish power. I have not watched enough of her videos to know whether she produces blatantly philo-Semitic or Zionist material. As for the “mudshark” allegation, I am profoundly unimpressed by it. Suffice it to say, if she is part-Jewish as I assume she is, I have… Read more »

17 December, 2017 3:23 pm
We cannot allow people like (((her))) to be in our movements, let alone lead them. In this vid she clearly has non-white, Muslim boyfriends. She is controlled opposition. Dr. P would never have promoted this garbage!

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  Mark
17 December, 2017 4:37 pm

This guy’s videos about Lauren Southern contain little in the way of meaningful evidence. There are a few items in them that are useful, but basically I don’t find him helpful. However, shortly after writing my post this morning I did find a 12-minute video by Southern that is on point. Oddly, I was not searching for it, and was not doing research about her at all, but found it anyway. It was uploaded on November 26, 2016–a year ago. She says she took an Ancestry DNA test and describes the results. She shows some screen shots from it as well. I’m not familiar with this company’s reports, and can’t tell to what extent region of origin is being reported vs. ethnic origin. A heading does say “Ethnicity Estimate.” According… Read more »

8 January, 2018 6:48 pm

“…assuming her signposting is true, Southern should not reproduce, especially with a White man.”

“If Southern wants to marry, she should marry a Jewish man and have no children. There are too many Jews on the planet already. Jewish non-reproduction would be a blessing to humanity and reduce the overall global population.”

I agree! 6 million percent.

28 July, 2018 1:22 am

Freaking idiots telling her to mate with a Jew, when she likely isn’t Jewish, and if she was – then there would be more Jewish children, which you so fear. Dumb goys! If she was Jewish, and mated with a ‘white’ man (whatever that means), it wouldn’t matter, because Jewish is NOT a “race”, as proven by DNA testing. Being Jewish is a tribal mentality, and regular Jewish people are used by the elite satanic ‘jews’, to hide behind, and as scapegoats. The “protocols of zion” explicitly state that the elite ‘jews’ deliberately create anti-Semitism towards their “lesser brethren” to manage them, hide behind them and as scapegoats. Regular Jewish people, who are mentally enslaved by the tribal mentality that being Jewish is, have nothing to do with the international… Read more »

Franklin Ryckaert
Franklin Ryckaert
Reply to  Pharmer
28 July, 2018 2:12 am

That 10% “Iberian Peninsula” in her DNA might be Sephardic Jewish. I always found her Jewish looking. Here is a picture of hers without artificially blonde hair :comment image

I will believe in her bona fides if she will openly say that it is the Jews who are behind the White Genocide Project by means of mass non-white immigration, forced integration and suggested miscegenation.

BTW, Faith Goldy is also Jewish (in her case probably 100%) and she is openly pro-Israel.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  Franklin Ryckaert
28 July, 2018 9:06 am

I have not seen any evidence that Faith Goldy is Jewish or part Jewish. Wikipedia (unfortunately a Jewish-“curated” source) says her real name is Faith Julia Goldy-Bazos, that she is a Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Christian, and of Ukrainian and Greek descent. There is a substantial Ukrainian minority in Canada. I am not real familiar with her videos, tweets, and writings. But what I have seen of them does not reinforce the Jewish hypothesis. Like many nonconformists she has been blocked from some important Internet platforms by Jewry and harassed by its disciples. As for Lauren Southern, I have learned a lot more about her since I wrote this article. She is a unique and impressive individual. If Jewish, I am certain she is only part Jewish. She does not… Read more »

Dick Zuckerburg
Dick Zuckerburg
6 October, 2018 10:51 pm

What Lauren and her friends are talking about is the latest Muslim invasion of Europe. If Enough Muslims are living in Britain within the next 2 generations there may be more Muslims born in Britain than Christians. If Britian remains a democracy then then evenually the majority of voters there will be Muslim, and Islam will take over this country. There is negative population growth among Middle Class Western Europeans. This would be a good thing because the earth is overpopulated, however the populaton of the worlds poor people is growing exponetially . If this continues it could ruin our planet. And many countries that are now nice places to live will become s-_- hole countries. If Lauren does not meet a man she wants to marry and breed with,… Read more »

Mike Mullis
Mike Mullis
8 October, 2018 6:03 pm

What does it matter if Southern is Jewish, part Jewish or part Mongolian? Its what she says that matters. She is not likely to say that Jews are behind White Genocide because to do so would mean being deplatformed, and in some countries, jailed. She can only hint at these things. For example, she did do a video praising the author of The Creature from Jekyl Island, andf she did travel to South Africa to highlight Jew derived White genocide. Btw, genetics cannot reveal a persons ‘ethnicity’. Ethnicity relates to culture. A person can aquire, or change, his or her ethnicty over time.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  Mike Mullis
8 October, 2018 9:55 pm

From the standpoint of preserving the existence of the White race–the first necessary step–knowing who is White and who is not is always of primary importance. Anyone who has studied the subject in depth or for a long time also knows that whether somebody is Jewish or part Jewish is important to know. Jews are not White. It is true that if Southern steps out of line she can be silenced, fined, or jailed. But her videos have nothing to do with highlighting “the Jews behind White genocide.” I don’t think her mind even works that way, or is capable of doing so. I saw the G. Edward Griffin interview you mention. He’s an old time fixture of the John Birch Society. (He looks and sounds amazing for an 85-year-old.)… Read more »