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by David Sims DURING THE EARLY years of the Soviet Union, a People’s Commissar for Justice (similar to an Attorney General) named Nikolai Krylenko—who, oddly enough, wasn’t Jewish—met with someone accused of a crime, Mikhail Yakubovich. Speaking to Yakubovich, Krylenko said: “I…
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IS EZRA the Jew — Ezra Levant of alt-lite outlet “Rebel Media” — at it again? As you can see from this whois page, the domain name was registered in May 2017, more than a year ago. It must be true what they say that Jews always keep their suitcases packed, ready for…
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Plus, the story behind the pretty face by Andrew Hamilton THE QUESTION in the title applies to all young White women roughly Lauren Southern’s age. (She’s 22.) I’m playing off her recent YouTube video “Why I’m Not Married” (November 23, 2017; 315,000 views) because it offers a useful hook. Southern…
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