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by David Sims LANA Lokteff of Red Ice TV explains why Lauren Southern’s latest film, Borderless, isn’t complete. Lauren’s focus was on the poor circumstances of migrants who discovered, after arriving, that the glowing promises made by the invasion-pushing NGOs were not fulfilled.…
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by John I. Johnson and National Vanguard correspondents AUSTRALIAN POLITICIAN Pauline Hanson just tweeted: “Today I will ask the Senate to acknowledge that it is okay to be white. “I saw the huge overreaction to @Lauren_Southern’s t-shirt with that message & decided if…
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Andrew HamiltonNews

by Andrew Hamilton THIS IS a short follow-up to my National Vanguard review of Lauren Southern’s independent Internet documentary Farmlands about the plight of Whites in racist South Africa. Farmlands is the first “mini doc” or longer documentary “with high production values” Southern said early…
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reviewed by Andrew Hamilton To be, or not to be: that was the question faced by the Rhodesians, and they did not have the strength of character to choose to be and then to accept all of the implications of that choice. They did not want not to be, but they could not accept what the choice to be entailed, and…
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Andrew HamiltonEssays

Plus, the story behind the pretty face by Andrew Hamilton THE QUESTION in the title applies to all young White women roughly Lauren Southern’s age. (She’s 22.) I’m playing off her recent YouTube video “Why I’m Not Married” (November 23, 2017; 315,000 views) because it offers a useful hook. Southern…
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