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What Self-Preservation Really Means

Our greatest joy is the birth of another White baby; our greatest sadness is the death or miscegenation of even one White and the failure of even one White to replicate himself or herself as much as possible during the short life span given to our kind.

by H. Millard

WE WHITES are a tiny minority on this dark planet. We account for somewhat less than 10% of all humans. More than 90% of all humans are non-White. And, aided by modern mass transportation it seems as though the 90% of humans who are non-White all want to come to the lands occupied by Whites. This presents an existential danger to Whites like we’ve never seen before. The very presence of non-Whites in lands with Whites has resulted in non-Whites attacking and killing Whites in record numbers — but even without the direct killing of our kind, the presence of non-Whites leads to miscegenation and the turning of White family lines — and then cities, and then nations — non-White. Miscegenation by Whites infects Whites with non-White genes and slowly destroys the great White genome.

This is part of the eternal gene wars that we as Whites must be aware of and which we must consciously and intentionally fight in order to continue to exist.

Whites need to practice self-preservation, but we need to do it with an understanding that self-preservation also means group preservation. Why? Because the “self” that you are preserving is more than just your body that will will age and die in an eye-blink as cosmic time is reckoned.

So if you are going to die in a few years, what’s the point of your self-preservation and your survival for the few years you have to be alive? The point is that you need to preserve your body because you (yes, you) are a carrier of the White DNA code and whole White civilizations can be born from you. You are important even if you don’t know it. And your importance is found in the fact that you can breed and make many more Whites.

Nature screams out to you that you must make more like yourself; that you must breed true; that you must pass on your DNA code and in such a way that it results in children that are much like you. This means you must only marry and breed White. But what good does that do if there are no other Whites around to mate with you or your children? Nature’s seeming command for you to act for self-preservation is more than just simple egoism: It also spawns, at least in its effects, racial altruism in the sense that for you to survive long term, you must help other Whites survive and breed to their fullest capacity.

The more pure Whites there are in existence, the greater the probability that you, in the form of your DNA code, will be carried far into the future — and not just rot in the grave. If your DNA code lives on in your children and descendants past the physical death of your body, you live on.

Here’s one of the most important things you must know and live: The “group” that you belong to is not “all of humanity” and not everyone in your country; your group is your White race. Period.

Oftentimes people get confused about their identity and consider themselves part of a group that is not really part of their essential identity. So, for example, some will say that they “don’t see color” and all Americans are part of their identity. Big mistake. Some others may define it too narrowly and say their identity is only their immediate self or family. Thus, for example, we saw many Americans of German descent, with brains twisted to these false ideas of one’s identity, go to kill their cousins in Germany — and even think of them as “beasts” unlike themselves, when they were actually very closely related.

Our true identity lies in the uniquely White parts of our DNA code — and our true identity stops with the White parts. If another person is truly White and if you are truly White you share the same identity.

What about this notion, as stated above, that our purpose in living is to make more like ourselves? What does Nature tell us about this? Well, the clearest examples may be found in the insect world where certain wasps, as just one example, emerge from their eggs, immediately mate and then die. Their whole purpose in being born was to make more like themselves. We are not wasps, of course, and we are given more time to mate and make more like ourselves and also to do much more in our lives before we die, but the point is made that it is Nature’s way for living things to replicate — to use their time, and the time given to them for their kind, to make more like themselves in the manner set for their kind — and, in doing so, to not just make a one to one replacement but, in the particular nature of our kind, to multiply oneself by having as many offspring as possible.

Our nation, our religion, our loyalty, our ethics, our lives, our everything are all subsumed under the heading Whiteness before all else. We ask of everything: Is this good for White people and the great White genome? We are White breeders. What is always good for Whites is for Whites to make many more new Whites until all worlds teem with our kind… the White Kind.

©2022 H. Millard

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
24 July, 2019 1:03 pm

All this chitter-chatter about “LGBTQ” or “LBGTQ”
is diversionary and a waste of time. Outside of the
political power they wield, largely granted to them
by the Jews, most are harmless.

The real danger are the miscegenators. They threaten
the gene pool with mongrel offspring, and it is the
threat of these half-breed and genetic defectives, that
are a real menace to the existence of Caucasian people.

24 July, 2019 3:41 pm

Natural Selection (survival of the fittest) decides who stays who goes.