Thus Spake The Untermensch


THIS WEEK the Daily Mirror carried an article with this headline: “Britain Stops Taking Stranded Children From Calais Jungle temporarily — Just as Camp is Demolished”

Under the banner accompanying the headline was the photo above.

Whenever healthy White men look upon such a bunch of men set to invade the civilization we’ve built, something is ‘triggered’ and it’s not just the racial cuckoldry which is taking shape, it’s also the sense, and let us be honest about it, that these refugees are simply loathsome trash, it isn’t just their race, it’s simply the way they are too.

Consider the story of these men: They’ve dumped the Women and children of their own kind and fled their land, they march into the lands of people who don’t want them and then throw themselves upon the mercy of White women driven mad by feminism and Marxism. They ingratiate themselves still further with White women and the worst of White men by pretending that they’re simply children who need to be taken care of and nurtured. Hell, even the boats they used to carry them across the sea ran on engines designed by White men and were fueled on diesel the White man learned to refine and produce. Upon arrival they’ll embark upon a life of rape, crime, benefit fraud and general indolence and destructive behaviour.

They’re the living embodiment of the Untermenschen both racially and according to Nietzsche’s use of the term. This is not to suggest that all non-White people are Untermenschen — the Oriental races and higher-caste Indians are respected more than these African and Muslim creatures — but because they have earned it.

According to Nietzsche the modern world is engulfed by an ethical war within which the high, strong, beautiful, noble and pure as represented by the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, was under attack by the slave rebellion of the low, the base, the beggar, the ugly and the weak. In Beyond Good and Evil Nietzsche wrote:

 …the Jews achieved that miracle of inversion of values thanks to which life on earth has for a couple millennia acquired a new and dangerous fascination — their prophets fused ‘rich’, ‘godless’, ‘evil’, ‘violent’, ‘sensual’ into one and were the first to coin the word ‘world’ as a term of infamy. It is this inversion of values (with which is involved the employment of the word for ‘poor’ as a synonym for ‘holy’ and ‘friend’) that the significance of the Jewish people resides: with them there begins the slave revolt in morals.

That’s quite an astonishing statement when we consider the Jewish promotion of transsexualism, the Negro, the homosexual, porn, abortion, and the myriad “ologies” which confuse and confound our people in post-modernity.

A grown man who exists entirely on the ‘goodwill’ of other men, who grovels while pretending to be a child before our half-mad women folk, and the fact these women do not look upon such a creature with absolute disgust and hatred, is slave-morality incarnate.

The idiot leftist points out the supposed ‘crimes’ of European man: We traveled the world enslaving and pillaging, we subdued and conquered, we erected great monuments to our multitude of victories. But by what moral code is being great and powerful a source of shame? And more importantly, why should we give a damn about that moral code?

The slave resents the master, the weak resent the strong, the IQ 70 African whose people can’t even build a railway resents the people who invented the Internet. The nature of their resentment manifests itself by their imposing themselves upon us and then seeking to drag us down to their level. The Paki grooming gang is doing this when they degrade White girls; the Jew is doing this through porn — it’s human, all too human, but what manner of “human”?.

The orc enjoys seeing elves bloodied and naked in the dirt.

They call it ‘equality’ but what is it which is being equalized? If the human norm is a Somalian knife rape gang or a Bangladeshi dole-bum who never dreamed or invented or strove to any kind of greatness beyond that of a beast, then so must all of humanity become in order that we are equal. What is the human norm?

The true poison of slave-morality is that we no longer know who or what we are in a deeper sense, beyond the merely biological. Yet the evidence is all around, just contrast this Beethoven piece, a product of the European Romantic period:

With this daughter of Sweden, gyrating and rapping like a Negress prostitute on meth:

“What is noble? What does the word “noble” still mean to us today? What betrays, what allows one to recognize the noble human being, under this heavy, overcast sky of the beginning rule of the plebs that makes everything opaque and leaden?”

The Jewish media takes in a blond Swedish girl then throws her back at her people transformed into an aggressive, howling African with “sass and ass.” She has joined the slave rebellion which is literally killing her, spiritually and biologically.

Slave-morality is insidious but not invincible: What would Zara Larsson think if she were told: “Good God, Girl, you look and sound like a jungle cannibal, put some clothes on and learn the piano!” What happens when the entire ethos is thrown out? — when the Master awakes, returns, and decides to clean house? We have now reached the point when in Germany a Somalian immigrant with “mental health issues” threatens to kill himself and the local Germans shout, “Yes, do it, you worthless parasite!” And, most importantly of all, those Germans know they are morally right in telling him to do so.

* * *

Source: Morgoth’s Review

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Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
5 November, 2016 1:48 am

That Zara Larsson is pretty easy on the eyes. What a shame that a beautiful white woman like that (if only all women were that beautiful) is degrading her race and culture (notice when she tipped over the Greco-Roman statue, symbolizing the overthrow of western civilization) just for fame and fortune. It makes me respect white nationalist singers like Saga even more. We have to get control of our society back or we are doomed.

Reply to  Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
23 February, 2020 4:08 pm

Greetings Jeremiah. Let’s all openly celebrate Beethoven’s anniversary this year. Turn up the volume!. I’ve played the Emperor Concerto’s slow movement a thousand times, with a piano.