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Singer Killing: Inexcusable Atrocity

John Singer and his family

Introduction and Epilogue
by National Alliance Chairman William White Williams

WHEN A NATIONAL ALLIANCE member who had recently joined our organization on his 18th birthday — we will call him H.J. — told me that he was raised in a Mormon home and had met with disapproval of the Alliance from his parents, I was sympathetic to his problem.

Among other things, I loaned him my personal copy of the 1983 book, Death of an American: the Killing of John Singer. Dr. William Pierce had reported on the murder of Mr. Singer four years earlier in the National Alliance’s monthly tabloid National Vanguard. I thought our young member might benefit from reading this book by seeing how Mr. Singer’s murder by government agents related not just to Singer’s Mormon beliefs and insistence on home-schooling his ten children, but for his having been a member of the Hitler Youth as a child in Germany before emigrating to America after World War 2.

H.J. had already ordered our large format book, The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard (BANV), to learn about the early history of our Alliance from 1970 to 1982 (the book is available here: I asked him if he would transcribe Dr. Pierce’s 1979 review of the Singer book that is on page 152 of BANV so we could share the digital version online with others who may be unaware of that 45-year-old tragedy. He gladly agreed to do so. After reading both the Singer book and Dr. Pierce’s earlier account of the murder H.J. emailed this to me:

What a tragic story. John Singer’s and Vickie Singer’s determination to keep their children morally clean is amazing to see. I couldn’t help from asking myself how far I might go in the same situation. Unfortunately they had misguided religious beliefs, though their family seems much healthier than the average. I wonder if John Singer really was hostile to National Socialist Germany as the authors insist that he was?

It is doubtful that John Singer ever changed his racial beliefs, which were reinforced during his youth in Germany. The authors of Death of an American, David Fleisher and David M. Freedman, probable Jews, gave that impression to their readers with their account:

John Singer remains a paradox: born in Brooklyn, he was forced by his father to go to Nazi Germany as a child, and then as a teenager fled back to America with a hatred for authoritarianism and an uncompromising desire for freedom; he was a man both prejudiced and generous, a polygamist and a loving family man, a non-conformist and a fierce believer in basic values, a devout Mormon who was excommunicated for his rigorous application of its teachings…

Dr. Pierce knew better than those biased authors; Singer opposed homosexuality and racemixing as “morally unclean” — the reason he pulled his children from the public schools to teach them his own values. Here is Dr. Pierce’s account, written 45 years ago.

* * *

Singer Killing: Inexcusable Atrocity
by Dr. William L. Pierce

SOMETIMES A SINGLE incident occurs which is so poignant and outrageous that it symbolizes the evil of the System we live under more vividly than any report about a major social or economic problem. Such was the killing of John Singer by police in January.

John Singer was born in New York City 47 years ago. Soon afterward his parents took him to Germany, just as Hitler was coming to power. John joined the Hitler Youth and stayed in Germany until he was 17.

When he came back to America Singer joined the US Marines. Later he moved to a high mountain valley in northern Utah, in order to get “away from the evils and complexities of modern society,” as he explained it. He built a log farmhouse and outbuildings on a three-acre homestead and lived there for more than two decades, working mainly as a television repairman. Singer took a wife, Vickie, and they had seven children.

In 1973 he took his children out of the local public school, which tolerated drugs, defended homosexuality, and promoted racial mixing. He objected strongly to a textbook used by the school which featured pictures comparing George Washington and Negro “civil rights” leader Martin Luther King. Singer condemned racial mixing as evil.

“The main issue,” Singer said last year, “is that I want to keep my children morally clean.”

He built a small, red schoolhouse on the homestead, where Vicki taught the children.

State officials demanded that the children be given tests, which found them “behind” academically. But the officials also reported a “family with the father as a strong, vigorous patriarch who has the full support of his wife and the genuine support, love, and respect of his children.”

The Singers were proud of their self-sufficiency and craftsmanship. Their farm has its own, independent water system, and heat comes from wood and coal-burning stoves. Their orchards and gardens provide an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and livestock. “We have a root cellar, a store of wheat, a small flour mill, and a beautiful organic vegetable garden,” Singer said.

The children were talented, beautiful, and creative. Fourteen-year-old Heidi, the oldest, was adept at jewelry and leatherwork. Suzanne, 11, was an accomplished painter. Timothy, 12, had built a sturdy wood cabin in the back yard by himself.

“You must let a child’s talents run free,” Singer had said. “They do not do this in the public schools.”

The Singers defied state officials who demanded that the children be kept in an “accredited” school. “They are trying to take away our God-given liberty,” Singer said. He ignored the official papers and drove off some policemen at gunpoint who had come to arrest him, posing as newsmen.

“I won’t let the sheriff arrest me,” Singer had vowed. The ex-Marine patrolled the farm with an M-1 rifle, and some of the children were also armed.

One snowy morning last January, as John Singer walked down from the homestead to pick up his mail, eight policemen waited in ambush and surrounded him.

“They tried to get him, and I guess he pulled a gun,” the sheriff told reporters afterwards. “When he did, I guess they shot him.”

John Singer was hit in the back with a shotgun blast and died on the way to the hospital.

The police arrested Vicki and jailed her in Salt Lake City on a contempt charge.

Singer’s aged mother, Charlotte, told reporters she wished she had been there to die with her son. “He wants to raise his children decent, and for that he has to lose his life,” the mother said, weeping. “They murdered him in cold blood.”

Hundreds of outraged citizens telephoned state officials to protest the slaying. The state capitol was evacuated twice because of bomb threats.

Mr. Singer’s body after the shotgun blast to his back. He did not survive.

“Singer tried to place himself above the law,” a county deputy attorney said to reporters. “We must have law, or we will have anarchy.”

In schools across America, White children are beaten, robbed, and terrorized — victims of government-ordered racial mixing. President Carter has offered amnesty to illegal aliens who have broken US immigration laws and successfully evaded arrest.

Convicted killers, rapists, and muggers are released every day on parole to continue their lives of crime. Street gangs terrorize whole sections of major cities.

Public officials are regularly caught taking bribes. Fraud runs rampant throughout the Federal government. Jimmy Carter welcomes mass-murderer Menachem Begin to America.

But John Singer “broke the law.” He wanted to raise his children away from the evil and immorality of a society gone mad. That was a crime for which the System decreed he had to die.

(from National Vanguard Issue No. 67, 1979)

* * *

I found this amazing follow-up to the story from WikiJews: Singer–Swapp standoff – Wikipedia. It shows the extent of some of the nuttiness of Mormon fundamentalism and its consequences after the murder of John Singer — years and decades later. Such decent White people caught up in tragedy! How would the Singer family have fared today had they been Cosmotheists rather than Mormon fundamentalists? — had they not been hampered by kooky Christian beliefs?

In the years since the murder of John Singer much has been revealed about the crazy aftermath. The “Singer-Swapp standoff” article at Wikipedia is informative, but you must read it with the knowledge that Wikipedia is Jew-run and is not sympathetic to the Singer clan.

Similarities of the Singer murder to the murders by law enforcement of Randy Weaver’s wife and son at Ruby Ridge are covered in the 2015 book by famous defense attorney Gerry Spence, who was involved in the aftermath of both cases. In Police State: How Cops Get Away With Murder he covers both the Singer and Weaver murders as well as several similar cases. He states:

I’m a trial lawyer. I make arguments. And I ask questions. I’ve defended the poor, the forgotten, the lost, and the damned for over sixty years in the courtrooms of America. Over my career I’ve shut out a haunting question I wasn’t prepared to face: Are we safe from our own police? Have our police become killers on the loose who cover up their crimes — and too often there’s no one to stop them?

* * *

Source: Will Williams and Best of Attack! and National Vanguard Tabloid

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James Clayton
James Clayton
14 April, 2024 8:45 pm

The deceased according to the instant typically poorly-written these days newspaper article was that the man not even a suspect in a property damage hit and run but simply that he “drove away” from the scene of an accident. His crime was not exiting his vehicle when ordered to do so and threatened with a police dog being set upon him. The deceased was living the 74th year of life and apparently had health issues. There were no allegations of drug or alcohol intoxication as was the case with George Floyd.

The coroner reported the death as a homicide.
[ORANGE COUNTY DA won’t prosecute Santa Ana officers of wrongdoing in death of 73-year-old man bitten by K-9]