Anaheim: Mestizos Terrorize White Neighborhood After Shooting

This is how nations fall, 2017. The crowds of them get bigger and bigger, and the surviving Whites fewer and fewer — until we are helpless, and what today is only intimidation turns into a nightmare of death and depravity. This is the chaos the Jews want. The police are not sinless, either: They are servants of the genocidal System, albeit with only a dim consciousness of that fact, and policing a Third World population requires a Third-World-style police force: Brutal, uncaring, and little different from the gangs it sometimes fights. This is the sick, ugly, violent reality to which Jewish-led “kind, gentle” liberalism inevitably leads. Time for a racial-nationalist revolution.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

A WHITE OFF-DUTY police officer made a citizen’s arrest of a 13-year-old male Mestizo trespasser two days ago — after being goaded over many weeks by the pack behavior, trespassing, and vandalism in his neighborhood after a new skate park had attracted large numbers of non-White “youths.”

The officer detained the 13-year-old (who, along with a few others, was trespassing in the officer’s front yard after being told not to do so days ago) after the youth allegedly said “I will shoot you.” (Later the 13-year-old claimed he had only said “I will sue you.”) A crowd of mostly-Mestizo teens gathered during the long minutes before the police arrived, and during that time some of the youths rushed the off-duty officer in attempt to make him let go, striking him and causing him to trip over a bush. As the crowd circled and he partially regained his balance, the officer pulled his gun and fired a round into the ground. It is not clear if he fired in order to make the hostile crowd back off or if the gun went off accidentally as he tried to fully stand up and simultaneously hold the gun and pull his captive through the bush. See the video of the incident below.

Around 300 angry Mestizo protesters shut down an intersection in Anaheim last night and others invaded the neighborhood where the altercation took place, harassing the residents and even aggressively accosting and following a pair of elderly White women, demanding that they denounce the shooting even though they had no knowledge of it and attempting to get them to make “racist” statements.

Swarming protesters

The home and car of the off-duty officer (who has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation that may lead to charges against him) have now been vandalized by the mob, as have nearby homes of innocent Whites. KTLA reports:

Aerial footage from Sky5 showed protesters swarming the neighborhood near Euclid Street and Palais Road… Protesters also broke the windows of a Anaheim police car, spray-painted a garage door and broke a window at a neighboring house. Wyatt said there were reports of several windows being broken at residences and on cars in the neighborhood where the protest took place for several hours.

The Jews have brought multiracial chaos and violence to our streets. They are ultimately responsible for the anger and tension of the increasingly militarized police as well, and have put these men in an untenable position.

This, or some variation of it, is what they do in every country they have in their grip, because they want to weaken us. When non-Jews are weaker, it makes Jews strong, they reason. But such chaos also brings out the ties of blood that lie latent in all of us. When no one is “right” in the chaotic, centerless, unsafe noyau of modern society, we instinctively stand with our racial brothers and sisters. When the battle is upon us, we do not wring our hands over who “violated the non-aggression principle.” We do not carefully weigh the veracity of who said who did what to whom. No. We cleave to our own. If we are worth more than a dirty Roosevelt dime, we stand with the White people in this racial war that has been forced on us — no matter what. We protect our elderly from the screaming mob. We protect our children from the ever-darkening, roving gangs. We stand up for our brother who is standing his ground in his front yard — even if he is a cop and the cops haven’t always done right by us. It will be our front yard tomorrow. We hear the call of the blood. We join the National Alliance.

The Jews will regret the day they brought the war of all against all to our shores. Because that was the day we began to feel the call of the blood.

* * *

Source: J. Clayton

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James Clatyon
James Clatyon
24 February, 2017 2:25 am
James Clatyon
James Clatyon
24 February, 2017 2:38 am

The LOS ANGELES TIMES newspaper reports that “light strikes” (failure to fire) have occurred but not in the field. The LA Police Department apparently prefers the GLOCK especially for “elite” units including K-9 handlers. In the 30 years since I was a Ranger, I switched to a GLOCK 21 surveyed by the Defense Intelligence Agency and prefer it to arguably sexier handguns promoted by the mass media of so called entertainment.

24 February, 2017 5:02 am

These Mestizo pieces of crap! How bold and aggressive they are towards an elderly White lady who doesn’t even know what the hell they’re talking about! Every little thing she says is met with “Oh, you say it used to be a nice neighborhood? Before the ‘White flight’? Why you so bothered?”… I’m so angry right now that I can barely type this. We Whites Need To Start Coming Together As A People! In Large Groups, Like The “People of Color” Do — And Making OUR Voices Heard Aggressively!!! If not, we are going to keep seeing this kind of thing, the “minorities” all coming together against us, picking us off, harassing us individually, case-by-case, every single time one of theirs comes into conflict with one of ours. We Whites… Read more »

24 February, 2017 9:12 am

They’re turning us into South Africa. Just read an article on all the White farmers murdered there so far this year. One took a blowtorch to the face, a gunshot and then had a plastic bag forced down her throat. Once the White population numbers are sufficiently and irreversibly reduced, the blacks and browns will be turned loose on us. Laws? There will be so many of them in municipal, law enforcement, legal and legislative positions by that time (we haven’t seen anything yet), that laws will be of little or no effect. In aiding and abetting the thugs, non-White authorities won’t really have a choice, because they’ll be driven by instinct to do so, to protect their own, as we all do. After all, blood is thicker than water.… Read more »

21 November, 2018 2:34 am

The video of the incident linked in the article has been removed by Youtube for “violating Community Guidelines”. Whose community?

3 May, 2022 6:48 pm

Yet more validation of my decision not to return to my home state after 8 years military service. “Golden State” indeed. Mexifornia (as Victor Davis Hanson calls it, and wrote a book with that title) is more like it.