UK: White Children Increasingly Live in Poverty

British teachers are now driving poor White parents to food banks to help alleviate malnutrition — but India, which has enough money for a space program, gets aid paid for by White Britons.

LIVING STANDARDS in Britain are so appallingly bad that children are developing rickets and schools are handing out shoes.

Some schools are also doing washing for parents or charging up their phones because the electricity is increasingly cut off for non-payment at home.

Rickets — a horrible disease usually associated with extreme malnourishment — is on the increase, and, as a doctor on the ITV report stated: “You would not expect to see this in a developed nation.”

But despite this, Britain’s Foreign Aid spending was increased to £13.3bn in April. Surely charity starts at home?

How can politicians justify grandstanding on the world stage and shipping out billions in foreign aid when children living in the UK are going hungry?

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Source: WestMonster

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