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The Fraud of Black History

by Dr. William L. Pierce

FEBRUARY, by presidential decree, is Black History Month. That means, more than anything else, that schoolchildren all over America are being given special materials and special lesson assignments designed to raise their consciousness of the great artistic, political, literary, scientific, and philanthropic contributions to human progress made by Blacks throughout recorded history — contributions which need to be emphasized over and above those of Whites and the members of other races, because White racism has distorted and minimized the treatment of Black achievements in the standard history curricula heretofore used in America’s schools. That is the official rationale behind the school-centered activities of Black History Month, and most teachers and school administrators have accepted it without even blinking.

It is a fact, of course, that prior to the civil rights revolution two decades ago, school history texts said very little about Blacks, outside of their role as slaves in the U.S. South prior to the Civil War. But there was a very good reason for the omission: one can’t squeeze blood from a stone or make a silk purse from a sow’s ear — at least, not if one plays by the accepted rules — and one can’t teach schoolchildren about non-existent Black achievements.

Blacks left to their own devices in sub-Saharan Africa prior to contact with Whites and other races simply didn’t do anything worth noting: they never discovered the wheel or the axle, developed writing, learned to smelt metals, or domesticated animals for food. Introduced to the cultures of other races, they adapted some tools and crafts to their own needs, but they showed remarkably little ability to improve them or invent new things on their own. Enslaved, brought to America, and later freed and integrated into White society, they have continued to show as little aptitude for invention as they did in their natural environment.

Those Whites — and others — with a vested interest in the cause of political, social, and economic equality between Blacks and Whites, and those Whites with an emotional or religious need to believe in the intellectual equality of the two races, have made up for this deficiency in recent decades by the simple expedient of deliberately concocting a fraudulent history of Black achievement.

The counterfeiting process began in a relatively innocuous manner with a desperate search for every genuine Black who actually had done something creative or otherwise noteworthy, and then magnifying his achievements to the limit of credibility: Matthew Henson, Admiral Robert Peary’s Black man-servant and valet who accompanied his master on the latter’s Arctic expeditions, was magnified to co-discoverer of the North Pole; George Washington Carver, an agricultural researcher of modest talents who developed several new uses for the peanut, was magnified to a scientific innovator of the first rank; Crispus Attucks, a mulatto who incited a Boston mob against the local British troops in 1770 and was killed in the resulting riot, was magnified to a leader of the American Revolution. This, at least, gave Blacks a few role models of their own race and a source of racial pride, even though the latter was somewhat ill-founded.

Magnification was not enough for the egalitarians, however. They began labeling as “Black” everyone whose ancestors had ever had a passing acquaintance with the tarbrush. Charles Drew, a U.S. physician who served with the Red Cross Blood Bank during the Second World War and is given credit for helping to develop the technology of blood and plasma transfusion, was one of them. Drew, a man of mixed race, had so little Negro ancestry that he was easily able to pass as White.

When Blacks themselves began getting into the counterfeiting act, the results became ludicrous. They discovered, for example, that both Ludwig van Beethoven and Joseph Haydn were Blacks, whose true ancestry had been concealed by White racists; why they failed to claim Mozart and Bach as well remains unknown. One might have guessed that such excesses would embarrass the White and Jewish inventors of Black history, but apparently they didn’t; the counterfeit Black achievers continued to increase in number, but the counterfeiters looked further back in history to find their candidates for a dip into the tar pot — back to an era from which portraits and other tell-tale evidence were less likely to have survived.

BLACK HISTORY POSTER distributed to America's schools by Anheuser-Busch, Inc., portrays Cleopatra as a Negress. Text on the poster says that she is "often erroneously portrayed as Caucasian." Another poster in the Anheuser-Busch series shows the Carthaginian general Hannibal as a Negro. America's teachers shrink from exposing this fraud, from fear of being labeled "racists."

And they looked to the continent of Africa, where they might more plausibly claim that various historical personages were Black. Actually, they usually have been more indirect and devious than that: instead of making explicit claims, they simply have implied that “African” is synonymous with “Black” — a trick which has not been particularly hard to pull off before America’s credulous school-children. Thus, the African civilizations of ancient Egypt and Carthage have become the achievements of Black culture-creators in the lesson materials distributed in the schools during Black History Month.

The hoax reached a new level of effrontery and mendacity recently with the publication of a series of “educational” Black history posters by Anheuser-Busch, Inc. Titled “Great Kings of Africa,” the large, colorful posters, each featuring an African ruler of the past and a few paragraphs of biographical text, have been distributed in thousands of schools all over America. Each ruler is portrayed as a Black, with fully Negroid features and coloring. Among them are Hannibal, the great Carthaginian general, and Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt who won the love of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. The text on Cleopatra’s poster informs the reader that she is “often erroneously portrayed as Caucasian.”

Yes, indeed. One such portrayal of Cleopatra (who, of course, was not Egyptian at all, but Macedonian, and a direct descendant of Alexander the Great’s general and successor, Ptolemy) is her contemporary portrait statue, now in the British Museum.

The real Cleopatra had her image preserved in a portrait statue, now in the British Museum. She was Macedonian, a descendant of one of the generals of Alexander the Great, who conquered Egypt in the fourth century B.C. Unfortunately, America's school children aren't taught enough genuine history to know that.

Perhaps we should not be surprised that America’s big businessmen — Anheuser-Busch is only one of many large corporations which have sponsored Black History Month — have become participants in the fraud. After all, they have never been noted for a sense of social or racial responsibility. Their aim in life is to make money and avoid trouble with the government, and they have learned that catering to minorities at least helps with the latter.

What is deeply disturbing is the abject cowardice of the academic establishment. Every historian worth his salt knows that neither Hannibal nor Cleopatra had the least trace of Black ancestry; and even though the educational level of America’s educators has declined sadly, there are many high school principals and high school history teachers who also know it. Their silence is shameful.

It may seem a small thing, this caving in to the counterfeiters of history, but think what it means: all over America, in every school district in the land, those who have been entrusted with the education of our children have said, in effect, that they will teach lies rather than risk being labeled “racists.” It is a national phenomenon, part of a long-term national trend, and it tells us that the nation is dying. It also tells us that, regardless of the methods we personally may choose to use, we must be on the side of those who have been imprisoned or given their all for our race; we must take up their fight, and, one way or another, we must destroy the evil against which they struggled.

(February 1986)

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  1. Emil Loffler
    11 December, 2010 at 3:42 pm — Reply

    My version of black history here in South Africa? The blacks came here from far north and central Africa, not very long before the white man. They pillaged, raped and murdered the original indeginious people who were the San Khoi-Khoi. Their chiefs used to savagely have their followers murdered in their 1000’s, namely one Chaka. There’s actually a memorial to such an evil creature! School children are led to believe he was a revered leader! The Sharks at Chaka’s Rock on the North coast (naive people think it’s such a nice name) had regular feasts of freshly murdered black subjects, thrown to them from the sacrificial rock. And now the new laid-back South African white has allowed them to pillage, murder, rape and commit all the most serious crimes against us whites. What’s partially (only) holding them back from totally annihilating us is the large slice of our taxpayers money they’ve got heir evil, wasteful hands on, through takeover of the government.
    Emil Loffler.

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  3. Sara Sheppard
    31 July, 2011 at 4:24 am — Reply

    Arabs and Europeans have been in egypt for a long time now. they chopped off the noses of the statues what makes you think they wouldnt change the bodies of the mummies. Come on people wake up Egypt is in AFRICA on the NILE river why would every other civilization be black except egypt. Greeks and Romans were in Egypt they RULED egypt for a period Wake up people!
    Later 1800 White people were eating mummies, we don’t know if these fakes red heads mummies. The real queen Tyi looks black to me, brown skin,,, LOOK UP THE REAL HISTORY

    • 29 July, 2016 at 4:56 pm — Reply

      Black people prior to contact with Whites and other races didn’t do anything worth noting: they never discovered the wheel or the axle, developed writing, learned to smelt metals, or domesticated animals for food. Black people were not intelligent enough to learn how to fight and defend themselves. Every culture that encountered sub-Saharan blacks enslaved them. The Egyptians enslaved black people. Yes there were black people in Egypt; they were slaves. There was one black pharaoh, when Nubia briefly conquered the semitic Egyptians until the Egyptians kicked them out. Read some history books, not your BS Afrocentric fiction.

  4. Sara Sheppard
    31 July, 2011 at 4:34 am — Reply

    The Romans and the Greeks went to African/ Egypt to study , they were not special the Romans/thugs. most of what they knew they got from Egypt. they said it . their architecture was nothing but copies. if you go to Egypt /Africa today you would see the orignals don’t get me started on the Germanic and Anglo tribes they were savages at best.I stand by what I said. prove the African wrong. and yes Europe was in the dark ages until the moors,kemet,gave them civilization.  Go look up the real history,,, YOU ARE WHITE ALBINOS FROM BLACK AFRICAN – WE KNOW WHO YOU GUYS ARE..

  5. Sara Sheppard
    31 July, 2011 at 4:59 am — Reply YOUR WAKE UP CALL

  6. Emil Loffler
    1 August, 2011 at 4:32 am — Reply

    To Sarah Sheppard: I am a white albino from black african? Funny, my grandfather’s surname was Oxley and he was born and brought up in America before making the mistake of coming to this horrible country. And all my other forefathers and Mothers were from Europe, without a drop of black blood in them. I am trapped here because of the huge financial upheaval it would take to get back to a country largely ruled by my kind, whites people of course. Though born here, most of us whites sense the lower intelligence rate of the black and their genetic inability to westernize themselves. They are trying to imitate western ways and values instead of keeping to their own cultural roots and have used terrorism etc., to take over the government. Their efforts to be “white” are backward and only a hindrance amongst our civilized workplaces.

    • Israel
      12 May, 2015 at 10:49 am — Reply

      Your a complete jackass! There is no such thing as “pure whites” Whites are the yougest human population on the planet.
      The oldest are the Africans themselves.
      African and Asians (groups that preceed Europeans) have contributed to the European gene pool, so pure whites? That’s an insane idea.
      But I hope hope you do return to Europe with all of your ignorance, your the best revenge any African could ever hope for.

      • 29 July, 2016 at 5:04 pm — Reply

        You are a complete Jackass and Idiot. All other people on the planet are more intelligent than black people. Black people are the only people in the world that have no Neanderthal DNA. Which means that black people got left behind in the brain department. Neanderthal DNA is what gives the rest of us a larger brain, so black people are the only people on the planet that are not human like the rest of mankind. Sorry to break the news to you.

  7. kohen
    23 August, 2011 at 7:06 am — Reply

    There is no evidence for any innate, genetic low intelligence of African, the problem is poverty , poor quality of education, thousands of years of paganism. Intelligence and the Mind can be elevated by being studious , being a lover of knowledge , the influence of a library and having a lot of professionals as family members. most of these factors are lacking in most black families, once these are reverse black do well i enriched environment.

    • 29 July, 2016 at 5:06 pm — Reply

      Wrong,Black people are the only people in the world that have no Neanderthal DNA. Which means that black people got left behind in the brain department. Many people throughout the world live in poverty but they perform IQ tests at a much higher level than blacks

  8. Emil Loffler
    24 August, 2011 at 8:29 am — Reply

    To kohen: Sorry, I don’t buy that idea, however well meant. A nation of genetically intelligent people develop for themselves without blaming other influences. The blacks here in South Africa have had ample land and opportunities to do so for hundreds of years and never did. They always begged the white man to help and give them jobs etc.,
    and the greatest travesty of all time has been to give them one man vote power. It’s impossibly hard to believe how the white man here ever allowed the unsuitable black nation to rule over them in government.

    • Israel
      12 May, 2015 at 10:53 am — Reply

      Why not return to Europe whwre they pray to a black Jesus?
      I have a question; if whites are superior to the Africans, then why does the Roman Catholic Church pray to a African women and her son? France, Italy, Rome, Spain, Russia, Poland, Austrailia, and on and on. Explain that one thing please and thank you!!

  9. Quanu
    8 February, 2012 at 1:14 pm — Reply

    This piece has no historical or contextual quotes from any scholar. It is just another racists article from a KKK journal by someone pretending to be educated because they can form a sentence.

  10. 29 July, 2016 at 5:10 pm — Reply

    Quanu, let me guess another angry black man. look around the world. Every country that is ruled by black people is a hellhole. African americans are lucky they were enslaved, they live better than any body living in Africa, the truth shall set you free even if it hurts. Black people are the only people in the world that have no Neanderthal DNA. Which means that black people got left behind in the brain department.

  11. Gemjunior
    30 July, 2016 at 2:21 am — Reply

    There are so many black fables about high civilization in Africa and no shortage of blacks desperate to believe in them. It never crosses their mind to wonder why, if they come from such cultural brilliance and exceptional intelligence – there has never ever been even one black country or society where the people have achieved first world status. There’s never been one place where high crime and slaying one another for sport hasn’t been de riguer. I fail to see how ancient Africans could have taught Europeans or anyone else what they’ve never had a grasp on to begin with. Without white western ingenuity none of Africa’s mineral and oil wealth could ever have been extracted, nor could tall buildings ever have been built in South Africa unless there were whites to build them. And these whites were taught architecture by people that have never demonstrated any capability to build beyond a thatched mud hut. The lack of reasoning ability here is astounding. There is a book out called “We can’t go home again” by Prof. Clarence E. Walker, who explains that none of this ever happened and the claim of African kingdoms and black Egyptions is pure fable. He calls it “therapeutic mythology” designed by black people to make themselves feel better and be able to claim that they too come from an illustrious history as those of the Far East, India and Europe. In other words a falsified history with made up holidays and feats of majesty is better than the reality of no history to speak of other than thousands of years of warring tribal kingdoms.

    I’ve gotten to the point now that when I’m challenged on this by an angry black I say “Sure. Yes, the origin of Gothic architecture and Renaissance art is African, taught to the Europeans by African scholars in majestic ivory towers of The Great University of Timbuktu. Umm-humm, yup. Could’ve happened….” LOL SMH. The other day a woman told me that whites steal black inventions such as the telephone and computer. What is frightening is that the majority really do believe this sort of stuff even if there is no evidence of it, and thousands of years of evidence of the opposite – nothing. We Wuz Kangz. Sure ya were.

    • quackademic
      30 July, 2016 at 3:00 pm — Reply

      Throughout most of pre-modern history the contact non-Africans mostly had with peoples hailing from Africa tended to be with those Africans who were of the Black Negroid variety (usually slaves and servants), giving rise to a false assumption in the minds of many, which unfortunately still persists today, that African = Black person. It is further mistakenly assumed by many that since Egypt is in North Africa the ancient Egyptians must therefore have been Black. If only more people took the time to research the racial anthropological composition of the inhabitants of North Africa, both past and present, they’d soon learn that its indigenous Berber speaking peoples have always been primarily of Caucasoid race, just like the Kabyle Berber “French” soccer player Zinedine Zidane, and the palaeolithic period Cro-Magnoid “Afalou” skull found in Algeria, which can be seen by typing in “Afalou” on Youtube.

  12. Scott the Strategerist
    30 July, 2016 at 3:24 pm — Reply

    While I agree w/ everything you say, I don’t think we should try to disabuse Negroes of their mythology. We’re not universalists. We don’t care what they think. For right now, worse is better. BLM is GOOD. NOI is GOOD. The more they’re stirred up, and the more false the premises are, the BETTER it is for us to show to our fellow whites that THEY’RE NOT US.

    It’s also mean. One day I was in the jacuzzi at the gym and got into a conversation with a couple of blacks. One admitted he was in his 40s, unemployed, and was neither married nor had children. (This is what I call a “good black,” to wit, one who isn’t reproducing!) He clearly was of very low intelligence. He mentioned to me that the ancient Egyptians and Israelites were Negroes. Sure, I could have argued with him, but why should I??? If it makes him feel better about himself, then so what? WE SHOULDN’T CARE WHAT THE OTHER RACES THINK! Yes, we need to debunk Afrocentrism, but ONLY FOR OUR FELLOW WHITES. Yes, we need to show how hostile Negroes (or Jews, Arabs, nonwhite Hispanics, etc.) are, but ONLY FOR OUR FELLOW WHITES. Beyond that, let them think whatever they want to think. :)

    • 31 July, 2016 at 2:22 am — Reply

      Scott, I disagree. Everyone should want the truth. By agreeing with black people about their ridiculous beliefs you are perpetrating the lies of Afrocentric propaganda which keeps them from learning the truth about history.

  13. Sylvia
    25 December, 2016 at 4:40 pm — Reply

    Whites have stolen everything and made it theirs. Food, music, land, money, inventions, political positions, and other cultures. The list goes on. You lie to go to war and become wealthier. You are murderers and rapists. You suffer from a mental disease called cognitive dissonance and severe narcissism. You cannot be cured ever. You aten’t even 100% human. You have google. Look it all up.

  14. Les
    26 January, 2017 at 11:34 am — Reply

    I’m white and understand that there are some false claims made by my beautiful black friends. But understand also that whites have colonized the world using the most evil means possible. Black people’s have achieved amazing things throughout their history and that is factual. I would encourage everyone to watch the film Hidden Figures. You would learn that the NASA owes a debt of gratitude due to the minds and talents of 3 black women without whom, they would never have gotten John Glen into orbit. These 3 women, a mathematician, a computer expert and an engineer, served as the brains behind the program. I should think that if whites faced the barriers that blacks have faced, they would be in the same boat as blacks today. Black peoples for hundreds of years during the Atlantic Slave Trade were stripped entirely of anything resembling humanity.

  15. Thomas Plaster
    20 July, 2017 at 7:12 pm — Reply

    As far as this nonsense about all humans coming from an African. It is sheer phantasy, cooked up college teachers (overwhelmingly political LEFT) to make negroes feel good about themselves.

    No one, not one person, has a clue as to how/where/when modern man (homo sapiens) came t0 be on this planet. How some college egg head came up with the idea that, from a skull fragment and leg bone found some distance from one another, all humans stem from that life form ….. is beyond the grasp of any imagination. No one ever saw that creature breed and make another of its kind with some tiny variation, successive generations followed until all modern day humans had been produced. What a crock.

    Radio metric dating is wildly inaccurate and academia has purposely deleted many of the false results that it creates.

    Also, there is no telling how old the earth is beyond, say, 15,000 yrs. It could be of immense age and it just might not be. Or something in between.

    Science has been thoroughly corrupted with LEFTIST politics.

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