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On the Blacks and Their Lies

Just another day in the neighborhood.

by David Sims

YOU CAN’T imagine the nonsense that Political Correctness has some people believing. Or pretending to believe. I’ll try to explain it clearly, difficult though it will be due to the sheer outrageousness of the aforesaid pretenses.

Blacks have always been a race distinguished, very conspicuously, by their violence. Have you heard the expression “chip on the shoulder”? Most Blacks have chips on their shoulders. Blacks aren’t a courageous race; they haven’t produced their share of persons willing to defy long odds for a good cause. Instead, Blacks are savages, always looking to attack someone who can’t fight back, for an excuse to stomp on someone smaller than themselves, or to gang up on someone who is by himself.

That’s why urban areas with a high population density and high Black demographic percentages always, without exception, have higher rates for murder, rape, arson, assault, and robbery than anywhere else. Blacks are violent and crude by hereditary predilection, and no amount of ostensibly remedial socialism will ever change their basic nature.

But Blacks don’t like people noticing the worthlessness of their sadistic inner character, so they manufacture a torrent of lies to explain their violence in ways that make them seem blameless, or, indeed, seem to be victims of oppression.

In 2011, Black leaders in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania came up with one of these self-serving, bogus “explanations” in which, they said, the reason Blacks are so violent is that the media keep calling attention to episodes of Black violence. The theory is that drawing attention to Black crime causes more Black crime to happen, “which draws more attention, which creates more crime. And so on until Black crime is six, ten, 50, 100 times greater than White and Asian crime — where it is today.”

Mind you, this works only with Blacks. Calling attention to the crimes of other races doesn’t seem to have this vicious cycle of positive feedback.

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15 October, 2020 10:52 am

Mr. Sims’ eyes aren’t lying to him, there’s been a tremendous amount of lying going on about Congoids and their propensity for violence and excuse making.

If it weren’t for the Jewed media amplifying the lies and spinning more of their own to buttress them, few would believe it and the problems these savages inflict upon us could be addressed quickly and without noisy interference.

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
Reply to  JM/Iowa
15 October, 2020 6:08 pm

I DISAGREE: I am Swede/German White and anti-jew. My greatest anti-i$rahell support in Portland Oregon has been from the Blacks, not the “sheep” White. Educated Blacks (most in Portland are) see thru the fog the jew has put up pitting the White against the Black.

The riots you see in Portland today and everyday are jew inspired by Soros and his anti-fa movement. BLM, Soros, SPLC and all the jew organizations are presently taking over the USSA as the Bolsheviks did in the USSR in 1917.

15 October, 2020 10:58 am

At least they’re now admitting they themselves have higher crime rates. So there IS progress!

15 October, 2020 4:29 pm

There were thousands and thousands of videos purged from You Tube showing groups of blacks attacking lone whites or couples. You Tube systematically purged all these videos and deleted the account holders simply for showing the truth. The only places you can find these videos now are on TOR or a website called BitChute but there has been speculation BitChute has been compromised by a 3rd party because older videos are now missing and newer videos being randomly deleted. They are all about killing the truth and burying it – for what they insanely say is a good cause of ending racism. In reality they are burying the truth so whites will be less aware and become victims again and again. I take a handgun with a concealed carry permit… Read more »

Reply to  Jack
15 October, 2020 10:17 pm

The Bitchute comment sections have improved since they got rid of Disqus, but I always assume that EVERYTHING having to do with computers, AI, online, cyberspace or similar is enemy controlled, owned and operated.

Mike Mann
Mike Mann
15 October, 2020 6:58 pm

“The moral perception of evil is, for all practical purposes, limited to our race — not all persons of Aryan ancestry, but those whose genetic inheritance we, if intelligent, would strive to perpetuate. The delight that Congoids and American Indians find in the suffering of persons of their own or other races is notorious. The same moral indifference is found in Semites. The Aryans’ instinctive perception of evil is related to his equally distinctive compassion.” –Revilo P. Oliver, A Brief History of The Evil God “America’s most protected class of people, the black street predator, has the impulse control and emotional maturity level of a preadolescent and animal instincts that react violently to any trivial imposition or insult—real or imagined. The MSM quickly comes to its defense without thought to… Read more »

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
Reply to  Mike Mann
16 October, 2020 1:35 pm

I sympathize with at least one aspect of the Negro experience in this country. They’re expected to work–unless they’ve been allowed a way out of that–and be serious when conducting that work. This goes against their nature. They want to sing and dance, with occasional acts of random violence, while they conduct what was their daily routine of gathering food, repairing a hole in their mud hut, mating, etc. This society has a lot of nerve expecting them to do something unnatural for them.

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
16 October, 2020 1:14 pm

Just last night there was a film aired on TV entitled ‘Man On Fire’ staring Denzel Washington. I never watch his films due to the socio-politically driven, provocative nature and message of them. However I had been coaxed into viewing this film some years ago by someone. The film is clever, catchy, and draws you in. It seemed clear to me that what was being portrayed wouldn’t likely happen in that manner. It was about the ultimate self-sacrifice on the part of the black protagonist, a common theme in films today. Blacks do not possess a selfless character, and in fact they have a collective character which is the polar opposite. Big lies can sometimes be more effective than smaller ones. Movies are generally an exercise in fantasy anyway. To… Read more »

17 October, 2020 12:43 pm

Usually its Jews coming up with the excuses for blacks. The excuses that Jews have dreamed up for the high rate of violence by our savage black population is “racism”, “white privilege and “systemic white racism” which are abstractions invented by radical Jews at war with the white population.

The black leaders of Pittsburgh claiming that media scrutiny of black crime creates more black crime is laughable but I must admit that that is what black excuse making looks like without Jewish assistance. And in this instance the blacks don’t blame whites, at least not directly as Jews always do.