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Whites Avoiding Blacks

by David Sims

THE QUESTION WAS ASKED on Quora: “Why do rich Black people move to White neighborhoods, and rich White people not move to Black neighborhoods?”

Russ Dewolf’s answer, in which he said that Whites do move to Black neighborhoods sometimes, is misleading. When Whites move to Black neighborhoods and cause gentrification, they aren’t doing it to be with the Blacks, nor because the presence of Blacks in the neighborhood imparts positive qualities to the residential environment. No. Usually what is going on is a developer builds upscale housing that Blacks mostly can’t afford, and a lot of Whites move in to take advantage of apartments or homes in a (to them) “low rent” area. Then those Whites can get to their city jobs without a long commute from the suburbs. [The fact that the area is getting less and less Black is a factor, too.]

When Blacks move to White neighborhoods, they’re usually trying to get away from the violent behavior of other Blacks. Among Whites, those relatively well-to-do Blacks are safer than they would be in their old neighborhoods. Blacks do move to White areas because of the positive qualities that Whites impart to the residential environment.

Of course, if too many Blacks move into a White neighborhood, then it isn’t White anymore — and all of the problems that Blacks cause in Black neighborhoods begin to appear in what was, but is no longer, a White neighborhood. Thus does the rot spread.

Another, rather disgusting, question from Quora, since deleted: “As a White woman, what was your first time with a Black man like?”

I’m not a woman, but I know what the FBI Uniform Crime Reports say about forcible rape. Depending on the year you pick your data from, the Black-to-White per capita rate ratio for interracial rape is usually somewhere between 900 and 3,000. That is, Blacks are 900 to 3,000 times more likely to rape a White person than the reverse. (There have been some years in which no rapes of Blacks by Whites were known to the police, while during the same year there were thousands of rapes of Whites by Blacks.) So for a lot of White women, the answer to your question was “It was really bad. Awful, in fact.”

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Sightseeing in Absurdistan
Sightseeing in Absurdistan
2 August, 2022 9:27 am


Who would have thought that this “typical American
crime scene” (which will also become more and more
“typical European”) has something to do with Hitler?

“Joshua was born on April 19, 1989, in Nerumburg, Germany,
to Harold James Richard, Jr. and Gail Melody Leak-Kavota.”

“Nerumburg” should probably mean Nuremberg, pre-
sumably the relatives of this creature are not even able
to spell their son’s birthplace correctly. Nuremberg was
once known to be the “City of the Reich Party Rallies”.


Sightseeing in Absurdistan
Sightseeing in Absurdistan
Reply to  Sightseeing in Absurdistan
2 August, 2022 3:59 pm

As a German, however, one wonders who sets the American rules of police conduct. The German police would have proceeded completely differently: First, they would not have sent a woman ahead to the knife attacker. Second, they would have kept their distance with their guns drawn. Third, they would have warned the perpetrator at a distance several times to pull the knife out of his pocket and throw it on the ground, otherwise make use of the firearm. Fourth, they would have initially targeted the legs of the perpetrator. Disadvantages of the German approach: The Negro would still be alive and would spend his useless existence at the taxpayer’s expense (in prison), which he probably does anyway. Advantage of the German approach: No reason was created for “racist police violence”… Read more »

Reply to  Sightseeing in Absurdistan
3 August, 2022 6:05 am

Not if the German police decided to do the smart thing and aim for his Johnson.

LH Collins
LH Collins
Reply to  Sightseeing in Absurdistan
3 August, 2022 7:26 am

I’m all for what any approach costs us in negroes. One dead negro saves us untold numbers on White lives.

LH Collins
LH Collins
Reply to  Sightseeing in Absurdistan
3 August, 2022 12:45 pm

“Nazi’s” deserve a homeland, unlike worthless, unemployable jiggers. back to your trees, Kobas!

2 August, 2022 10:23 am

Every “good” negro has a close relative that is a criminal.

Joe Lowsac
Joe Lowsac
2 August, 2022 1:22 pm

Questions like that must be automated. Anyone with eyes can see the answer. For example Compton, CA.(in this case the Government moved them in).

Compton In Black And White.gif
Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
2 August, 2022 5:18 pm

Quora’s question most likely will
not be addressed because of brave
White men such as Roy Bryant and
JW Milam. They knew how to protect
and honor their women. Southern
White men of the ’50s knew how to
fight. Who took the fight out of 
them? Looking forward to NA putting
the fight back into them!


Frederick Ford
Frederick Ford
2 August, 2022 11:38 pm

Blacks and all other non-whites, including mixed ones, are a genetic threat to White People because of the actual anatomical differences that Whites have.

This is why White people should avoid Non-whites whether they are good or bad, smart or dumb, and competent or lazy.=

3 August, 2022 8:16 am

After having seen south Chicago, I am convinced of this first hand.

Anyone who believes that blacks are of any good has no idea what he is talking about or he is a liar.