David Sims

Keep In Mind

by David Sims

HERE IS Xurious featuring Hiraeth, singing “Keep in Mind.” Have a listen. White nationalist music is often pretty good stuff!

Here are the lyrics:

Yes we want
To be free
live our lives
As they should be

Here’s the thing
While that’s nice
Every action
Has a price

We’re meant to be much more than this
And find the home which we all miss
So it’s time to grow up
As we’re ticking down the clock

Forever keep in mind
We’re fighting for our kind
To learn from those before
Our future made secure

We were made
To survive
To transcend
Go forth and thrive

Find the light
Leave behind
All the things
That made us blind

It’s up to us to show the way
To hold the torch up come what may
We will do all we can
‘Till time’s not running through our hands

Forever keep in mind
We’re fighting for our kind
To learn from those before
Our future made secure

You can follow Xurious, here:


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24 April, 2020 12:44 pm

While I am all for the best for our people but growling and screaming through a microphone is not talent.
Nor does it do anything to make our people better through its arts..

28 April, 2020 3:01 pm

So,Rishi Sunak, Javid, Patel and a Doenmeh Turco Jude Prime minister,Boris Kemal…A cohencidence no doubt that the same importee aliens who rape English girls en masse for decades and whom the shabbes goy bourgeois Masonic judiciary embolden, their racial kin are now the latest minority kapo’s in the UK gulag that so suits the Kehillat Britainistan…this when their outliers no mosque decrys are not ramraiding the civilians serfs.Imbecile English.

So,the GayfeministTory UK electorate, have voted to allow the supremacist squatter Juden to Palestinianise them,(having no guns, death sentence or free speech) and the corollary of this is the import of Falasha mercenaries into Israel to complete the ethnoid cleansing of the sheople.