Abraham Lincoln was a White Nationalist

by Hadding Scott

THIS IS A response to Dinesh D’Souza’s silly pretense that Abraham Lincoln was a goody two-shoes according to the standards that leftist Jews have established for us in recent decades, and therefore, necessarily, not at all racist.

Of course Lincoln was racist! He regarded slavery as immoral but he urgently wanted the freed Blacks to leave the country, and he never changed his mind about that. 

More specifically, it is a response to the Insolent Immigrant’s recent statements on Fox News that we should be “American nationalists” like Lincoln instead of White nationalists. An “American nationalist like Lincoln” is a White nationalist. Lincoln certainly did not want a multiracial society.

D’Souza says that Lincoln was an “American nationalist” instead of a White nationalist, but they would have been practically interchangeable terms during Lincoln’s lifetime.

It is 45 seconds long, for posting on Twitter.

An extract from a public statement by Lincoln in 1858 published in the Chicago Press-Tribune

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Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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  1. cc
    13 April, 2019 at 5:44 pm — Reply

    Lincoln marshalled into service ultra modern Negro armies on the North American continent (200,000) for the exclusive purpose of killing White people and he was a White Nationalist. 23 Negroes received the medal of honor.

  2. Time Traveler From The Year 1863
    14 April, 2019 at 11:31 am — Reply

    CC: Lincoln never awarded a single negro soldier the Medal of Honor during or after the US Civil War. I just did a search and confirmed that fact.

    As for using negroes, the CSA used them as support personnel, although not as soldiers. Still, they used them because they needed to. That the North used them to fight only meant that the US was determined to win. But the article writer is correct: by today’s standards, Lincoln was just shy of Adolf Hitler in regard to his racialist views. That too is a fact.

  3. cc
    14 April, 2019 at 3:24 pm — Reply

    23 Negroes received the medal of honor by Lincoln’s Black Republican army. Black columns all over the place.

    Lincoln wrote that when peace came “there will be some black men who can remember that, with silent tongue, and clenched teeth, and steady eye, and well poised bayonet, they have helped mankind on to this great consummation; while I fear there will be some white ones, unable to forget that, with malignant heart, and deceitful speech, they have strove to hinder it.”

    Hitler was repulsed by Negroes placed in the Rhineland after WW1. A Lincoln mentality by the enemies of Germany.

    Lincoln freed Negroes he had no control of in the vain hope they would rise up and slaughter White women and children while the men were far away in the field of honor.

  4. cc
    14 April, 2019 at 3:33 pm — Reply

    After the Assault on Fort Wagner, Brigadier General Johnson Hagood said of Robert Gould Shaw: “Had he been in command of white troops, I should have given him an honorable burial; as it is, I shall bury him in the common trench with the niggers that fell with him.”

    14 April, 2019 at 5:57 pm — Reply

    I don’t dispute that negro soldiers received the Medal of Honor, only that Abraham Lincoln had anything to do with it; he did not. The first Civil War negro to receive a Medal of Honor wasn’t until years later, in the year 1900, decades after Lincoln was a rotting pile of bones moldering in the grave. So it is inaccurate and misleading to suggest that Lincoln was jumping about clicking his heels as he pinned Medals of Honor on as many darkies as he could find.

    Lincoln was not a dictator and did not have limitless power, as no president before or after him. His task was to to win the war and he made use of negroes to it. That did not mean he thought negroes were equal to whites, or be allowed to marry them. Instead, he wanted them shipped out to Africa, but that plan ended the day Booth snuck into Ford’s Theater and pulled a trigger.

    Lincoln may have been a Northerner, but by today’s standards he was a hard-core racist. That is a historical fact that cannot be justifiably denied. The liberals are too quick to rewrite history. Let us not be guilty of the same.

  6. Gordon Ipock
    16 April, 2019 at 11:42 am — Reply

    Lincoln’s intellectual fault was that he continually placed too much emphasis on the line from the Declaration of Independence about “all men being created equal.” He usually did include Negroes in that idea. He should have recognized the Declaration for what it was: a propaganda tract created to stir the American colonists to rebellion against the crown and not a founding document for the United States government that was created 13 years later.

    Today 98 percent of the population — including white conservatives — believe the Leftist lie that the United States was created as a nation dedicated to universal equality and the brotherhood of all men… but somehow got hijacked by a few slave owners for awhile. Nothing could be further from the truth. The US was created to be a constitutional republic by and for white men, and all our early laws support this. The Preamble itself lays this out by stating that the Constitution was created by the Founders for “ourselves and our Posterity.” And it meant this literally. A year later the first US Congress passed the Naturalization Act of 1790 which laid out the path for citizenship to resident aliens — who had to be a “free white person.” This law established the idea that the United States was intended to be a nation of free white men. There was no religious requirement, but there is an absolute racial requirement. I’ve shown this law to many Bible thumpers who vow that the US was founded upon Christianity. They generally refuse to believe it. All of our immigration laws up to 1965 were crafted to maintain the US as a white nation.

    The famous “Dred Scott v Sandford” Supreme Court decision is something every white nationalist should read and be familiar with — especially the lengthy comments by Chief Justice Roger Taney, who goes to considerable length to argue that the Founders explicitly intended the US to be a white nation with citizenship restricted to whites only. Study Taney’s words and you will understand why Leftists go apoplectic whenever the Dred Scott case is mentioned. This decision became the explicit law of the land in 1857 and as long as it stood would deny US citizenship to blacks, Indians, Asians or anyone else who was not white. It took a civil war and an illegally ratified 14th Amendment to overturn Dred Scott. A good argument can be made that the 14th Amendment was never legally ratified, and thus all subsequent laws (such as our various civil rights laws) which are predicated upon the 14th Amendment are also null and void. Technically all non-white citizens of the US legally derive their citizenship from the 14th Amendment. Whites derive citizenship from the Preamble. Since the legality of the 14th Amendment is questionable, so is the status of all non-whites living in the US.

    Getting back to Lincoln, before the war he was against the idea of Negroes ever becoming US citizens — as were the vast majority of the people in the North and the members of the Republican Party which was made up of people who had previously been members of the Free Soil and American Parties and other groups who clearly saw the US as a nation of free white people dedicated to democratic ideals. Abolitionists who wanted full social and political equality for Negroes were a small fringe minority in the North before the war. That through the suffering of the Civil War their ideas became the ones that prevailed in its aftermath is one of the great tragedies of US history. In 1859, the odds of such a turn in history would have been seen as near impossible.

  7. cc
    16 April, 2019 at 11:47 am — Reply

    TIME TRAVELER FROM THE YEAR 1863: Your text on Mr. Lincoln contains as many misrepresentations as lines. Comparing the sectional president to Mr. Hitler doesn’t pass the laugh test.

    The instant the Northern Commander In Chief chose to unleash magnificent Negro armies on the North American continent to kill White people, he forfeited all claim and consideration to the title White Nationalist.

    The following quotes offer a window into the brutality of southern racism.

    Incorrigible East Texas Guerrilla: On the first anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination, Eugene Williams offered a toast to John Wilkes Booth: “Here is to the man that pulled the Trigger — That killed the man that freed the nigger.”

    Commerce Raider: Raphael Semmes erected a tombstone in Mexico with the inscription “In memoriam of Abraham Lincoln, President of the late United States, who died of nigger on the brain, 1st January 1863”.

  8. 17 April, 2019 at 12:15 pm — Reply

    The sentence before the ones that I quoted from Negro historian Charles H. Wesley reads: “This completes all of the evidence obtainable concerning Lincoln’s thought and plan for the colonization of the slaves freed by his proclamation.”

    So, there is really no question that Lincoln intended to rid the United States of most of its Blacks, if he could.

    You can say that Lincoln wasn’t a White Nationalist because he did this or didn’t do that, but this is nitpicking.

    Look at the way the term White Nationalist is used in public discourse nowadays. No question, Lincoln would be called that.

  9. cc
    17 April, 2019 at 8:32 pm — Reply

    Mr. Lincoln, I’m Capt. Marvel. Shazam! You’re a White Nationalist.

    Mr. Lincoln’s conversation on transferring slaves to another place was political lip service. You can’t raise Negro armies to kill White people and be a White Nationalist.

    Charles H. Wesley looks to be a cabbage head nigger with a large splash of Jew..

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