Jeffrey Epstein’s “Zorro Ranch”: Is There an Underground Facility There?

According to county records, Epstein began constructing a stable, detached garages, and homes in 1994, and began building his 33,339 square foot mansion in 1999.

by Nathaniel Hébert

JEFFREY EPSTEIN’S “Zorro Ranch”, an 8,000 acre estate in New Mexico with its own hangar and landing strip remains a very suspect location, surrounded on all sides by Hollywood and the well-connected King family. There is a buffer of over 20,000 acres of Hollywood landscape that rests north of Zorro Ranch, which was purchased by fashion designer Tom Ford in 2001 — suspiciously, his name also appears in Epstein’s infamous black book.

With so many acres of land, despite having a stable and paddock, his so-called “ranch” shows no signs of cattle or livestock. When viewing the property through satellite imagery, there are also no apparent crops or any signs of agricultural industry.

Every year, the Albuquerque Journal has posted legal notices to the effect that “Zorro Inc” (Epstein’s company) wants to change location of a well, or dig deeper into new aquifers, or change the location of that well yet again. Why does that well keep moving, and why would he need so much water if he’s not using the land for its intended purpose? Why does he keep seeking permits to “DIG” so deep? Is this a bait-and-switch operation, where he gets approval to build one thing, and while everyone turns a blind eye, he digs something entirely else?

From a notice in the Albuquerque Journal, 04 Feb, 2004:

DP # 1452 Facility/Applicant Zorro Ranch, Zorro Ranch, Zorro Trust, (Epstein’s Company) proposes to discharge up to 10,080 gallons per day of reverse osmosis reject water. Primary contaminants associated with this type of discharge include TDS… the Zorro Ranch is discharged to a synthetically lined lagoon for disposal through evaporation.

In industrial settings, “reverse osmosis” is often used to remove total dissolved salts (TDS) from industrial wastewater or treated industrial wastewater and yield permeate with relatively low TDS concentrations. The process involves large synthetic pools, and letting the water evaporate in the sun.

Where is all this garbage water coming from? Is there underground construction taking place, and perhaps even an underground bunker?

Citizen journalists would like to know!

Similar engineering and digging proposals on the Zorro Ranch:

Further reading on the subject of Zorro Ranch by Corey Digs:

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13 February, 2020 1:04 am

There is most certainly something very odd underneath the ARK Academy in Brent, London, and a number of those with ARK are also with Epstein/Maxwell:

28 January, 2022 11:56 pm

Jeffrey Epstein and ARK, Absolute Return for Kids: