Why Do They Hate Us?

LAST WEEK I wrote an article entitled “People Just Like You . . .” suggesting that Jews have a totally different psychology than Gentiles. One reader commented, “I am just now becoming aware of the Jewish question and all it entails, but one thing about the Jews that I don’t understand is why. Why do they hate us so much? Why do they want us to die?”

This question was answered by William Pierce, founder of the National Alliance, in a 2001 American Dissident Voices broadcast called “The Scorpion and the Frog.” The online text of his radio speech, which I could still link to two years ago, has already disappeared in its original form due to the collapse of the National Alliance, its website, and electronic archives. An audio version can still be heard online elsewhere. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Hamilton wrote this piece in 2013. Now that the National Alliance has been restored under William White Williams, Dr. Pierce’s original program text has been republished.) (ILLUSTRATION: Jewish-themed silver inkwell with scorpions, St. Petersburg, 1857)

The stealthy disappearance of such important material forcefully illustrates how rapidly and consistently pro-white ideas vanish from social discourse, leaving no tracks behind for anyone to find, and become part of no permanent knowledge base. This, combined with continuous censorship and suppression, prevents meaningful group self-consciousness from forming or evolving in natural freedom-of-ideas fashion. It is only by successfully establishing a substantial, ongoing presence in World 3 (the concept of World 3 is summarized in the first four paragraphs at the preceding link) that human behavior can be influenced in a positive direction over time.

The Scorpion and the Frog

In 2001 William Pierce was a guest on the Bob Grant radio show in New York City. Grant told Pierce he didn’t understand why Jews would behave the way Pierce described. Why would they seek to destroy a society that had made them rich, powerful, and influential?

In his “The Scorpion and the Frog” broadcast shortly afterward, Pierce dealt with Grant’s question at length. “It was a very reasonable question,” Pierce said, “a natural question,” “the question that almost any intelligent, honest person might ask in those circumstances.”

When Bob Grant asked me that question, I wished he hadn’t. I knew the answer, and it is a simple answer, but it’s not the sort of answer one wants to give to people who are driving home through rush-hour traffic. It is simple, but it also is profound. One needs to hear the answer and then to think about it carefully . . .

The answer, in its simplest form, to Bob Grant’s question is this: Jews do what they do because they are Jews.

To illustrate his point, Pierce related the “the old fable about the scorpion and the frog”:

The scorpion wants to cross a stream, but he can’t swim. He sees a frog and asks the frog to carry him across on the frog’s back. The frog says, “No, I don’t trust you. I’ve heard about how treacherous scorpions are. I’m afraid that if I let you get on my back you’ll sting me.” The scorpion replies, “Why should I do that? That wouldn’t be in my interest. If I sting you, then we’ll both drown.” So the frog agrees to let the scorpion get on his back and begins swimming across the stream. Halfway across, the scorpion stings the frog. As the frog is dying and beginning to sink, he asks, “Why did you do that? Now we’ll both die.” The scorpion answers, “I couldn’t help myself. It is in my nature to sting.” And it is in the nature of the Jews to deceive and to destroy.

What Pierce says about the Jewish desire to destroy Western society applies equally to the question, “Why do they hate us? Why do they want us to die?”

The Scorpion & the Frog

I would add two further points. In destroying Western civilization and committing genocide against the “cancer of human history” as they call us, Jews are not destroying themselves as the scorpion in the fable did. They will move on to exploit others after they have finished the West off. From a rational standpoint it is doubtful that they are maximizing their self-interest by such behavior, but that is neither here nor there. They are motivated by insatiable greed and hatred, not reason.

Second, hatred is irrational. It is an emotion—in this case, an ungovernable one. Jews harbor murderous hatred for their victims. This does not make sense to Gentiles, or need to make sense to them. It is simply a fact.

Origin of the Parable

Pierce gave no indication of the origin of the fable, although he obviously thought it was “old.”

I immediately recognized a striking resemblance between it and an alleged Amerindian tale about an Indian brave and a poisonous snake told by Norman Vincent Peale in one of his books. He attributed it (reverentially, because he thought the source was the noble red man) to a Reader’s Digest article by Iron Eyes Cody. I checked, and the article by Cody did appear. The short 8-paragraph parable, which Peale reprinted in full, can be read online. “But You Promised!” was accepted by thousands of whites who learned of it through Reader’s Digest, Norman Vincent Peale’s book, and perhaps other sources, as an authentic bit of American Indian folklore.

It was while researching that story that I discovered that Cody, the star of the famous environmentalist 1970s propaganda TV commercial “the crying Indian,” was really an Italian American who falsely passed as Amerindian in both public and private life after moving to Hollywood, where he worked as an extra in motion pictures. His story, if examined objectively rather than politically correctly, would likely furnish useful insight into the rare phenomenon of white “passing,” as well as the widespread one of psychological and emotional over-identification with non-white races, since, unlike Jews who “pass” (among all races), Cody did not remain loyal to his own people. Moreover, the motives for his deception appear to have extended far beyond those of a simple con man.

It turned out that Cody’s tale was one of Aesop’s fables in disguise, “The Farmer and the Viper,” about a farmer who is bitten and killed by a snake he warms against his breast to save it from freezing to death. In the Roman fabulist Phaedrus’ version, the lesson is this: Don’t expect to be rewarded for altruistically helping the wicked — a lesson whites would do well to learn.

Arata Takeda, a Japanese professor in Germany currently with the Department of Germanic Studies at the University of Chicago, attempted to trace the origin of “The Scorpion and the Frog” and wrote a 2011 paper about it in German, “Blumenreiche Handelswege Ost-westliche Streifzüge auf den Spuren der Fabel Der Skorpion und der Frosch.” He failed to discover the origin of the tale, which actually appears to be modern in its current iteration.

The nearest he came was the discovery of a medieval story concerning a scorpion and a tortoise among the fables of Bidpai. In it, a scorpion asks a tortoise to carry him across a stream, promising to do no harm. When the tortoise discovers that the scorpion is trying to drive its sting through his shell, he dives and drowns the treacherous pest. (Another valuable lesson for whites.) Although many of Bidpai’s stories can be traced to the ancient Hindu fable collection the Panchatantra, no Sanskrit version of the scorpion/turtle story exists. Takeda believes it was introduced sometime during the 12th and 13th century AD in Persia. Anyway, it teaches a different lesson than does “The Scorpion and the Frog.”

Acknowledging Facts versus Understanding the Reasons for Them

To reiterate Pierce’s main point: “The simplest answer, which also is the most profound answer: Jews do what they do because they are Jews. . . . There is hardly a more important thing for any of us to do now than understand why the Jews are pushing our society over the brink of ruin, and then to oppose them by every means possible.”

Revilo Oliver said the following about concerted, long-term efforts engaged in by Jews, who slowly inject their deadly poison over long periods of time, generations in fact, thereby escaping whites’ shorter time horizons and becoming virtually invisible to them:

Aryans are apt to think most unlikely an operation of which they would be utterly incapable — of which they are, we must believe, genetically incapable, since their earliest records, in the Homeric traditions, the Norse legends, and even the Vedas, attest the great difficulty of maintaining an effective consensus within even compact and comparatively small bands for specific, immediate, and limited ends. It is a pernicious and perhaps fatal error, characteristic of our race, to assume that other races have approximately the same nature as ours.

The mistake most people make is to let their puzzlement over seemingly irrational motives interfere with their perception of objective facts. Although we may not understand the reasons behind certain facts, the facts themselves are clear enough as long as we do not let bafflement over motivation cloud our minds or, worse, deny what we see before our eyes.

Jews are aware of this mental quirk and exploit it. One ploy to deflect accusations of elite Jewish involvement in Communism that I recall was, “Why would wealthy or otherwise successful Jews support Communism? It makes no sense.”

This is analogous to Bob Grant’s question to Pierce: “I don’t understand. You said that Sumner Redstone and the other Jewish media bosses are deliberately trying to destroy our society. Why would they want to do that? They are rich and powerful and influential. This society has been good to them. Why would they want to destroy it? That doesn’t make sense to me.”

Victimized whites think, and are invited to think: “That can’t be true. It doesn’t add up,” because it doesn’t add up to them. The only way to correct this egregious error is to ask instead: “What is true? What actually happens in the real world?”

Jacob Schiff and Armand Hammer were wealthy, privileged Jewish capitalists who aided the Communists. Hollywood was full of well-paid, high status Jews who were Communist Party members, as were the administrations of presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. US Congressman Samuel Dickstein (D.-N.Y.), who played a key role in founding the House Committee on Un-American Activities to persecute American right-wingers (not Communists), was a paid agent of the Soviet NKVD. In Britain, book publisher Victor Gollancz was a Communist, and Baron Victor Rothschild of the fabulously wealthy banking family was identified in 1993 by six retired KGB colonels as the key to the Cambridge spy ring’s penetration of British intelligence. The ’60s generation of Jewish red diaper babies across the West came from the most advantaged backgrounds imaginable, yet were fanatical Left-totalitarians and terrorists determined to destroy the System that lavished so many privileges upon them at the expense of the native citizens. These are easily ascertainable facts.

One must consciously abjure sophistry and casuistry in favor of simply seeing facts.

* * *

Source: Counter-Currents

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11 June, 2015 11:41 pm

For those who might be interested I have all of Dr. Pierce’s broadcasts covering the period 1972 to 2002, with full transcripts – in Word-7 or PDF format.

Before the NA was reborn I took it upon myself to become a custodian of this work, which I considered the best ever given by a member of our race. They are not dated. They are still relevant and still very important. Many of Dr. Pierce’s early predictions are coming true.

I am planning to have all the transcripts bound professionally as a three volume series for my children, and hopefully their children.

I urge every racially conscious white person to have on hand all the work of Dr Pierce and Dr. Revilo Oliver.

Nigel Rodberry
Nigel Rodberry
Reply to  SAMUEL U
19 June, 2018 7:39 am

Can you torrent them, or them?

Michael R
Michael R
12 June, 2015 2:10 am

Why do a lot of people have to defend Dr. Pierce’s broadcasts as not being “dated”? He only died 13 years ago – that’s not *that* long ago! But I can’t help but wonder how things might have been different, or how much new and better insight on what has been happening (and intensifying) over the past dozen plus years we might have had, if only Dr. Pierce were alive today.

12 June, 2015 1:46 pm

Jews excel at painting themselves in a corner. The law of average will run them down. Nothing last forever, even the stars eventually burn out.

Nigel Rodberry
Nigel Rodberry
18 June, 2018 9:28 am