Jews Call for Action Over “Inherited Trauma” of Millions of Grandchildren of “Holocaust Survivors”


Psychological impact of families constantly retelling stories of horrific events endured by relatives blighting lives of younger generation, says campaigner

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since Whites can only be milked for a few more years by “Holocaust survivors,” and the sons and daughters of such survivors are getting a bit long in the tooth themselves, why not skip to the horrible sufferings of the grandchildren’s generation for a new source of wealth and power? That’s Dan Glass’s idea, and it seems to be a hit. He’s not only angling for free therapy for those traumatized by grandma’s WW2 tales (as long as grandma was Jewish, natch), but he also claims these blighted darlings’ emotions justify — get this — “increased surveillance of fascist groups across Europe, supporting the Human Rights Act, and challenging anti-immigration legislation.” It’s also interesting to note how Glass himself does not look particularly Jewish, yet possesses his group’s mentality to a high degree.

JEWISH ACTIVISTS in Scotland have started a campaign to support the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors across the world, saying the trauma of the extermination camps continues to haunt the descendants of those who suffered there. (ILLUSTRATION: Dan Glass and the Never Ever Again! group wants a move away from the ‘melancholic memorialisation’ of the Holocaust, and is calling for mental health provision to treat inherited trauma.)

Dan Glass, 29, from London, said he heard constant tales of the Holocaust as he grew up, which have deeply affected him into adulthood.

“All four of my grandparents narrowly avoided the gas chambers in Auschwitz and countless of their friends met with this fate. For my father it was a daily conversation in my teens and early 20s and even though I very profoundly understood his pain, one day I had to say to him, ‘Dad, I can’t talk about this anymore.’ My father had a whole wall of books on the subject of the Holocaust — it was all he wanted to talk about, but it was so harrowing for me.”

Glass began speaking to other children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, initially for an academic thesis, then later as part of the group he founded Never Ever Again!, a reference to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights pledge. He said he soon realised he was not alone in being scarred by the traumatic pasts of his relatives.

“I have been privileged to hear so many stories from young people who should now be able to live with joy — but their lives are damaged and they weren’t even there,” he said.

Glass adds that other grandchildren of survivors have experienced clinical depression, anxiety, addiction and eating disorders, which they blame on the impact of their families constantly retelling stories of the horrific events their relatives endured.

Ken Feinstein, a second generation family member, whose parents were Holocaust survivors and who grew up in Boston, Lincolnshire, told of how his school teacher, who also survived, insisted children as young as eight watched documentaries on the subject.

“When kids would look away from it she would yell at them, ‘You have no right to do that. I buried my family.’ We must have been about seven or eight years old. How do you prepare children of this age for something like that? They just showed it to us and kind of traumatised us. It was definitely meant to shock us into never forgetting,” said Feinstein.

A young woman from London told Glass of how her grandmother, who was in the Dutch resistance, avoided starvation at times by digging up flower bulbs and sucking out the nutrients. The woman later developed anorexia and believes it was related to the war stories that had been passed down the line and never processed.

Trauma research about the impact of the Holocaust on subsequent generations varies; some studies conclude there is no effect of trauma two generations on, while others claim that breast milk of survivors was affected by stress hormones that impacted on the physiology of the next generation. Some in the field of epigenetics say the intergenerational effects of the Holocaust are very pronounced and that the atrocities altered the DNA of victims’ descendants, so that they have different stress hormone profiles to their peers.

Jewish psychologist, Ruth Barnett

Psychologist Ruth Barnett, whose Jewish father fled Germany for Shanghai, narrowly escaping the Holocaust, says she has witnessed inherited trauma in some of her clients.

“Constantly talking about events like the gas chambers to grandchildren is a way that traumatised people try to get rid of it — by sicking it up. But unless it is processed properly, they make even more anxiety for themselves and other generations.”

Never Ever Again! wants to move from what it calls “melancholic memorialisation” to “positive action”, and is calling for mental health provision to treat inherited trauma, as well as campaigning on various issues, including increased surveillance of fascist groups across Europe, supporting the Human Rights Act and challenging anti-immigration legislation.

Glass says that while it is essential to preserve historical facts, the traumatising effect of memory should be addressed now. “Our grandparents went through one horror, but it is important that we learn to process and debrief from their story to bring about wholesale recovery for this generation and the next.

“We should be releasing these old wounds to something beautiful rather than staying paralysed in memory and fear. Until then we cannot properly celebrate their lives or any kind of victory.

“What would our grandparents have felt if they had known we have had to carry their torment through generations? Wouldn’t they have wanted us to find the peace that was robbed from them? Wouldn’t they want us whole and living lives that they lost?

“I realised that if they could speak to us beyond the grave many would have agreed the mourning has to stop and be replaced with something more constructive.”

* * *

Source: The Guardian

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
5 August, 2015 9:51 am

Well, if Blacks and White liberals can excuse Black social pathologies as “legacies of slavery” — despite slavery having been abolished well over a century ago — why can’t the Jews demand compensation for “inherited trauma” relating to the “Holocaust”? The Jews have more than enough chutzpah to advance such claims, and there are more than enough nominally White people who are so spineless as to abjectly yield to their outrageous demands. Think of it: the Jews have long claimed to have a special relationship with God, and there are countless Christians who share their ridiculous belief. The most hysterical, the most obnoxious, and the most disgusting of the latter would have to be the Christian Zionists, but they are by no means the only offenders in this regard. One… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Collins
25 October, 2019 9:03 pm

Greetings Anthony.

Remember about fifteen years ago the slavery issue was promoted daily for a few years? I suspect that they intended to claim big money from the Germans regarding forced labour during WW2. The ‘fly in the ointment’ was that forced laborers working for the Germans were paid the same wages as German laborers. Thousands of these forced laborers refused to leave Germany after the war ended. Many had better lives there as ‘slaves’ than in their home countries.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
5 August, 2015 12:47 pm

Let’s sue the churches and synagogues for the trauma experienced by hearing bible stories—mass exterminations, incest, deicide, crucifixions, lakes of fire, eternal torment.

Then let’s go to films produced by the Hollywood reprobates. How much trauma have they caused?

The Jews have an iron hand, but they have learned to put a velvet glove on it. Actually a good tactic, and there are too many Europeans who have a surface mentality, and see only the velvet glove.

5 August, 2015 9:14 pm

Another episode of the insatiable lust of a unique race that suffers from it s own appetence. Their greed is expressed in a pathetic self glorification that the parasites crave and they will get it fromm the churches. Pastors vapid und without true testimony will indulge them and swoon into the lugubrious luxury of their histrionic self pity and his own vicarious ignominy. What hypocrisy! The truth is the EUropean Jews suffered least in that war. They were urged to leave and when they refused they must be concentrated and watched . They were all spies and communists. Their families were mostly on the outside waiting for it all to be over so they could return and begin a reign of unprecedented exhibitionism , fraud and extortion. Now the bastards… Read more »

2 August, 2019 7:13 pm

They have knowingly traumatized their own children. It’s child abuse! Sue and jail them.

3 August, 2019 6:17 pm

Regarding “sucking out flower bulbs’ nutrients”, remember that the hunger in the Netherlands was caused by the British Navy blockade, not the Germans.

Also, the Germans told Britain it could have all of the Jews there if they send trucks to transport them to the ships. Britain refused, implying the evil Germans would keep the trucks.

Reply to  Truthweed
25 October, 2019 8:56 pm

ALERT!: – don’t suck out flower bulbs to determine whether they have nutrients. Some bulbs (e.g. Ranunculus or daffodils ) could be poisonous. She was probably sucking tulips.

Definitely don’t try it at home.

3 August, 2019 6:26 pm

Remember the Comprachicos who physically distorted children as they grew to convert them into profitable oddities? Remember children in India crippled so that they could make more money as beggars?

27 October, 2019 5:30 am

So, Jews feel traumatised because they survived their own extermination.
What happened to German efficiency?. It never ends.
Reparations for the dead of an entirely fictitious “holocaust”.
Reparations too, for those NOT dead from their entirely fictional “holocaust”.

And the NINETY MILLION dead from Jewish Marxism/Communism/Bolshevism?
Where are their checks?

Let’s all petition Jerusalem for money as a result of trauma for suffering many needless wars since 1914.

And let’s get back all the money that the Jewish Government in Washington DC gives to Jerusalem for what they euphemistically term “defence”.

But no matter how much that comes to, it is a “drop in the bucket” compared to the amount of money conned from the Entire World by the Jews’ “Holocaust” racket.

Finn in Minn
Finn in Minn
Reply to  Matthew
19 January, 2020 8:16 am

“So, Jews feel traumatised because they survived their own extermination.”

This is an excellent way to put it. I’m just so sick of this crap. Tired of all the jews today claiming that they have/had relatives who were holocausted, and all the older ones claiming that they themselves are holocaust survivors. These survivors are everywhere in America and Europe. And the stories they tell are very creative, gotta hand it to em. So we are to believe that millions of them died, and millions more survived, even though there were only a few mil in Europe in the early 40s. It’s all bulls*** of epic proportions.

18 January, 2020 4:19 pm

These young Yids are freaked out

Because they have been consistently lied to by their elders….about a series of events that never actually happened…

Exactly how much wool do these Termites have stored up….where they can continuously pull it over the eyes of the non-wary?

Is anyone else fatigued …concerning the blatant
Lies perpetually proposed by these Insects?

18 January, 2020 4:25 pm


Reply to  Miki
18 January, 2020 9:14 pm

Miki–then what after White people “wake up?” Become fatigued? How about this: each of us here reading/posting at NV downloads a flyer from, makes a few copies and distributes them to Whites locally for a day…….a week…every day of a year. Getting the word out that National Vanguard wants to inform/educate those who come to Alliance websites might inspire a “waking up.”

Alex Wells
Alex Wells
19 January, 2020 4:07 pm

Sounds more like inherited greed.

2 November, 2020 7:37 am

Inherited trauma? Awesome, i will sue Israel for reparations, my birth country was under communist control for 60 years and all the important communists were Jews!
Wasn’t Marx’s real name Mordechai, if i remember well?

10 June, 2021 4:07 am

Well there’s always the gullible goyim who’ll appease this continuous con of the last century! The irony is that the Jews created the war in the first place is beyond comprehension, the gas chambers were actually de-licing chambers! 200,000 Jews died from typhoid according to the Red Cross, the rest fled Germany to other western countries where the parasites are now bleeding dry. Those that forget history will repeat it.