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Lauren Southern’s Farmlands (2018)

reviewed by Andrew Hamilton

To be, or not to be: that was the question faced by the Rhodesians, and they did not have the strength of character to choose to be and then to accept all of the implications of that choice. They did not want not to be, but they could not accept what the choice to be entailed, and so now they will perish. The country they and their forefathers worked and sacrificed for will fall into the hands of creatures such as Hoogstraten and Mugabe, who chose to be, and who accepted all of the implications of that choice. – William L. Pierce, “To Be, or Not to Be,” American Dissident Voices (April 29, 2000)

HARD ON THE heels of Swedish activist Jonas Nilsson’s 1.5-hour documentary South Africa: From One Apartheid to Another? (Sweden, March 2018), globetrotting Canadian activist, commentator, and YouTube personality Lauren Southern has released a 74-minute Internet documentary of her own called Farmlands.

The film’s Web site states: “From the intricacies of the methods used in farm killings to the enduring consequences, this series tells important stories from South Africa. Stories of murder, brutality and corruption — but also stories of bravery and triumph.”

Farmlands (2018), 1 hr., 14 m.

Southern spent two weeks traveling, interviewing, and filming in South Africa, accompanied by her young homosexual film crew consisting of Caolan Robertson and George Llewelyn-John. (I believe Llewelyn-John was along.) Guiding and informing them which roads to take and what times were safest for travel was Suidlanders spokesman Simon Roche. Suidlanders is a conservative Afrikaner defense organization.

Making the film required physical courage, a commodity Southern possesses in abundance. Interviewees included Black extremists. More important, it required social courage, which is much rarer.

Jewish and other Left-wing groups libeled Southern, a right-wing non-racialist, even before her movie appeared. Her Farmlands Web site suffered DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks so severe she was told they might have been launched by state actors.

The George Soros-funded People for the American Way headlined: “On Breitbart, Lauren Southern Warns South Africa Headed Toward White ‘Genocide,’” and “Lauren Southern Praises White-Only Ethnostate [Orania], Jokes That People Are Offended By Its Lack Of Crime” (sic: incorrect capitalization in the original).

In a scarcely-veiled threat the SPLC, an anti-White organization opposed to freedom of speech, proclaimed: “Far-right YouTuber Lauren Southern banned from the U.K. speaks at European Parliament, spreads narrative of white genocide in South Africa.”

One reason SPLC attacks are threats is that it is an extremist organization that censors the global Internet in conjunction with the ADL, governments, and multibillion dollar Internet behemoths. Jointly and severally this small, secret, publicly unaccountable clique monopolizes and tightly controls worldwide information dissemination and Web discourse. Only a Deep State cartel is capable of pulling that off, and the SPLC is part of it.

Because Jewish-owned and -censored YouTube (owned by Google, another cartel member) is the primary medium through which Southern disseminates Farmlands and other information her public desires to see, making and presenting the film represents a gamble for her.

After the video’s release Southern said:

The making of #Farmlands was one of the most challenging experiences of my life… and it has fundamentally changed me as a person. I will never forget the beauty I’ve seen, the heartbreak I’ve witnessed, the deep love and sorrow of a people… these images will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’m so glad I can share them with all of you. I’m so glad these stories will never be forgotten.

The stories will be forgotten — immediately — but that’s another article.


At the beginning of the documentary Southern states that before her visit to the country she believed that “surely the truth must lie somewhere in the middle” — between what the Left-wing and Establishment media said about South Africa on the one hand and what the “far Right” said on the other. I laughed when she said that. Why would anyone assume such a thing? The Left and the media aren’t renowned for telling the truth.

In 1991 the Afrikaner-dominated National Party ended apartheid after a four-decade run (it was initiated in 1948). Three years later the party turned the government — and the White population — over to Negroes; Communist Nelson Mandela became president. Mandela had been co-founder and leader of the ANC’s terrorist wing Umkhonto we Sizwe (“Spear of the Nation”).

Farmlands focuses particularly on “The land issue: [the] fight for ownership of land by virtue of race and demographics.” Southern shows that Whites did not “steal” the land from Blacks, as the simplistic worldwide media/government Narrative “justifying” race-based homicide and property theft proclaims.

One of her interviewees is Thabo Mokwena, an Oxford and LSE-educated ANC official. (Note his ties to the global Establishment via academia.) He emphasizes the importance of land seizure, admitting when pressed that it will be without compensation.

Days after Southern left South Africa the ANC formally announced that Blacks would in fact confiscate Whites’ land without payment. In February 2018 Parliament voted 241-83 to amend the property clause of the constitution to authorize this crime. Race-based Communist land seizure had been a priority of newly elected South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Mokwena articulates a legal “philosophy” all Leftists share. Seizing White land, he says, will be done in accordance with the law. If certain acts are forbidden, Parliament will simply rewrite the law to make them “legal.” No White farmer, he emphasizes, will be permitted to complain.

It is highly significant that there have been no economic or political sanctions, or even serious criticism of South Africa’s criminal behavior internationally. Farm murders and land theft are clearly international policies fitted to that particular place. The small cliques that control global institutions, nation states, and the mass media unquestionably possess the power not only to halt South Africa’s criminal actions in their tracks, but to remove the regime from power entirely. They have done so in the past.

Among political parties Southern highlights the extremist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), which now enjoys 10 percent of the vote. It is headed by Julius Malema, former president of the ANC Youth League.

Never short on personal courage, Southern interviews female Black First Land First (BLF) Deputy President Zanele Lwana. BLF is a Leftist splinter from EFF, just as EFF is a Left-wing offshoot of the ANC. BLF is known for threatening journalists it considers to be Politically Incorrect.

Black First Land First (BLF) Deputy President Zanele Lwana tells Southern “We are coming for you and we are going to get everything you own. It’s ours!”

Lwana wore a black t-shirt with the words “Land or Death” printed on the back. Like all Leftists she is in a state of perpetual rage. She speaks of “seizing everything [from Whites], redistributing everything [to non-Whites].” “We’re already at war!” Leaning forward and staring directly at Southern she says, “We are coming for you and we are going to get everything you own. It’s ours.”

Southern says such views are “readily accepted and celebrated on television and in the print media” in South Africa.

The passionate intensity displayed by Lwana and the Left is notably lacking among the Whites they hate. The widespread presence or absence of deep, uncontrollable anger in Whites matching that of Jews and coloreds, government officials, media employees, academics, and Left-wing activists is one indicator I monitor to determine whether anything is actually changing for the better.

So far Whites display no deep-seated emotional antagonism toward their mortal foes, no reciprocal hatred. This is true of Lauren Southern’s interviewees and Jonas Nilsson’s. True Believers exist only on the other side, while Whites remain eerily unmoved by the dangerous, continually escalating hatred directed at them and their families — up to and including murder. It’s as if they believe the endless killings, assaults, rapes, official repression, and hate speech of elites and the communications media is somehow not real or dangerous.

They could not be more wrong.

Survivors’ families are interviewed. The reality of tragedy and bloodshed they describe, Southern says, is far different than the rainbow account of “security and prosperity” spun by the “rich and famous influencers” secure and prosperous in “their gated communities in Johannesburg and Cape Town.”

Some Afrikaner interviewees speak English as a second language. Others can communicate only in Afrikaans. The statements of the latter are translated via English language voiceovers rather than subtitles — a good approach. One of the English voices sounds like Tommy Robinson’s.

Farm families create WhatsApp messaging groups to warn each other of danger. Southern was added to the groups so that she could observe the kind of information they share.

WhatsApp is owned by Silicon Valley multibillionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Because that sinister corporation maintains extensive subterranean ties to Jewish hate groups and the global Deep State it is unwise for endangered Whites to provide hostile Jewry and governments with a direct window into their sensitive defense communications — which is what they are doing.

Threatened Whites laboriously and at great expense install and maintain elaborate barbed wire and electric fences, locks and gates, and thermal imaging cameras to record the presence of nighttime intruders. Because firearm licenses are so difficult to obtain many people make do with paintball guns that shoot solid nylon or fiberglass balls in an effort to defend themselves.

Attacks on Whites are by no means limited to remote farms. City dwellers are also targeted, as an interview with the female owner of a paintball business in Port Elizabeth illustrates. Even more educational in this regard is a pre-production clip that is part of the Farmlands series but not incorporated into the film itself. It provides a superb glimpse into day-to-day life in urban Johannesburg. Thanks to Caolan Robertson it is also technically very well-made.

“South Africans Live in a Dangerous Gated World” (Feb. 2, 2018, 4 mins.)

The clip demonstrates that no matter how much Whites surrender, no matter how viciously they are brutalized, no matter how small, embattled, and ineffectual a minority they become, the obsessive bloodlust of Jews, plutocrats, Communists, and thugs will never be sated.

Note as well the alarming number of TV satellite dishes that sprout like mushrooms everywhere. Until the very end Whites’ minds and souls remain fatally hardwired into the addictive, hypnotic, imaginary mental world created by the lying media. Victory and even survival dictate either the hijacking and reorientation of this apparatus, or forcing it to go completely dark.

Endangered urban dwellers in Johannesburg

Southern interviews the female Afrikaner co-owner of a private firm whose business is to scrub murder scenes after the Black butchers have departed. The company bills itself as a “nationwide leader in crime scene cleanup.” It has been in business for nearly two decades — since 2000 — and makes its money through contracts with the Black government. When it began it received one job per week involving farm murders. By 2018 they were occurring daily.

A feel-good Establishment profile of the company is “The Profit That Comes from Gore and Crime,” Forbes Africa, February 27, 2018.

Because CrimeScene Cleanup depends upon the patronage of South Africa’s Black rulers to make money, its proprietors refused to comment on the racial aspect of the killings. They did, however, concede that “the brutality of the farm murders is indescribable.” Those killings are the most gruesome they deal with. White women, children, and babies are murdered indiscriminately along with the men. Nails are pulled out and hands cut off.

A ghastly murder near Johannesburg was facilitated by a trusted family domestic who let the killers in by prearrangement. The Blacks drowned the 12-year-old son in boiling water after raping and murdering his mother and killing his father. The skin peeled away from the boy’s corpse. (“Walkerville family murders: Horrific death of boy, 12, drowned in boiling water,” Daily Mail [UK], July 26, 2012)

The killers in that case, who grinned as they left the courtroom, were defended by attorney Charmaine Castleman. She is either White or Jewish. If White, we see how Left-wing governments harness greed and reward conformists with jobs. Castleman works for Legal Aid South Africa. In early 2018 it was reported that she was suffering from terminal stage four bone and liver cancer. On permanent incapacity leave she receives 75 percent of her salary as an attorney.

The owners of CrimeScene Cleanup are not presented negatively by Southern — quite the contrary. Nevertheless, it is hard not to notice that, like Castleman, its principals are profiting socially and economically from the physical elimination of a people. In truth, the same can be said of many Whites — “journalists,” government employees, academics, law enforcement officers, etc.

In all nations the one-sided race slaughter is cumulative and whittles away the White population. It is unknown how many Whites worldwide have been murdered and their lineages erased in interracial homicides since WWII, but it must equal or surpass deaths in wars. The process continues unchecked because it serves the objectives of elites and governments.

Economic Dispossession

Besides blatant terrorism and killings like those previously used against Whites in Rhodesia (William L. Pierce, “The Horror in Rhodesia,” American Dissident Voices, April 22, 2000), the Left wields the truncheon of economic dispossession — everything from denying Whites jobs and government assistance (the ability to live) to outright property theft. The euphemistically-named Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) program deprives Whites of their jobs (income) and gives them to Blacks.

The South African government denies farmers such as Louis Lateghan water for their crops, even though this causes fertile land to become drought-stricken and formerly occupied homes to fall into decay. (Lauren Southern, “South Africa is Killing the Farmlands,” 5 mins., February 27, 2018.) A retired farmer from the Northern Cape tells Southern that because of murders and economic discrimination farming has become too risky and capital intensive for Whites to undertake.

Poverty-stricken Whites, along with a few Coloreds (a distinct mixed-race population in South Africa), are forced to live in squalid camps that receive no South African or international assistance. These vulnerable people barely survive yet cannot emigrate: $300,000 is required to leave the country, one woman says. The “West,” so eager to import masses of non-White fake “refugees,” refuses to take in these genuinely persecuted and displaced people because they are White.

Suidlanders spokesman Simon Roche tells Southern that the official unemployment rate in South Africa is 38 percent (the international press says 27 percent), and the unofficial rate 50 percent.


In a search for solutions Southern visits Orania, a tiny separatist community in the desolate and remote Northern Cape. This is the largest and most sparsely populated province in South Africa. Despite its name the Northern Cape is located in the far west of the country.

There she interviews Orania mayor Carel Boshoff IV, son of Orania’s founder and grandson of the legendary martyred South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd.

Southern declares that Orania “is the one place in the world where, by law, only white people are allowed to live.”

One might quibble over this. Orania’s extremely conservative Afrikaner leadership stipulates that language, culture, and religion, not race, are the basis of citizenship.

Orania is really a conservative rather than a racialist project. Southern points to a photograph of the late Zionist (though not racial Jew — he was White) Andrew Breitbart that graces an office wall. Ironically, Breitbart and Steve Bannon would almost certainly condemn the meek inhabitants of the vulnerable little hamlet as “racists” and “Nazis,” just as the EU’s big conservative and “anti-immigration” parties have.

Boshoff refused an invitation to attend the funeral of AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche, who was brutally beaten and hacked to death by Blacks on his farm in 2010, despite the fact that thousands of other Afrikaners did attend. Yet Orania has willingly hosted Black racists such as Julius Malema, Desmond Tutu, Jacob Zuma, and Nelson Mandela.

The Orania project began in 1988 when it became clear to a handful of moderates that the existing regime would not last. Most White South Africans at the time gullibly accepted the hollow constitutional and legal promises of Communists, Blacks, the media, and the “international community” that their human rights would be protected.

According to a Vry Afrikaner (Free Afrikaner) movement Web site, Orania started in 1991 with a population of 80 people (40 families). Three decades later it numbers “1,000 permanent residents and more than 10,000 ‘uitwoners’” — persons not resident in Orania but regarded as part of the extended community due to their membership in the “Orania Movement” (this link is to a superficially dry but still very informative short video that some NV readers might want to check out). Boshoff tells Southern that the number of uitwoners is 5,000 not 10,000.

Orania’s late founder Carel Boshoff (not to be confused with his son, the present Carel Boshoff) hoped that within 15 years 60,000 people would have voluntarily relocated to the arid, remote region. Instead there were 635 by that date (2006).

Under the circumstances 60,000 seems like a modest goal. Yet it never came close to being achieved, despite the predictable advent of the most extreme anti-White conditions imaginable.

Southern is particularly struck by the lack of crime in the community. She observes unlocked cars with their windows down and a moped with the key left in the ignition all afternoon — “in a country with some of the highest crime rates in the world.”

Swedish filmmaker Jonas Nilsson, who also visited Orania and interviewed Boshoff and other political figures there, independently noticed the same thing, plus White children playing freely outdoors — two things he saw nowhere else in South Africa.

Southern contrasts Orania’s segregationist approach with the “civil war” planning of Suidlanders, which she calls “the world’s largest non-state civil defense force.” (Lauren Southern, “The Men Preparing for Civil War in South Africa,” 5 mins., March 8, 2018.) Suidlanders spokesman Simon Roche served as her guide during her visit to South Africa.

Suidlanders spokesman Simon Roche

Though I have reservations about Suidlanders’ true size and effectiveness, Southern presents them as they describe themselves to the world.

Basically, members plan to retreat to an unspecified remote area of the country as violence ramps up and then use survivalist and self-defense techniques to survive. It is a last ditch, circle-the-wagons approach, not a militant offensive strategy like that employed by the African National Congress, Umkhonto we Sizwe, and Communists when Whites ruled the country. But unlike those groups Suidlanders does not have the world’s plutocrats and governments subsidizing and protecting them while simultaneously attacking and undermining the South African regime.

Southern concludes, correctly I think, that White South Africans are faced with three stark options, none of which are likely to succeed:

• Segregation
• Civil War
• Emigration

With the optimism of youth she nevertheless expresses her belief that “the world is awakening to their plight.”

While that is not in the cards either, Farmlands and the related short film commentaries Lauren Southern has produced and posted online provide valuable insights and factual information useful to anyone interested in the dire crisis facing the last White South Africans.

Their fate, like that of the Rhodesians, should serve as an unambiguous case study and object lesson for the rest of us.

To be, or not to be: that was the question faced by the Rhodesians, and they did not have the strength of character to choose to be and then to accept all of the implications of that choice. They did not want not to be, but they could not accept what the choice to be entailed, and so now they will perish.

* * *

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12 August, 2018 2:05 pm

You need to talk to Jan Lamprecht to get the lowdown on Simon Roche. It’s all on Jan’s website:

Apparently Simon flim-flammed some patriots in USA speaking tour.

Also I saw posts claiming Southern was jewish, who pays her bills to travel all over the place? Maybe she
is thrifty and saves coupons.

But, I’m just a dumb goy.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  Jim
12 August, 2018 3:32 pm

I’ve listened to and read Jan Lamprecht’s criticisms. He does not make his case. Christopher Cantwell did a show with Roche and Lamprecht both on. Listening to it is probably the easiest way for people to decide for themselves what they think.

I assume Southern does receive funding. It does not vitiate the work she has done so far.

South of Durban
South of Durban
Reply to  Jim
13 August, 2018 9:49 am

I think Lauren Southern’s video fills a much-needed void in what is going on in South Africa. She deserves credit for that.

“…who pays her bills to travel all over the place?”

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Is she sponsored by any actual news media organization with the kind of funds to do this kind of project, or is the source of her funding from donors? I think it’s an honest question, and whatever the answer it should be stated. Whatever the case, what she has done is something that American Renaissance or the National Alliance should have done twenty years ago, so in that sense she and her efforts are light years beyond. But again, much credit is due to her efforts.

Mark Nuthall
Mark Nuthall
Reply to  South of Durban
16 August, 2018 2:53 am

Except place the blame where it really belongs. Not one of her other videos touches the JQ. She’s really just a glorified kosher conservative. (((He))) who pays the piper calls the tune.
She attacks the symptoms, not the cause of the destruction of our homelands.

And So
And So
Reply to  Jim
15 August, 2018 2:04 am


Southern is, in fact, jewish. You are correct to suspect who pays her bills while she travels all over God’s green earth and makes video after video after video. She’s totally on the (((payroll))). I don’t giver her the time of day, along with (((Stephen Molyneaux))) and others.

Mark Nuthall
Mark Nuthall
Reply to  Jim
15 August, 2018 2:14 am

Lauren Southern is Jewish. Her real name is (((Simonsen))). She is pro-Israel and has even had non-White muslim boyfriends. She is lavishly funded by (((someone))) who doesn’t want us “dumb goy” from finding out whose really responsible.

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
13 August, 2018 4:19 pm

Disagree that being Enemy controlled (and bankrolled) opposition does not vitiate resulting “work”–it most certainly does, in my opinion. As commenter Jim points out above, from where does the money come to finance thinly disguised neo-con propaganda masquerading as “valuable insights” and “factual information?” Why doesn’t National Vanguard produce similar videos? Heh heh. There is a reason the Enemy controls the indoctrotainment industries worldwide. I have not viewed the subject piece, nor do I intend to; Herr Hamilton’s observations contained in his review are sufficient to verify Southern’s implicit purpose: misdirection. It’s all moot, anyway. Afrikaner boere having no other capital than land sealed their collective fate in 1991 by acquiescing to the Great Betrayal without firing a shot; thus having handed over their territory to hostile racial aliens (as… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  Axis Sally
19 August, 2018 11:06 am

AXIS SALLY: Why doesn’t National Vanguard produce similar videos? Heh heh. There is a reason the Enemy controls the indoctrotainment industries worldwide.

You answered your own question. I’ll add cowardice and selfishness on the part of Whites to support the National Alliance and it’s online magazine National Vanguard with adequate funding to produce professional content like Mr. Hamilton describes is needed. Heh heh.

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
Reply to  Will Williams
20 August, 2018 2:27 pm

Indeed, Herr Williams, my question was rhetorical, and required no answer, or was self-answering. If I had access to the amounts of shekels required, you would get them; but then we would be playing a rigged game against the Enemy’s bank, no? The Internet, social media, and indoctrotainment constitute a negative expectation game for us–we cannot win in the long run.

Better to cash-in our chips and leave the table. Word-of-mouth and example-of-deed will be better propaganda for us over time. The intermediate goal should be the preservation of a kernel of Aryan culture and genetics during the ongoing social and economic collapse, in my opinion.

Bob in DC
Bob in DC
13 August, 2018 11:03 pm
14 August, 2018 8:53 am

Zionist shill: End of story

14 August, 2018 7:58 pm

Apparently, in the U.K., access to African mining concessions is more important than the truth. Oxford University also claims that life for Christians under the Ottomans was not so bad. Christian parents wanted their sons carted off to become janissaries for financial gain.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
15 August, 2018 3:59 pm

Most of the hostile allegations and links provided were already familiar to me. The majority aren’t relevant as far as I’m concerned, or the quality of the research upon which they are based is shoddy. I’ve been aware for some time of the probability of Jewish ancestry in Lauren Southern’s background, and would like to have that headache settled once and for all. It seems clear that she is not a full Jew. Assuming she is part-Jewish, which I think likely, the question is how much, and from where. In several Tweets over the years she has consistently said “I’m not Jewish.” I.e., subjectively she does not self-identify as a Jew. I do not think she is lying when she says that. However, self-identification is not an acceptable basis for… Read more »

Reply to  Andrew Hamilton
14 June, 2019 12:25 am

>The new information here, for me, is Bob in DC’s Quora link, which provides what appear to be genuine screenshots of two Twitter posts I had not seen before.

>In one of them she states, “I am not Jewish, I just have a Jewish heritage.”

Mr. Hamilton, the problem with relying on screenshots is those can be faked. I wouldn’t believe any tweet is genuine unless an active link was provided to it, or an archive.

We know tweets can be deleted, this is why you should submit them to and as soon as you find them. Then those can be consulted if it is deleted.

I have read that the “heritage” tweet is fake, and we should research where it originated.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  tyciol
14 June, 2019 10:31 am

Virtually anything can be faked these days, including photographs (long ago Communists airbrushed people out of photos after they fell out of favor or were murdered), audio, and even video–putting words in peoples’ mouths, showing them saying things they never said. Thanks to universal media cover-up most Americans had no idea FDR was a cripple, JFK an inveterate womanizer who consorted with Mafia molls and Hollywood starlets, or that Communism was evil and murdered tens of millions of Whites. That’s why I said “screenshots that APPEAR to be genuine.” Nevertheless, I do not doubt the authenticity of the tweet in question. Southern did not play up her Jewish ancestry, but did not deny it either. Part Jewish ancestry also explains certain things about her. After the release of Borderlands (2019)… Read more »

Bob in DC
Bob in DC
Reply to  Andrew Hamilton
14 June, 2019 4:20 pm

Exceptional comment.
White Aryan.

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
17 August, 2018 5:53 pm

To avoid the quibbling over putative Jewishness, I find it helpful to subsume them into two categories: 1.) Orthodox Jews, i.e., those having mitochondrial DNA; and 2.) Weiẞe-Juden, i.e., mischlinge, collaborators, fellow travelers, and dupes. Non-Aryans other than Jews are a subcategory falling under the above two. Both categories may be subsumed as the Enemy, and treated accordingly. As to category one, National Vanguard has long since published a brilliantly informative essay by the immortal Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, which see. Fräulein Southern, if falling not under category one, certainly does under category two, judging from her own admissions and her past activities, is thus untrustworthy, and her output may be rejected out of hand as toxic to the Aryan kampf. There may be many of the nominal Enemy who… Read more »

18 August, 2018 6:11 pm

Priceless!! A Jew by blood and a Shabbat goy doing the Horah under Capricorn! And the gullible soak it up like a sponge!!!

Robert Rudolph
Robert Rudolph
19 August, 2018 10:34 am

Whatever you say about Lauren Southern right now about being or not being a Jewess should NOT be in question on the making of the WHITE FARMER GENOCIDE in South Africa! Her documentary “FARMLANDS” is factual (I live in South Africa) and it is as truthful as it will ever be. Go watch and spread this storey.

19 August, 2018 2:34 pm

It sounds like Lauren Southern wants to be an international celebrity. A Canadian born in the middle of the wigger generation. She thinks racism is an intellectual effort. That’s funny. I heard she doesn’t like Boomers. Had this kid been in Mississippi or Alabama back in ’68 surrounded by teenage boomers waving guns, knives and ropes, she would run like a cur dog. The Southern belle of Ole Miss that slammed a brick upside the head of a Federal agent for insulting the soil of the campus could teach Lauren how to fight a blood based race war without all the ostentatious display. Cheapness — poor taste. She aint the folk.

Bob in DC
Bob in DC
20 August, 2018 2:41 pm

There are no ‘good Jews’,
and because of their ‘kol nidre’,
no former Jew can ever be trusted.

They are not a religion (many atheists).
They are not a race (mixed racially).
They are a Crime Syndicate Cult !!