Swedish Family Forced From Their Home; Government Says it’s for Immigrants Now


A TAXPAYING Swedish family has been forced to leave their home because the government decided it is now for people who “come from other countries.

Uffe Rustan and his two sons (pictured) lived in a home they rented in the city of Lidingö which all of them were born and raised in.

Lidingö city government originally said it would let the family rent the home permanently, but it now refuses to extend their tenancy and says they must leave by August 2016.

“I was evicted from my home over the phone. When I asked for the reason, he said that people come from other countries. He left the news and basically just said have a nice weekend,” said Uffe Rustan.

“We have quite recently moved here, and just when it starts to feel like home, we are evicted.”

“It feels like I’m worthless, even though I pay taxes and my kids go to school here. If only they had been in kindergarten or something . . . but you cannot put a family on the streets for another family,”

“It feels a little depressing. I think this is about morality and how to treat people, that everyone should be treated equally. But apparently I’m worth less than others.”

Rustan is taking the Lidingö city government to court and charging them with breach of contract.

“Probably, we have to move from here, and I still do not think it is right. I can stay with friends, but it will be the worst for the children.”

The Swedish establishment has tried to turn the country into a global mish-mash of third-world countries at the expense of local Swedish people.

“Diversity is our strength” they shout loudly from their ivory towers and gated suburbs.

So then why is it third-world countries are not the first ones to have it? Why is it always the White places that must have “diversity”? That have no choice but to accept?

It’s got nothing to do with mixing the world or any of that other hippy talk. It’s simply about getting rid of White areas.

Africa is not becoming minority Black. Asia is not becoming minority Asian.

It is only Western countries which are becoming minority White, and this is the result of a deliberate and forced agenda.

It’s called White genocide.

* * *

Source: White Genocide Project

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9 June, 2016 3:37 am

As I recall, upon hearing that a police officer wasn’t going to face indictment in the Ferguson, Missouri negricide incident there, some unhappy negroid was reported to have said “burn this bitch down” or something to that effect.

Oh wait, this story is about a Swedish family being forced out of their home to make way for non-white mongrel rapists and felons. Sorry about that.

George Wright
George Wright
9 June, 2016 7:12 pm

Outrages like this would lead any sane white person to start thinking outside the “politically correct” box. Wake up Sweden! The traitors, are in your parliment and your chance to save your country is fading rapidly.