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Theft Is Anti-Racist

by Douglas Mercer

THE JEW COMMUNISTS TOLD us that property is theft. So theft must be “anti-racist” when the property belongs to a White man and the thief is a Black man. If that doesn’t stand to reason, well, the ape-like Congoids are not noted for their reasoning skills — but declaring that Whites are fair game, and declaring it eternally open season on what the White man has, is more up their alley. According to them, the White man’s property doesn’t belong to the White man; it belongs to the Black man, and the sooner the exchange takes place the sooner justice can reign on the colored Earth. You see, the Black man himself was once property — and the White men of the north showed the way: Loot and pillage and wrest that property away. It’s but a stone’s throw from that to the latest smash and grab.

The reckoning was never going to stop at the purging of Confederates. It won’t stop till they’ve raided your wallet, taken what you have, and have bashed through your front door. When they’re done the King’s Writ will run right across your face.

Any economist worth his salt will tell you that property rights are a linchpin of a successful society. When people know that what they work for will be theirs to keep, they work hard. When they know that what they work for will dissolve in the common trough, they will be lazy and shiftless. In the beginning, it was only in European societies that property rights became enshrined — that is, it was done by White people. The coloreds of the world saw the wealth amassed in this way by White countries, but that didn’t make them want to have property rights, that was more than a few orders above their ability to think. Rather they leered at the wealth and decided to take it. It’s the lazy and shiftless way, and no one is more lazy or shiftless than the coloreds. The amazing thing is how we’ve let them.

Now an alleged “professor” at an “American” university is saying that the White man’s property really belongs to the Negro. She of course is herself a Negro and has been living off the White man’s bounty for some time, so it’s no surprise that she is trying to give looting and pillaging the dignity of an academic theory.

Property is racist, and the Black Lives Matter riots following the death of George Floyd are ultimately excusable, according to an assistant professor at Boston University.

Those flat screens they carted off? They belong to them. The building they burned down? Well, they belong to them anyway. The CVSs and the Walgreens they cleared out? It was the Negroes’ stuff to begin with. Don’t talk law and order, whitey. This be justice!

And it be lucrative.

Boston University Professor Saida Grundy thinks theft is “anti-racist” and that your property is fair game for violent erecti. Her work has been supported by the Boston University Center for the Humanities, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, the Social Science research Council, and the Andrew Mellon Foundation. You heard that right, White man. As you went down to get some extra ammo just in case, the full-blown professor who thinks that smashing things and burning things and taking things is fully justified was given scads of cash by all the high-flown institutions in this land. If there’s ever been a more clear case of a civilization committing ritual suicide, I for one have never heard of it.

Those smash and grabs? Ad hoc reparations. Those liquor stores knocked off? Justice. Those White women raped? A long time coming. Why, the summer of George Floyd with its orgy of destruction and violence was one long summer of truth and reconciliation, was a master class in retributive justice.

She says that the White man deserves it and the rapine must proceed.

* * *

This Saida Grundy is one of those academics who sniff out the weakness of simpering Whites and goes in for the kill. She’s made a fat living off the White man’s wealt, which is in itself a form of grand larceny on a grand scale given the paucity of her intellect. It’s professors such as she who act as the intelligentsia (such as it is) of White Genocide. They’ll cast that professorial sheen over what in the end is nothing short of a perpetual murder spree and bank heist done in broad daylight and with the full approval of the bank managers.

Saida Grundy is a feminist sociologist of race and ethnicity and Assistant Professor of Sociology, African-American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies at Boston University. Her research to date has focused upon formations and ideologies of gender and racialization within the Black middle class — specifically men.

That is, she studies a non-subject and makes a living off of non-studies; she feeds her students non-knowledge and they know exactly nothing except how to use fake theories to buffalo the public into advancing the cause of hating, exploiting, and destroying White people.

Saida’s research interests currently span examinations of masculinity and social justice capitalism, racialized rape culture, and bridging hegemonic masculinity theories to our understandings of campus sexual assault.

These are nothing but baleful buzzwords; at a certain point “woke” academia achieved verbal escape velocity and become untethered from reality, and began speaking in kind of self-referential coded gibberish. But everyone gets the message: Kill the White man.

Her areas of “expertise” are (they say):

  • Cultural Studies
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Sociology
  • Gender

Which is the equivalent of being a non-professor of non-knowledge specializing in non-existent things. But she ands her ilk are experts in mobilizing the resources of higher education to subvert, undermine, destroy and supplant the White world — and put themselves, they think, into power.

Saida Grundy, an associate professor at Boston University’s Department of Sociology and Program in African American Studies.

For all intents and purposes she might as well be a professor of civilizational pyromania. Certainly, when she’s done, the place will have been razed to the ground as a few hominids pick though the still-burning embers.

Naturally, this Black intellectual assassin got a gig writing pretentious tripe for the Jew-run Atlantic magazine. In the pages of this rag, she has said that the recent glut of “anti-racist” books is counterproductive.

Anti-racist books have been widely circulated throughout university plenaries, in corporate seminars, and on public library websites. Black-owned independent bookstores have been swamped with orders driven by overwhelming demand, and sales for titles on civil rights have tripled in some cases.

Apparently the White genocide business is booming, and no dearth of swine are filling their snouts at the overflowing troughs of slop.

Grundy goes on to argue that there is a danger in this popularity of books promoting White genocide: namely, that they are only books, and that the raising of consciousness can give a false satisfaction by lulling people to sleep, thinking that the heavy lifting has already been done when, as anyone can see, there are still millions of White people continuing, unaccountably, to live and to breathe.

And she sees the rampant looting, raping, smashing, grabbing, pillaging, and looting in the same way: as a necessary prerequisite, and as good in itself, but ultimately not nearly enough. The meat of the action is not in getting the word out — or in one more rape of one more White woman (as awesome as she thinks both of those things are) — no, the real action is restructuring the systems of power, already tilted towards people of color, and upturning them totally and turning them into a humming machine to drain White people of their money and power, and funnelling these resources towards the Black and the Brown in a never-ending stream. This is what the cry of “systemic racism” is all about; they want the system which we created, but have now lost, to be their system forever. Plain old overt “White racism” wasn’t enough, because one could someday plausibly argue, even demonstrate, that it had been “solved.” Not so with “systemic racism,” which can be redefined and “rediscovered” again and again an infinite number of times — truly a fountain of hate that never ends. This is what “reparations” are all about: Set up a bureaucracy and administration to perpetually give White people’s property and money to non-Whites, especially Blacks. This is what race preferences in higher education are all about; Make the elite ladders of success inaccessible to all but the most craven of Whites and simultaneously create an “elite” class of spitefully mutant Blacks and Browns to be the front men and women for White genocide. This process is just getting started and, no matter how bad you think it can get, it’s going to get a lot worse.

Overemphasis on awareness can also lead to a preoccupation with the racist symbolism of certain sports mascots, band names, brand logos, and public spaces, while obscuring the deeper forms of harm behind these iconographies. Consider the public consciousness about Confederate statues: It has resulted in the widespread removal of these monuments but it as also meant that people have stopped short of examining their more insidious effects.

Don’t get her wrong: She wants those names to change and those statues to come tumbling down just as much as the next Negro; but she is more interested in what this iconoclasm represents: the actual tearing down of the very infrastructure of the White world — or its conversion to serve the interests of the coloreds — and, of course, the extermination of White people themselves.

You could say she is one Negress who is keeping her “eyes on the prize.”

* * *

For this final solution to the problem of Whiteness, Saida Grundy thinks of the mayhem of George Floyd 2020 as the laying of the groundwork. She wants your money and she wants your power, and to cow you into this she wants to unleash her “Black brothers” on criminal sprees. In the end, they’ll go for a “social credit” system based on the love of the Negro — but in the meantime she wants the ghetto to be out in full force, robbing and raping. She herself is running academic interference for the “process.” Just because in the end it will all be done with money transfers doesn’t mean you can’t knock off a liquor store right now — and those White girls and women certainly aren’t going to rape themselves.

So get at it, Barquevious! The eyes of your people are upon you!

A Boston University professor recently said the concept of property is racist because blacks historically have been property.

Yes, the Union Army was an army of arsonists, murderers, pillagers, and looters before their time. Why, Nat Turner was a social justice warrior; John Brown was a martyr for “equity.”

Sociology and African American studies Professor Saida Grundy made the claim in a Twitter thread regarding the second anniversary of George Floyd’s killing.

The second anniversary of the seminal event of our time got her thinking, and waxing genocidal. Remembering the fires and the death and the untold destruction of that year, she wanted to put in a good word for the poor Black men who ignited the fires and did the killing and the smashing. You see, Blacks have been so subject to racial terror (the phrase used by California reparationists) that they can now use violence with impunity. There is no limiting principle to the amount of rapine they can engage in. For all intents and purposes it’s a blank check — carte noir, not carte blanche.

It’s open season on White people.

“If we’re going to talk about George Floyd and really understand it, then we need to understand community reactions to it,” Grundy said. “And we often hear politicians, we hear civic leaders from inside Black communities and from outside of them as well we hear President Biden say, ‘Y’know I understand your frustration, but don’t destroy property.'”

Don’t destroy property? Racist! How dare he? Property is the thing that’s racist — destroying it or stealing it; that’s the anti-racist part.

“Well, when you say that to Black people, who historically have been property, one of our greatest weapons was the looting of ourselves as property from the system of slavery. And what we see in communities is they are reacting to the very racism of what we call property.”

It wasn’t the devil that made them do it; it was the property! It was the racism of property. All dem bad old ghosts from da slav’ry time made them to do it, too. It was all those things. Just don’t say that it’s the Black man’s penchant for violence coupled with a staggering inability to control himself.

That’s racist. Just like property.

And that gets to the heart of what’s the matter with these enemies of White civilization. Saying that property is racist is easy for a people who, in the main, are lucky to have a crack pipe to bequeath to their heirs. In what passes for their minds, they have no stake in the civilization that White people built. They know they have a stake, though, in raiding it of its assets, stripping it bare, and taking it down. Or perhaps in it being propped up long enough for them to get their fill. For surely by the time they are sated with our gold and our blood, they will have taken the golden goose and slit its throat.

That, of course, will be framed as “justice” too.

But the ultimate distillation of the moral Ebonics of Saida Grundy is that da White man don’t own sheet; all dat sheet belong to da Black man. And when we comes to reclaim it, don’t ask for no receipt or call it a crime; just get on yo knees and say it’s right and good.

I think it’s really important for people who see reactions of communities to not judge and to not make assumptions about what is good and not good reactions and not actually re-victimize communities by saying there’s an acceptable and a not acceptable way to react. Listen to them, and then we can say what these communities need.

Don’t judge the Black man; the Black man, as a result of his former bondage, is now beyond good and evil. To say that the Black man is a criminal just because he committed crimes is a crime in itself; it stigmatizes the Black man, traumatizes him, and re-traumatizes him. If you hold him to account for his actions you are holding him to a standard which he has moved beyond. Moved beyond because of all his suffering, don’t you know. This is no longer just a “racial reckoning.” It is much more than that; it’s an anti-White free-for-all. And the good people at the institutions are more than happy to subsidize it and endorse it.

In fact, the murderous mayhem is regime ideology.

Grundy apparently considers the riots and property damage understandable. She even excuses the actions, asking Americans not to judge or make assumptions about those involved in the destruction.

She considers it more than understandable; she thinks it is great and good. Blacks are to be the inheritors of all the White race created — so says that “respectable” Black professor at a tax-subsidized American university as she steals our money and robs us blind. (Inheritors, that is, until they finally destroy it all in an orgy of stupidity, violence, and indolence that would make a sloth blush.)

* * *

For some odd and unjustified reason Boston University has had the gall to retain their old time motto: “Learning, Virtue, Piety.”

They exhibit none of these three, and since they are in the mood to tear things down and change them they should make it: “Cowardice, Cluelessness, Treachery.”

The current president of this reprehensible institution of “higher learning” is one of those old White “liberal” dinosaurs who has only survived because he is willing to cravenly cave to the obscene whims of the non-Whites. His name is Robert Brown. When word came down that George Floyd’s life had ended a few hours earlier than it would have ended anyway, he let fly this bilge:

“We grieve for our country and those who are affected by systemic racism, just as we grieve for those afflicted by COVID-19,” Brown wrote. “We will defeat COVID-19 using science and our collective will. We must commit the same will and energy to defeat systemic racism. We must reject the forces in our society that are driving us apart and commit ourselves to creating a just society.”

Continuing in this vein of total capitulation, he went full traitor:

“We are confronted, once again, by the grim reality of systemic racism in our country. The killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others bring to the forefront these abhorrent elements in our society. At a time when we rely on our police more than ever, we watch painful examples of some officers breaking the public trust in the most egregious ways. These injustices are amplified by the vividly disparate impact of COVID-19 on African Americans in particular, as well as on other ethnic or minority communities.”

When word came down that Professor Gundy had endorsed theft as a positive value, he stiffened what was left of his disintegrating backbone. It wasn’t much. He retreated to the seemingly safe harbor of putative Martin Luther Kingism. After expressing sympathy for the underlying sentiments of Grundy’s remarks (Blacks deserve the White man’s things) he averred:

At the same time, we fully appreciate why many have reacted so strongly to her statements. Boston University does not condone racism or bigotry in any form, and we are committed to maintaining an educational environment that is free from bias, fully inclusive, and open to wide-ranging discussions. We are disappointed and concerned by statements that reduce individuals to stereotypes on the basis of a broad category such as sex, race, or ethnicity. I believe Dr. Grundy’s remarks fit this characterization.

This is like softly saying “You should have given me a parachute when you threw me out of the plane” when you’re already at terminal velocity and the ground is six inches below you. The always trenchant Kevin Alfred Strom has cautioned us that in the ever-downward spiral into the cesspit of the worship of our enemies and the erasure of the White race, we are currently only 1/10th of the way down. How many more tenths of the way down — one? — two? — three? — until all the Robert Browns of the world are jettisoned, and all the corner offices are filled by Blacks and Browns and lesbians and “trans” freaks; subhuman crawling creatures with a deep-dyed malevolence in their hearts, all of them “totally down with” the notion that the theft of the White man’s property is the greatest good of all?

When they clear out the likes of Brown, all the devils we know, and some we can’t even imagine, will be loose and the war on Whites will have reached its apogee.

That is their real Wakanda. That is the paradise they dream of as they squat amid their own filth, a status they cannot escape for long even if they and the Jews succeed in killing us and taking all we have built.

But the one thing you can be sure of is that by the time the final tenth of the itinerary between Boston University and the White race is ticked off, only one will still be standing.

* * *

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6 June, 2022 12:37 pm

Thanks again DM,…for pointing out the ridiculousness and preposterousness of what The Jew has proscribed as *black scholarship*….The brazenness of these affirmative action chimps grows bolder by the hour, as they clumsily mimic and attempt to reproduce the pathological gibberish fed to them by The Jew….like grape soda funneled thru a straw into the abyssic dark space of the vacuous black mind.

Frederick Ford
Frederick Ford
6 June, 2022 2:44 pm

At this point, racist is just a general term that outlines what is morally unacceptable, and antiracist is something that is morally acceptable.

Of course the truth is that prorpeortty is owned by whoever can hold defend & hold it from invaders, and cultivate it which is something that the Early Anglo-Saxon, Dutch and Scottish Protestants did when they settled in the Americas unlike today where prorpweorty ownership is hard to come by.

6 June, 2022 8:11 pm

This says it all does it not?

whites are the people of color.jpg
11 June, 2022 9:59 am

I invite you to break down my door and try to loot my residence. I’ve got a nice well-oiled and cleaned and fully-loaded DP12 waiting for your ugly ass.