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Angelic Whites and Demonic Blacks


Latest statistics prove Black killers purposely target Whites.

by David Sims

THE QUESTION was asked on Yahoo Answers: “Why are White people perceived as angelic and Black people perceived as demonic in American society?”

Mostly because of the typical behavior observed over the past 150 years. Whites build things. That’s angelic. Blacks tear things down. That’s demonic. Whites rush to help when there’s an emergency. That’s angelic. Blacks rush to loot when there’s an emergency. That’s demonic. You see where this is going?

In 2015, the population of the United States was 13.3% Black and 61.6% non-Hispanic White. Whites outnumbered Blacks by a ratio of 4.632.

US population, ratio Whites to Blacks, in:

1930, 9.27
1940, 9.19
1950, 8.97
1960, 8.41
1970, 7.78
1980, 7.32
1990, 6.85
2000, 5.34
2010, 5.03
2015, 4.63

Statistically, Mestizos have per capita crime rates intermediate between those of Whites and of Blacks. A reasonably good approximation can be had by assuming that the Mestizo rate for a given crime is near the geometric mean of that for Whites and Blacks.

When correcting a Department of Justice percentage of a specific type of crime in the United States committed by “Whites,” so that the Mestizo criminals are excluded, one should multiply the DoJ percentage by 0.75. The result will be an estimate for the percentage of such crimes committed by non-Hispanic Whites alone.

US population, percentage non-Hispanic Whites, in:

1930. 89.83
1940, 89.55
1950, 89.31
1960, 88.57
1970, 87.63
1980, 79.50
1990, 74.93
2000, 70.70
2010, 63.75
2015, 61.60

The percentage of murders and non-negligent manslaughters occurring in the United States in 2013, committed by “Whites,” was 45.3%, and after correcting the figure to remove the Mestizos, we are left with 34.0% of those crimes being committed by real Whites.

The percentage of murders and non-negligent manslaughters occurring in the United States in 2013, committed by Blacks, was 52.2%.

The Black-to-White per capita rate ratio for “murder and non-negligent manslaughter” perpetration was 7.111 in the US in 2013. That’s about what it is every year.

In 2013, there were 5723 murders in the United States, known to police, having single perpetrators and single victims. Of those, 409 involved Black perpetrators and White victims (Mestizos get separate victim status), and 189 involved “White” perpetrators and Black victims, meaning that there were about 142 murders of Blacks perpetrated by real Whites.

The Black-to-White per capita ratio for interracial murder (between these two races only) was 13.340. That’s actually lower than has historically been the case.

But, anyway, notice that Blacks murder Whites more than Whites murder Blacks by a (per capita) ratio of 13.34, while Blacks murder anybody more than Whites murder anybody by a (per capita) ratio of only 7.11. The latter ratio reflects the greater predilection for violence that Blacks have, as compared with Whites. The former ratio reflects not only this greater capacity for violence per se, it also reflects a greater capacity for racial hatred by Blacks, as compared with Whites. Simple division shows that Blacks have about 1.88 times the racial hatred, per capita, than Whites have.

So don’t let anybody tell you that Blacks can’t be racist. They’re nearly twice as racist as Whites are.

* * *

Source: Author, US Census, and FBI

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22 March, 2021 3:56 am

I’m Asian, and let me tell you as someone from Sacramento, Blacks are so unsuccessful, it’s not even funny. I’ve been to these 2 game stores, one of them is run by a black, very cramped, not that clean, not a great area, so-so presentation, and the games are in poor condition, I only saw 1 black customer. The other store run by whites is much more pleasant to look at with better presentation, much more space, items are in much better condition, and at least see 5-10 customers every other day or week, and they only opened 3 months ago.