The Religious Crisis

American Revolutionaries and Enlightenment thinkers Tom Paine and Thomas Jefferson advocated a radical reappraisal of the doctrines of organized religion. Paine wrote The Age of Reason, which pointed out the absurdities and contradictions within both the Old and New Testaments. Thomas Jefferson scissored out all supernatural events in the four Gospels and gave us The Jefferson Bible. But did they go far enough?

by William B. Fox

WHEN I LOOK at the policies advocated by many very powerful organized religious establishments in America today, it makes me suspect that their leaders are somewhere between totally corrupt, utterly incompetent, incorrigibly brainwashed, extremely selfish, and completely mad. Worse yet, they have grabbed American national policy by the throat and driven it in horrendous directions. By jumping into the political arena, and grossly influencing our national priorities, public spending, and political destiny, they have now fully exposed themselves to public criticism and partisan political retaliation.

America has a fanatical Zionist establishment behind the High Priests of War that pushes this country towards global Armageddon on behalf of the tiny Jewish state of Israel.

America has over forty million Christian Zionists who think destruction of this country for religious reasons may be a great thing so long as it fulfills somebody’s pet prophecy theory, regardless of American traditions of separation between church and state, secularism, or any sane respect for human life on this planet.

On top of all this, at a time when the productive White middle class continually shrivels from a below replenishment birth rate and out of control illegal immigration, many major liberal Christian Churches never wake up and continually promote a never-ending “human Katrina” that threatens to not only permanently turn America into a Third World country, but also create unstable social conditions leading to a very bloody Civil War Two.

All of this, despite the tragic outcomes we have already seen over and over again from deluded liberal Christian policies in Africa and elsewhere in the Third World, not to mention the escalating social problems from the massive Third World invasion that is swamping Europeans in their native habitats in Europe.

As two examples involving Africa, consider how Christian churches turned White self-rule over to Black Marxists in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and South Africa, only to see both countries turn into social, economic, and political basket cases accompanied by mass oppression, killing, and expulsions of Whites.

Worse yet, a great many Christian religious establishments in America espouse “Israel first” and “nonwhite first” theology. They seem to find a sense of masochistic moral high ground in the continued destruction of America’s national interests. They remain oblivious to the plight of dispossessed Whites.

Many of these Churches are in reality suicide cults, but without making it all quite as obvious as Jim Jones’ Kool Aid affair in Jonestown.

Despite their track record of total continual failure, a great many liberal Christians never seem to learn. As America shows the same patterns as other dying countries, they keep repeating the same mistakes.

Why can’t they ever learn? How can we stop this madness? Is it time for explicit critics of Christianity to finally come out in the open?

* * *

Source: read the full article at American First Books

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Titus Maximus
Titus Maximus
4 August, 2019 12:46 pm

Christinsanity is a mindvirus of the worst order and offers a jew as the object of veneration. It is simply judaism 2.0. It is Judaism for the cattle much like Freemasonry. All are simply fronts for Jewish domination of the Gentile nations.

ricck lineheart
ricck lineheart
8 August, 2019 9:33 am

The John Hagee and Benny Hinns of America use the stadium size mega churches to promote the Jew as being more advanced more intelligent and still as ” Gods Chosen. “………………… Its too bad the self proclaimed ” Judeo/Christians ” that pay out of their pockets for a seat to hear the twisted version of the Bible as they and others now preach . The Church is filled with LGBTand other alphabetized people in the pews and pulpit . Christianity is a dying belief in America thanks to the Jew and supporters in the lie of Gods Chosen …And this has given rise to Paganism which will become an enemy of the Jew as more and more people are leaving the Christian Church in search of something else than a… Read more »