“Jewish Power 100” List Cites Trump’s Daughter, Vladimir Putin, Rupert Murdoch, 97 Others as Helpful to Jews


Garry Kasparov, ferocious Jewish opponent of Putin, was also listed; along with “conservative” sellout Rush Limbaugh; “Holocaust” mythmaker Elie Wiesel; Pedophile Island regular visitor Alan Dershowitz; Christian Zionist John Hagee; and the owner of the Republican party, Sheldon Adelson.

AN ECLECTIC CAST of characters gathered inside Broadway’s Gotham Hall on Monday night where The Algemeiner, a conservative-leaning Jewish-American newspaper, unveiled its “Jewish 100” list. (ILLUSTRATION: From left: Dovid Efune, Michael Gove, Rupert Murdoch and Simon Jacobson at Jewish 100 Gala)

This year’s “Jewish 100” includes the billionaire media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, British Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ivanka Trump (who is married to the publisher of the Observer). These five, along with the 95 others, were honored and celebrated at the gala because they were deemed by The Algemeiner to have a “positive influence on Jewish life.”

At the gala both Mr. Levy and Mr. Gove received the ostentatiously named “Warrior for Truth Award.” Mr. Gove, who was introduced as a “potential future Prime Minister” by Rupert Murdoch, had harsh words for the Boycott, Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel in his acceptance speech, describing it as the “new antisemitism.” Mr. Murdoch struggled to be heard above the din of an unshushable crowd, but Mr. Gove faced no trouble broadcasting his booming British wit above the chattering diners, who broke into applause several times in recognition of his point that nations where anti-semitism is rising are failing nations.

Mr Levy’s speech took a similarly strong tone, delineating three “battles” that must be fought against “anti-Zionism, against the denial of the Holocaust and against the…so-called competition of victims.”

When Algemeiner editor Dovid Efune spoke to the audience of 600, he said, boldly, that “the world has been mended by [The Algemeiner’s] coverage.” Google changing its “algorithm to remove anti-semitic entries” and universities cracking down on the on-campus “intimidation of Jewish students,” were two examples Mr Efune gave of The Algemeiner’s world-healing influence.

The Gala was also something of a birthday celebration for The Algemeiner with Mr. Murdoch, who was accompanied by his wife Jerry Hall, congratulating the newspaper on reaching its forty-fourth year of publication.

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Source: Observer

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Tonatiu Haruki
Tonatiu Haruki
13 June, 2022 10:21 pm

Lets not forget Vladimir Putin relation with the World Jewish Congress and the fact that this institution has leading figures like David de Rotshchild, also Putin alignated with the palndemic and the Bank of Russia is looking into the BIS digital CDBC currency, specially now that they have an excuse to introduce them sayin is to fight back the swift system and sanctions. Vladimir Putin visited by Ronald Lauder from the WJC and being congratulated for being helpfull in the fight against antisemitism. David de Rotschild member and Chairman of the govening board of the World Jewish Congress. WJC gives the Theodor Herzl Award to the UN General Secretary, CEO of Pfizer, Jacob Rotschild. etc. European Jewish Congress delegation met today with the President of… Read more »