White Faces of Power? – An Open Letter to the New York Times


by Giuseppe Furioso

TO THE Editor: In today’s Times (Feb. 28, 2016) we are shown the faces of some 503 individuals, who according to reporters Haeyoun Park, Josh Keller, and Josh Williams are, “the most powerful people in American culture, government, education, and business.”

Only 43 of these movers and shakers are classified as “minority” and the rest are called White — which explains the title of the article, “The Faces of American Power, Nearly as White as the Oscar Nominees.

To the authors this lack of proportional representation by minorities is a blatant example of “inequality.” But if there are too few minorities to satisfy the demands of proportionality then there must be too many of those who are not minority.

To simply lump all Whites together is disingenuous since the authors must know that some supposed “Whites” are more overly represented than others.

For example, are there too many Polish Americans on the list or Italian Americans or German and Irish Americans? I don’t think so. But what about Jews, who — although they are less than 3% of the nation’s population — constitute 18% of the Senate, 40% of the Supreme Court, more than 50% of the nation’s billionaires, the majority of the owners of all professional sports teams, the overwhelming majority of media executives as well as the owners of most of the nation’s newspapers and publishing houses? Why don’t the authors highlight their faces so that Americans can see who really wields disproportionate power in America?


Giuseppe Furioso

EDITOR’S NOTE: Another interesting aspect of the New York Times propaganda piece is that it not only fails to list the most hostile minority to White interests — Jews — as a minority, but it also consistently lists persons of completely White ancestry as “minority” if they happen to have a Spanish surname. What nonsense!

In the illustration at the top of this article, the original of which was taken directly from the Times piece, they show us twenty Hollywood executives and then tell us:

“We selected studio executives who decide which movie ideas come to fruition. All are white, with the exception of Kevin Tsujihara, the chief executive of Warner Bros. Entertainment. Minorities are also underrepresented among directors, writers and actors.”

In reality, of the 19 “Whites” shown, 15 are Jews. (Kevin Feige may or may not be Jewish, but his mentor at Marvel Studios was Avi Arad, a Jew, and the parent company of Marvel is thoroughly-Jewish Disney.)

Those who run the New York Times are conscious, Jewish-controlled, genocidal liars.

* * *

Source: Author and National Vanguard correspondents


Selections from the New York Times article:

The Faces of American Power, Nearly
as White as the Oscar Nominees


We reviewed 503 of the most powerful people in American culture, government, education and business, and found that just 44 are minorities. Any list of the powerful is subjective, but the people here have an outsize influence on the nation’s rules and culture.

After some years of progress, the diversity of the corporate elite has stalled in recent years, said Richard Zweigenhaft, a professor at Guilford College who studies executive diversity. “Once that barrier is broken, there may be a little less pressure to keep appointing people from that previous excluded category,” he said….

Just two minorities have ever been presidents of Ivy League institutions. In 2001, Brown University appointed the first African-American leader, Ruth Simmons. Eight years later, Dartmouth appointed the first Asian-American leader, Jim Yong Kim. Both officials have since left those posts….

In the history of the Senate, there have been just 12 Republican and 14 Democratic senators who were not white. Six of them are now in office. Two of the three Hispanic senators – Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas – are running for president.

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