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Think, People, Think: A “Free Press” is Not Enough

It isn’t government censors who are generating all the fake news, lies, and omissions of the media. So what is it?

by David Sims

ALTHOUGH a free press, one not subject to government censorship or unreasonable obstruction, is necessary to the public’s welfare, it isn’t sufficient. The other half of the story is censorship and bias by the journalists themselves.

Right now, journalists (not the government) are choosing not to write news stories about crimes committed by racial and religious minorities, or to skew the impact of such stories by a misuse of emphasis and omission. If they write a story about minority crime at all, then they will use a soft focus, will blur the details, or will try to direct the reader’s concern toward inappropriate objects.

For example, when a Black Muslim immigrant, serving as a police officer in Minneapolis, responded to a report of sexual assault by shooting the woman who had called for his help, the media didn’t present as much detail as they should have, and they additionally tried to route reader concern toward the “Muslim community” who were allegedly fearful of “backlash.” That’s inappropriate. The concern should remain with the victim of the crime, which actually did happen, and not engage in speculations about who might possibly have reasons to regret the crime later.

But that’s the kind of thing the Jewish-owned mainstream media do.

If a criminal is White, the media make certain that everyone in the country knows that fact immediately. But if the criminal is Black, then usually not a word is said about his race, and the interested reader must search for his photo, which might have been made very hard to find.

So, yes, every free country must have an free press, a free array of radio and TV broadcasters, and free speech online. But freedom by itself isn’t enough. The ownership of the press must be diverse, such that it isn’t possible for any part of its ownership to censor, or lay significant pressure upon, or enjoy financial advantages relative to, any other part.

As things stand presently, the Jews have mainstream journalism almost in total lockstep, and voices that say things that the Jews don’t like have difficulty being heard.

In other words, it isn’t only the government who can impose harm to the public through censorship, bias in choosing what to report and what not to report, slanting the news coverage, improper use of emphasis, improper omissions of details, and so on. Private groups organized to pursue their own interests at the expense of the public interest can do the same thing just as effectively.

The Jewish stranglehold on the mass media must be broken. When that is done, and the press remains free, then it will be a better service to the public.

Elections in the United States are, without exception, corrupted by the fact that the knowledge about the candidates, available to the public, is filtered by a media establishment largely owned and run by Jews. Regime change by the American people is not something that our elections really do. Real regime change hasn’t happened since the American Revolutionary War.

If Americans ever reach the point of organization from which another revolution might become possible, then there is a simple way to describe the Jewish-owned “mainstream” media: Legitimate military targets.

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  1. JimB
    12 August, 2017 at 5:33 am — Reply

    “The ownership of the press must be diverse…” Yes, but with that diversity being among OUR PEOPLE ONLY. I mean White people of European descent, not necessarily people of our particular world-view. But most certainly, in an ideal situation we wouldn’t let jews within a hundred miles of one of our media-producing enterprises. Or blacks or any other alien.

    Great article, David (and Chris). Most of the Alt-Lite Conservacucks of course do indeed think that “a free press” is best, blithely ignoring the element of jewish monopoly and jewish subversion. Those types I fear will never get it… or never admit the real problem, much less take any action to correct it. They can be summarized in a quote I recently heard Alex Jones make on his gate-keeping Infowars show: “I don’t care if the United States is 80% brown in thirty years, as long as they’re pro-gun, pro-family, want to go to the stars, want to have freedom and don’t want to be slaves.” If that isn’t all-out cuckery, I don’t know what is! And that’s, like I said, a pretty accurate summary of the average “muh Constitution” White normie.

    Anyway, thank you for another fine article. The National Alliance has such a treasure-trove in folks like yourself, keep up the good work and stay strong! Hail victory.

    • Thomas Plaster
      12 August, 2017 at 1:36 pm — Reply

      JimB: I heard Alex Jones with Pat Buchanan express something very similar. All he cared about, in regard to America’s multi racial population, was that they cared about low taxes, constitutional gov’t, gun ownership, law and order, free enterprise et alia.

      Jones doesn’t seem to understand that non-Whites are fundamentally different than Whites. They want different things. Most of all, they want political/legal power over Whites. Yeah, blacks and other non-Whites want to own guns for their personal safety, not pay taxes anymore than necessary, etc. But only in the context of what is good for their race and the hell with Whites.

      Non-Whites want “constitutional gov’t”, but only that which is defined by LEFTIST judges (playing legislator on the bench), not what is actually written in the document.

      Non-Whites want to pay lower taxes than they are now. But not for the same reasons that Whites do. Non-Whites want the tax burden shifted onto Whites (hell, it already is) so that they, the non-White, pay less. Non-Whites do not want less gov’t (as do many Whites) so that lower taxes can be accomplished. Non-Whites want the same level of gov’t, just paid for by Whites.

      Non-Whites want gun ownership, but not for the same reasons as Whites. Whites want it to prevent total/absolute gov’t. Non-Whites want to own guns to fight back against White cops who try to arrest them for their (blatantly obvious) crime they commit. Don’t believe me? Look at all the venom spewed at a few White cops injuring a non-White (usually resisting arrest) while nothing much is said about the outright carnage that non-Whites (usually negroes) do to each other. One would think their focus would be on the largest source of violence toward negroes; other negroes. But no, it is supposed White cops “hunting” negroes. Most of which are hoaxes, anyway.

      Clean out the (non-White) demographics in America and all the problems (White) America faces will clear up.

      • 12 August, 2017 at 4:41 pm — Reply

        Alex Jones has a jewish wife. That’s why he’s controlled opposition and will never bring up the j-word or the race issue, which is integral to the jewish plan for deconstructing civilization.

        • Thomas Plaster
          13 August, 2017 at 11:55 am — Reply

          Over It: I can believe it. I was wondering if Jones was a jew himself. Kind of like Mark Levin and Mike Savage; you don’t really expect to see/hear jews talking like them, having beliefs like ours.

        • JimB
          17 August, 2017 at 9:52 am — Reply

          He and she are divorced, and she has custody of their jewish children.

          But understand something, his ex-wife isn’t “why” he’s controlled opposition. Not that having a jewish wife is o’kay mind you; it’s definitely not. But the real ‘Why’ Jones is a shill for jews and their anti-White agenda (even if he often rails against the anti-White stuff) has to do with basically the same ‘Why(s)’ that other media figures shill for the jews: to line their own coffers, to remain politically correct enough to stay in good graces with (((their masters))), etc., etc. His jewish ex-wife was just a “perk” (if you can call being with one of those pushy, obnoxious demons a perk!) of being a shill… not the actual Reason itself.

      • JimB
        17 August, 2017 at 10:17 am — Reply

        Well, actually, Thomas, non-Whites do NOT, in general, want those things you mentioned, those rights that we Whites hold dear. The proof for that statement lies in the fact that non-Whites who aren’t native to America (or any European-based society) haven’t historically fought for or voted for those very rights themselves, in their own nations. In fact, the vast majority of non-Whites — the world over — have historically created for themselves or subjected themselves to (naturally, due to their lower IQ and general racial traits) every manner of dictatorship and Communist governmental ideology. If they naturally wanted the same kinds of things we Whites want from our leadership, and if they tended to demand certain rights, there would be ample record of revolutions and bloodshed related to battles over those issues. There’s not, actually… or very little.

        What non-Whites want, more than anything else, is “gimme-dats”. In their own homelands, historically, and from anyone else. Freebies. Stuff. Tangible goods… Not intangible things like Rights. They are consumers in the truest sense. Never creators, by and large. And they tend to accept any form of government which will allow them to have “gimme-dats”, even if they have nothing in the way of rights. That’s why non-White civilizations tend to be Third World hell-holes compared to Western civilization, WHITE civilization.

        And the more non-Whites come flooding into White countries, the more they replace us and become the dominant voting demographic… the less rights the (((Overseers))) will be expected to cede to those brown masses.

        THAT’S what fools like A. Jones are either to stupid to realize… or are too cowardly to admit.

        • Thomas Plaster
          17 August, 2017 at 11:58 am — Reply

          JimB: I agree. I see your point. I thought at the time of writing there might be a better way of saying this. But you seem to come closer.

          Non-Whites don’t care about gun ownership and controlling gov’t with constitutions to accomplish it. Non-Whites want gun possession so they can carry out their crime activity (usually against Whites). Non-Whites will just simply get their guns through the black market they are so talented at running.

          So many Whites don’t seem to realize that non-Whites are N … O … T the same as Whites. If non-Whites were they would have at this point in human history have had something resembling White man’s culture. But they haven’t so they’re hell bent for leather to get into White man’s countries to do what you so aptly mentioned; mooch off of Whites. They are overwhelmingly net tax consumers.

          They are not brought to White lands to help economically. That’s laughable considering all the native born USA Whites shunted aside to give some third worlder recent arrival the job or education opportunity. Whites in the USA have plenty of persons to do the jobs that exist here. We don’t need immigration and do not want it anyway. Whites are more than happy to wait for the White demographic to grow to provide the workers needed.

          Third worlders are brought here to outbreed Whites. Simple as that.

    • 12 August, 2017 at 4:44 pm — Reply

      “I don’t care if the United States is 80% brown in thirty years, as long as they’re pro-gun, pro-family, want to go to the stars, want to have freedom and don’t want to be slaves.”

      What the fools don’t realize is that pro-gun, pro-family, pro-freedom and scientific exploration are all values/traits of the White race that will continue to diminish and disappear when Whites do. You can’t have one without the other.

      • JimB
        17 August, 2017 at 10:18 am — Reply

        Exactly. Spot on. See my comment above to Thomas.

    13 August, 2017 at 1:37 am — Reply

    I will get to the point. The only solution is white revolution – Quote from WLP.

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