Sweden: “We Must Take Our Country Back” — New Group, National Future, Patrols the North Sea to Stop Invaders


A NEW GROUP of patriot “migrant hunters” are patrolling Sweden’s southern coast by speedboat in a bid to tackle illegal immigration.

The group also carry out military-style foot patrols on the streets.

Nationell Framtid’s boats monitor the strait of Öresund, a three-mile stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden, for illegal migrants — who they say are entering Sweden with the help of organized criminal gangs and left-wing Danish “do-gooders who think they are helping.”

Their uniforms — all-black but punctuated with bright red insignia — are a distinctive and unmistakable sight on the misty water.

Dennis Ljung, 31, leads the patrol — his group, Nationell Framtid, (meaning National Future) emerged for the first time in April last year during the “migrant” crisis.

“We need to take our country back. Our aim is to cleanse our nation and be free of all immigrants. What we do out on the ocean is just a small step to stop the mass immigration we have faced for decades,” he said.

He states that his group communicates with the Soldiers of Odin — a group of patriots patrolling Finland’s streets to prevent migrant sex attacks, but adds “We are a broader organisation than them. We have a written manifesto that outlines our political views, and a code of conduct for how members of Nationell Framtid are supposed to behave — we are not supposed to use violence unless it is necessary for example. I wouldn’t say that we are an organization of ‘Nazis,'” as the controlled media are constantly repeating. “Of course we have members who have been involved in that movement, but we are strong nationalists. That is it.”


Members of Nationell Framtid have been drawn to the group for different reasons, but one thing is clear — they feel the government is not doing enough to prevent illegal immigration to Sweden.

Their modus operandi on the water is simple. Two small speedboats patrol the strait, three men per boat who work 5 or 6 days each week. To help them track down their target “suspicious boats,” they’re armed with radar, radios, binoculars and intelligence from supporters in Denmark who tip them off to when and where smugglers cross.

Once their target is acquired, the team spring into action. Charging through the waters at full speed, shouting warnings through a megaphone, the men tell the captain to stop and that they have called the police — then shadow them until they leave the Swedish coastline and return to Denmark. If they refuse, the men maneuver their small speedboat in front of the boat to stop them from progressing and announce: “We won’t leave until you turn around.”

“All boats that we challenge have turned around and gone back to Denmark,” Dennis stated. “In most cases we haven’t actually seen any immigrants, we just know that they are inside the boats.”

At first, their aggressive tactics caused alarm, now “but people are used to us and seem to accept what we are doing. Some even praise us since the Coast Guard is not doing its job.”

According to Dennis, the team stop an average of four boats daily.

It can be a lonely and isolating task but the team insist they like to be away from the “idiots that can provoke you on land.”

The organization’s motto is “Nemo me impune lacessit,” Latin for “No one provokes me with impunity.”

32B32D6600000578-3516388-Uniform_The_men_are_armed_with_radars_and_binoculars_to_track_bo-a-32_1459438248073He states that National Future patrols have caught “loads of boats and ships containing illegal immigrants.”

Dennis says the authorities are lazy: “There are so many lazy policemen and Coast Guard men who do not have the guts to go out on the water when it is freezing outside. We are here and we are here to stay!”

The group are convinced their movements are being monitored by the authorities, and perform a full background checks on reporters before allowing interviews — their standard procedure before meeting anyone new.

“We call the Tax Office to see if the person really exists — they could be a left wing extremist in disguise and in rare cases we also call the District Court where the person is living to see if they are convicted of any crimes,” Dennis explained.

One member said he joined Nationell Framtid because he “felt a need to do something against illegal immigration. This should be the government’s job, but they have failed to do anything. Groups like ours show that the Government cannot perform its basic duties.”

As well as patrolling the sea, Nationell Framtid members carry out military-style foot patrols to keep the streets of the coastal town Helsingborg “safe from criminal scum.”

They have also organized a soup kitchen for homeless Swedes, claiming that they are a non-profit organization for Swedes who want to “keep our nation safe and Swedish.”

They say they operate 24-hour surveillance on the strait and have more manpower now after the border controls were put in place.

When the “migration” crisis was at its peak, 10,000 invaders arrived in Sweden every week from Denmark using the bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen and the ferries between Helsingör and Helsingborg.


Johan Larsson, special prosecutor in Malmö, admits there has been a spike in crimes involving smuggling immigrants illegally into Sweden from Denmark, especially after the new border controls was implemented.

National Alliance spokesman Kevin Alfred Strom, in the US, approved of National Future’s actions: “What we need is patriotic action like this on a much larger scale — continent-wide and even race-wide. All White nations need to take whatever actions are necessary to keep their nations White. I honor the members of National Future and applaud their bravery. We need all able White people to step up as they have done.”

* * *

Source: Norwegian Defence League and National Alliance

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17 May, 2017 6:48 am

Great action by these Swedish patriots. Let all White patriots emulate these warriors who fight for the freedom of every single White.

Invisible Man
Invisible Man
10 June, 2019 12:53 pm

We had the Minuteman Project patrolling our Southern border with that dog pile, Mexico, but it received no support, or even thanks, from G.W. Bush, the guy with the marbles in his mouth. Instead, they got plenty of harassment, by the Administration, and the complicit News Media. All Barry did was turn the spigot on full, and we were then inundated by the unwashed masses from all over the undesirable parts of the world. Thanks, you two, for screwing up our Country. Under Barry, we had “Fast and Furious” gun running to Mexico, which killed U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, but no one from that Administration went to Prison for that. Of course, that scheme was to try and end-run around our GOD-given, Natural, and Unalienable Rights enshrined in… Read more »