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Benjamin Freedman: Defector from Jewish Supremacism, Part 3

Four JewsTo comprehend the actions of the neocon war party who control the Bush administration, it is important to understand that they are just the latest actors in a drama that goes back to the Woodrow Wilson presidency.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

ON LAST WEEK’S BROADCAST I began the long-lost 1975 article by Jewish defector Benjamin H. Freedman, “Why Congress is Crooked or Crazy or Both.” On today’s program we present the second and concluding segment of this piece. Today you’ll learn the inside story on how the Jewish power structure has been misusing American citizens and soldiers for almost 100 years — and how their intrigues brought the US into both world wars and into a dangerous alliance with Israel which now has brought us to the brink of World War III. (ILLUSTRATION: United by blood, these four Jews — Benjamin Freedman, Chaim Weizmann, Louis Brandeis, and Samuel Untermyer — worked for the same ends. They carried out a successful conspiracy to capture the government of the United States in order to use it to advance the cause of Zionism — and it is still being so used today. But one of them broke ranks and informed on his fellows. This is his amazing story of intrigue, deception, adultery, blackmail, and terror.)

You’ll understand that the Jewish power structure supported Germany initially, since the Kaiser’s Germany was probably the most pro-Jewish country in Europe — but that they betrayed their friends the instant they saw an advantage in doing so, and that advantage came when Britain promised Palestine to the Zionists.

You’ll see that even in 1917, Jewish power was so great that when Britain wanted to influence US foreign policy, they went to Jewish leaders — not Americans — to get what they wanted.

You’ll learn how actual blackmail over a love affair was used by the Jews against President Wilson. You’ll see how powerful Jews used the leverage they had over the President whose secrets they knew to get one of their tribe appointed for the first time to the US Supreme Court.

To understand what has happened to America — why we are making war against those who never made war on us in the Middle East — and why our government puts the interests of Jews and other aliens above the interests of American citizens — sit back, relax, and learn the real history of our times presented by an insider who lived it, Mr. Benjamin Freedman, next on American Dissident Voices.

Why Congress is Crooked or Crazy or Both

(self-published, New York, 1975)

by Benjamin H. Freedman

Founder, 1946, League for Peace with Justice in Palestine

Mr. James A. Malcolm was an Oxford-educated Armenian who had been appointed to take charge of Armenian interests during and after the War. In his official capacity as advisor to the British Government on Eastern affairs… he had frequent contact with the Cabinet Office, the Foreign Office, the War Office and the French and other Allied embassies in London and made visits to Paris for consultation with his colleagues and leading French officials.

He was passionately devoted to an Allied victory. While his home in London was being bombed by the Germans in 1944, he prepared the following account which speaks for itself. Mr. Malcolm feared he would not survive, and prepared the following which he deposited in the British Museum for the benefit of posterity. It has become one of the most important documents explaining how the United States was railroaded into World War I, and follows here:

“During one of my visits to the War Cabinet Office in Whitehall Gardens in the late summer of 1916 I found Sir Mark Sykes less buoyant than usual… I enquired what was troubling him… [H]e spoke of military deadlock in France, the growing menace of submarine warfare, the unsatisfactory situation which was developing in Russia and the general bleak outlook… [T]he Cabinet was looking anxiously for United States intervention…”[H]e had thought of enlisting the substantial Jewish influence in the United States but had been unable to do so… [R]eports from America revealed a very pro-German tendency among the wealthy American-Jewish bankers and bond houses, nearly all of German origin, and among Jewish journalists who took their cue from them… I inquired what special argument or consideration had the Allies put forward to win over American Jewry… Sir Mark replied that he made use of the same argument as used elsewhere, viz., that we shall eventually win and it was better to be on the winning side…

“I informed him that there was a way to make American Jewry thoroughly pro-Ally, and make them conscious that only an Allied victory could be of permanent benefit to Jewry all over the world… I said to him, ‘You are going the wrong way about it… do you know of the Zionist Movement?’… Sir Mark admitted ignorance of this movement and I told him something about it and concluded by saying, ‘You can win the sympathy of the Jews everywhere in one way only, and that way is by offering to try and secure Palestine for them’… Sir Mark was taken aback. He confessed that what I had told him was something quite new and most impressive…

“He told me that Lord Milner was greatly interested to learn of the Jewish Nationalist movement but could not see any possibility of promising Palestine to the Jews… I replied that it seemed to me the only way to achieve the desired result, and mentioned that one of President Wilson’s most intimate friends, for whose humanitarian views he has the greatest respect, was Justice Brandeis of the Supreme Court, who was a convinced Zionist…

“[I]f he could obtain from the War Cabinet an assurance that help would be given towards securing Palestine for the Jews, it was certain that Jews in all neutral countries would become pro-British and pro-Ally… I said I thought it would be sufficient if I were personally convinced of the sincerity of the Cabinet’s intentions so that I could go to the Zionists and say, ‘If you help the Allies, you will have the support of the British in securing Palestine for the Jews’…

“[A] day or two later, he informed me that the Cabinet had agreed to my suggestion and authorized me to open negotiations with the Zionists … the messages which were sent to the Zionist leaders in Russia were intended to hearten them and obtain their support for the Allied cause… other messages were sent to Jewish leaders in neutral countries and the result was to strengthen the pro-Allied sympathies of Jews everywhere…

“[A] wealthy and influential anti-Zionist Jewish banker there was shown the telegram announcing the provisional promise of Palestine to the Jews… he was very much moved and said, ‘How can a Jew refuse such a gift?’…

“[A]ll these steps were taken with the full knowledge and approval of Justice Brandeis, between whom and [Zionist leader] Dr. Weizmann there was an active interchange of cables… [A]fter many anxious weeks and months, my seed had borne fruit and the Government had become an ally of Zionism… the Declaration is dated 2nd November, 1917, and is known to history as the Balfour Declaration… its obligation to promise British help for the Jews to obtain Palestine.”

Chaim Weizmann notified the leading Zionist in the USA, Supreme Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis, that Great Britain had promised Palestine to “the Jews of the World” if President Wilson would declare war on Germany and come into the war as Great Britain’s ally.

Supreme Court Justice Brandeis had been appointed to the United States Supreme Court at the suggestion of the powerful Jewish attorney Mr. Samuel Untermyer. Mr. Untermyer had been retained by a former sweetheart of then-President Woodrow Wilson to bring a breach-of-promise action against him shortly after he was installed in the White House. Mr. Untermyer’s client was seeking forty thousand dollars from President Wilson which he was unable to raise. To be of assistance to his friend, President Wilson, in the predicament in which he found himself, Mr. Untermyer volunteered to pay the forty-thousand dollars to President Wilson’s former sweetheart from his personal funds if in return President Wilson promised to appoint to the first vacancy on the United States Supreme Court the person Mr. Untermyer designated.

The day soon arrived when the vacancy on the Court occurred. Mr. Untermyer submitted the name of his friend, Louis Dembitz Brandeis, a [Jewish] Boston lawyer, to fill the vacancy. Mr. Untermyer explained that he was motivated by the fact that no Jew had ever occupied a seat on the United States Supreme Court, and for that reason he would like to see Mr. Brandeis appointed.

President Wilson and Justice Brandeis both knew the circumstances under which his appointment took place. They became close personal friends. President Wilson came to rely upon Justice Brandeis as an advisor in matters of state. When Chaim Weizmann confided in Justice Brandeis that he had made this arrangement with the British War Cabinet, he also told President Wilson that Germany had supplied provocation and justification for a US declaration of war against Germany. [But] President Wilson was running for re-election that year under the slogan “He Kept Us Out of War.” Justice Brandeis was unable to urge President Wilson to declare war against Germany at that time. Further evidence of German “guilt” was needed. [And so, it was provided.]

The publicity given to the alleged attack by Germany on the S.S. Sussex passenger ferry plying between Dover and Calais and the loss of 38 American lives led to the declaration of war by the USA against Germany on April 6, 1917. The S.S. Sussex had actually been concealed in a small port in the north of England and no American lives had been lost. The entrance of the USA into the war as Great Britain’s ally in World War I resulted in the crushing defeat of Germany in 1918.

After the entry of the USA into the war in Europe the attitude of many Jews in Germany underwent a change. Since the enactment in 1840 of the Emancipation Edict, the Jews in Germany [had been] accorded equal rights with other German citizens. They were free from the quota systems prevailing in all other countries of Europe. The Jews from all other countries in Europe where the quota system was practiced flocked to Germany in great numbers for education and business. Prior to the Balfour declaration, most Jews were pro-German. But when International Zionism got its promise of Palestine from Britain, everything changed. Jews, including many Jews in Germany, worked in every way possible for a German defeat. That, along with the extremely crippling and vindictive terms of the 1918 peace, was the main underlying cause for much of the anti-Jewish feeling in Germany after the war. Thus Jewish intrigues to obtain Palestine for themselves determined the outcome of World War I and also set the stage for World War II.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt liquidated his obligations to the Jews by maneuvering the USA into World War II. Germany offered the USA no justification or provocation to enter the war then in progress in Europe. President Roosevelt was hard-pressed to find an excuse to declare war on Germany. President Roosevelt was being pressed in the USA by the Jews to enter the war — a difficult proposition in a mostly anti-war US and without any provocation or justification by Germany.

The hand-written diary of the Hon. Henry L. Stimson, President Roosevelt’s Secretary of Defense, can be examined in the room in Yale University reserved for his papers. In his diary, Stimson states how President Roosevelt managed to railroad the USA into World War II in Europe against Germany. President Roosevelt was compelled to railroad the USA into the war against Germany, in Stimson’s words, “through the back door.”

In Secretary Stimson’s diary he recalls a Cabinet meeting called by President Roosevelt to explain how he wanted to provoke a war with Japan but that he did not want it to appear the USA “fired the first shot.” President Roosevelt’s reason for provoking a war with Japan was to be at war with Germany. Japan, Germany, and Italy had a Tri-Partite agreement. That agreement provided that if either Japan, Germany or Italy were at war that the other two would go to war simultaneously with the same enemy.

When President Roosevelt provoked Japan to attack the USA at Pearl Harbor by denying scrap steel and oil exports to Japan, who was then at war with China, the USA was, by treaty, immediately at war with Germany also. The formal declaration of war followed. Germany had done nothing to the USA to warrant a declaration of war against her. The foregoing indicates the manner in which the USA might become a party in World War III although doing nothing to justify or provoke it.

Upon the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in April 1945, Harry S. Truman became President of the USA. President Truman is guilty of two acts that did more to undermine the reputation of the USA throughout the world than most Americans realize. President Truman recognized the armed uprising in Palestine by the six hundred thousand illegally transplanted Zionists as the spurious so-called “State of Israel,” and he gave the order to drop the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

President Truman’s political history prior to his election as the Senator from Missouri was limited to his experience as a ward-heeler in Kansas City in the service of Tom Pendergast, the political boss of that town, whose career ended in prison. Before entering politics President Truman had failed in the haberdashery business. A promissory note given to his creditors to avoid bankruptcy was paid by Truman’s friends to the bank which held the note to avoid public repudiation of the note prior to his becoming President of the USA.

President Truman was apparently willing to move heaven and earth to be elected President of the USA in his own right in the 1948 election. His reputation was a great handicap. The odds against his being elected President of the USA in the 1948 election were 40 to 1. President Truman then sought the assistance of the invisible and invincible political underworld of the Jews, with whom he had enjoyed a relationship for many years, and he lost no time in entering into an arrangement with them to support him in the 1948 election, [though he would later state that he resented their hold on him.] The Jewish Chronicle of London in its April 10, 1958 issue published a blow-by-blow three-page account of how President Truman secured the support of the Jews. The account in the Chronicle was written by the Honorable Eliahu Elath, Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Ambassador Elath on May 14, 1948 was the representative of the Jewish Agency at their Washington, D.C. office.

In his article Ambassador Elath recalled his conversations with Mr. Clark Clifford, at that time a member of the White House staff and one of President Truman’s confidential advisors often detailed for “special duties” — matters regarded as requiring tact and patience at the White House. When President Truman was elected, Mr. Clark Clifford was then a young lawyer practicing in St. Louis who had moved to Washington and “soon established for himself a solid position at the White House.”

Ambassador Elath’s article continues “On the morning of Friday, May 14, 1948 about 11 A.M. my secretary came into my room at the Washington office of the Jewish Agency and said ‘Mr. Clark Clifford of the White House is on the line and would like to speak to you.'” The following conversation ensued:

Clifford: “Can you tell me what the situation now is? Will you be proclaiming the establishment of your state as has been stated?” Elath: “I have no doubt we shall; in fact, I am expecting to get an official statement to that effect any minute now.”

Ambassador Elath states that it could be assumed that their “Declaration of Independence” had already been proclaimed during the morning. He stated it was thus probable that the “Act of Independence” would become effective only when the British Mandate over Palestine expired at midnight, to which Mr. Clifford replied:

If that is so, then I can inform you personally that the President had decided to recognize your State from the hour of its birth.”

If President Truman had not entered into this illegal, immoral and criminal conspiracy with Ambassador Elath on behalf of “the Jews of the world,” the two hundred million grass-roots Americans would not be suffering the consequences of the existence of the spurious so-called “State of Israel.” The source of the pressure brought to bear on President Truman for him to order the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is equally spectacular but not necessary and can be deferred without any harm to the public interest.

There will be no winners in World War III. There will be no winners anywhere in the world. Those who survive World War III will live to regret they did. The two hundred million grass-roots Americans will learn what defeat means in a nuclear war. Their blind spot is their inability to understand the pressure upon Congress exerted by the Jews.

The promise of Palestine by Great Britain to “the Jews of the world” was dishonest and dishonorable. Great Britain never owned a stick or stone in Palestine. The promise of Palestine gave nothing away because the Rothschilds and other Jewish financiers were in effect promising it to themselves when the promise was made to “the Jews of the world.”

By what stretch of the imagination has Congress since May 14, 1948 justified the USA attitude toward the desire by the Christians and Moslems of the indigenous population of Palestine to enjoy their legitimate rights? When the occupying countries were compelled to withdraw from Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Indo-China, the Congo, and Tanganyika did the US Congress support illegally-transplanted thieves and murderers with countless billions of dollars and the most modern military equipment to invade and occupy any of these countries which had proclaimed themselves as independent sovereign states? No, the indigenous populations of those countries were given independence and self-determination. Why was it different with Palestine? There is only one answer: Jewish power.

This author supplied every member of every Congress since 1946 with countless documents establishing beyond all question of any doubt the legitimate rights of the indigenous Christian and Moslem population of Palestine for 17 centuries. The question remains unanswered: Was Congress crooked or crazy or both?

You have been listening to the words of Jewish insider and defector from the Jewish power structure Mr. Benjamin H. Freedman.

* * *

Source: American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 4, 2004

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