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This Is Not a Democracy

Illinois rally shut downby Andrew Hamilton

“If voting could change anything, they would make it illegal.”

THIS IS not a democracy. Not only the United States, but all formerly White countries in North America, Australia-New Zealand, and Europe — East, West, North, and South. First World Rhodesia, South Africa, and South West Africa are also gone. (ILLUSTRATION: “Spontaneous” mass action shuts down a Trump rally in Illinois)

Jews and allied elites cut the throat of Western civilization, and now jeer as it bleeds to death.

Racially-aware observers opposed to genocide are for the most part ideologically and philosophically anti-democratic. They contend democracy is a great evil. This attitude may be shortsighted, but it doesn’t matter at the moment because we aren’t living in a democracy and haven’t lived in one for a long time. If you’re going to hate something, hate it for what it is, not for what it isn’t.

Communists called their regimes “people’s democracies,” though they weren’t democracies any more than the present tyranny is. The same people call what we have today “liberal democracy,” but it isn’t liberal and isn’t democracy.

To cite just one example, during my lifetime Left-wing mobs have regularly massed, shouted, threatened, and practiced criminal violence unpunished by the authorities at their opponents’ campaign rallies, marches, in the streets, outside legislatures, courtrooms, government agencies, police stations, private residences and places of business, as well as on private property where Politically Incorrect closed meetings large and small were held. Jews, Negroes, Mexicans, Middle Eastern imports, anti-White racists, feminists, anti-Christian bigots, homosexuals, you name it.

In addition to physically attacking and injuring people and causing enormous property damage with impunity, they criminally riot, loot, and burn on a massive scale in what amount to tightly controlled surveillance and police states.

Yet the media, national and local, which report sympathetically on these supposedly “spontaneous” events (the reports are invariably sympathetic), never tell the public who these Left-wing individuals and organizations are (beyond meaningless front names intended to deceive), who controls and funds them, who arranges logistics, or who defends wrongdoers when they are threatened with a slap on the wrist.

Any honest journalist in a free society would tell the public these things; they are essential to informed public opinion. Any honest news organization would report the facts.

Instead, Politically Correct mob action is solemnly presented as “spontaneous,” giving expression to the noble aspirations of oppressed victims of evil White society.

Agitators also enjoy protection via non-enforcement of laws. Back of this lies enormous political, racial, social, and financial power. It’s a top-down charade, and everyone — police, prosecutors, judges, legislators, everyone — is in on it.

Left-wing mob action is never truly spontaneous. It is orchestrated, set in motion, and stage-managed by people in power. You’ve seen it at Trump’s rallies. You’ve seen it all of your lives.

It is naked, unfettered power, not “democracy,” and renders peaceful social change impossible. Even genocide has been removed from public discussion.

Overcoming anti-democratic regimes requires creative thinking at the highest level, extraordinarily innovative action, and an ability to maneuver provided by severe yet exploitable strains within the ranks of the ruling class.

Every White racialist, everyone opposed to the current social order and policy of genocide, every anti-totalitarian, indeed everyone deeply opposed to the prevailing zeitgeist, must jettison naïveté and think realistically in terms of power.

Jews are gangsters and murderers. They have absorbed into themselves the organs of mass culture and the state at every level.

What matters now is Jewish power, media power, the power of the anti-White surveillance state, intelligence agencies, police, prosecutors, judges, academics, money, demographics, and so forth. More than that: these factors are in a state of constant flux and change.

Because we no long have democracy, replacement migration, racial oppression, discrimination, dispossession, murder, and genocide cannot be stopped though voting, any more than Rhodesians or South Africans stopped them.

Because freedom of speech is a prerequisite to democracy, it, too, has been discarded. This means you cannot blog or tweet your way out of the predicament, either.

Evildoers obsessed with destroying the White race and Western civilization have left their victims no legitimate way out.

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Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
1 April, 2016 11:57 pm

I agree that violence is the only (final) solution they have left us with, which is why they want to take our guns, but how do we organize? The Turner Diaries are upon us. What looked like fantasy when it was written is now reality. Dr. Pierce was off by a couple of decades, but he was a prophet. With the RNC openly talking about stealing the nomination from Trump and the democrats stealing it from Sanders proves to even the most duped that democracy is a sham. They will have a false flag like OKC and blame it on patriots as an excuse to take our guns and then the civil war will start (is it coincidence that the new Captain America movie is subtitled “Civil War?”) Only the… Read more »