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Remembering Dresden 2023

The bodies are counted just after Valentine’s Day, 1945, in the aftermath of the Dresden Holocaust. American author Kurt Vonnegut was there. Emerging from a shelter into the smoldering ashes of the firebombed city of civilians and refugees, he told a fellow survivor “I’ll never trust my government again.”

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 11 February, 2023

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS IS THE 30th anniversary of my original broadcast telling American Dissident Voices listeners the truth about the Allied firebomb attack on the city of Dresden.

Dresden was far from the only target of Allied terror bombing policies in World War 2, though it is — due to its being full of wounded and innocent refugees, and its total military insignificance — one of the most outrageous examples.

Again and again, American and British carpet-bombers and fighter planes dropped wave upon wave of firebombs upon German cities, specifically targeting civilians, homes, and hospitals. These mass firebombings were so overwhelmingly huge that they created a heat vortex — a literal tornado of fire extending for miles and sweeping across city and countryside — that swept up thousands upon thousands into its maw of death and boiling alive many tens of thousands more huddled in basements and underground shelters. After the first few waves of bombings, a typical Allied tactic was to return and kill as many rescue workers as possible — and even target huddled survivors who had fled to nearby parks or the countryside after their homes had been destroyed.

American fighter and bomber pilots were also required to follow the “targets of opportunity” policy — which meant that, literally, anything that moved in Germany was subject to death by strafing and bombing: farm animals, schoolchildren at play, women with strollers, cars along a highway, men and women plowing or harvesting in the fields — anything. US and UK government spokesmen lied about and denied the policy at the time, but now the truth is known for everyone to see.

Thomas Goodrich and David Irving and James Bacque been among the greatest truth-tellers about the real holocaust — the holocaust committed against the White people of Europe, beginning near the end of World War 2, especially against Germany and her allies. The images in these articles and books are graphic and horrible — but, if you are a responsible and strong man or woman, you should look without flinching. You must know what has been done in your name. You must know how you have been lied to about the “good war.” You must know and understand. And then you must act.

It happened in Hamburg too. And in numerous cities across Europe — but you haven’t been told.

A number of years ago, a certain Rabbi David Kaufman was quite upset about our truth-telling about Dresden. He feared that Germans, or perhaps even all White people, might discover that Whites were the primary victims of World War 2, not Jews. Kaufman was incensed not only by my broadcast, but by David Irving’s excellent (and best-selling) book Apocalypse 1945: the Destruction of Dresden. Kaufman wrote:

Irving wanted to argue that allied actions were as bad as those of the Nazis in relation to the Jews or worse. When you combine inflated Dresden death totals with minimized Holocaust totals you get a comparison of 250,000 or more dead in one attack at Dresden compared with 300,000 Jews dead (if we use Williamson as an example) in the camps during the entire war. This comparison further minimizes the Holocaust and does so to the point that the Germans become more the victims of genocide than the Jews were.

Remember that deniers believe that the Jews simply relocated to Israel and that relatively few died.

Let’s take a look at what one Holocaust minimizer, Kevin Alfred Strom, wrote in his article .

Strom wrote: “Despite the fact that they could clearly see that the marked target area contained hospitals and sports stadia and residential areas of center city Dresden, the bombers nevertheless obeyed orders and rained down a fiery death upon the unlucky inhabitants of that city on a scale which had never before been seen on planet Earth. Hundreds of thousands of innocents were literally consumed by fire, an actual holocaust by the true definition of the word: complete consumption by fire.”

Kaufman continues:

Look at that last sentence! “Hundreds of thousands of innocents,” “an ACTUAL holocaust by the TRUE DEFINITION of the word.” The reason that Dresden is a haven for Neo-Nazi groups is that it has been created as the anti-Jewish holocaust, a demonstration that, in essence, the Germans got it worse that the Jews ever did. The repeated use of the term “holocaust” by Strom in his article is precisely to argue that this, DRESDEN, was a holocaust and NOT what the Jews PRETEND to have been one. Guess who was Strom’s source? He tells us only a couple of paragraphs later, “I urge every one of you to read The Destruction of Dresden by David Irving. I assure you, after reading Irving’s book, you will never take seriously the Establishment’s version of what happened in that war again.”

What is frightening about the gathering of thousands at Dresden is that the gathering was about the lie, not the truth. If truth can have no purchase in the modern world and liars and deniers be given equal say to historians, we are all in for a frightening future.

Kaufman is clearly getting very emotional here, putting no fewer than six words in all caps in one paragraph alone.

To him, my essay telling the world about this horrific war crime — where more innocents were killed in one day than were killed in all of England during the whole of World War 2 — wasn’t about remembering that needless sacrifice of life at all. No, says Rabbi Kaufman, it was really about me harming Jews and Jewish interests — even though I never once mentioned Jews in my original article.

Kaufman definitely doesn’t want the National Alliance, or anyone else, to ever use the word “holocaust” to refer to anything except alleged Jewish losses in that largely Jew-instigated war. Never mind the fact that the real definition of the word “holocaust” is exactly as I stated it. Never mind the fact that innocents died in this totally unnecessary firebomb attack by the multiple thousands — even if you accept the Rabbi’s own ridiculously deflated Dresden death toll, at least an order of magnitude more than died in the 9/11 attacks, and far more than died that day in all the concentration camps run by all the belligerent powers on both sides combined, even if you accept the highest, most inflated figures that the Jews put out there. And these wounded men and women, these elderly, these nurses and doctors, these disabled, these little girls and little boys, these newborn babies in hospitals, all of them truly and undeniably and irrefutably and provably burnt alive in the most demoniacal and vicious war crime in all of recorded history.

And, what’s more, it didn’t stop with Dresden — and it didn’t even stop with Germany — and it didn’t even stop after the Germans surrendered. Study the record yourself. Take a look every day in our “This Day In History” section on Read Thomas Goodrich’s books on the subject. City after city after city after city across Europe was hit with firebombs and attack squadrons and military dictatorships deliberately murdering civilians again and again and again. And thisthis murder spree beyond imagining — is the foundation upon which Jewish tyranny has been installed over us — the inject-our-poison-or-be-fired tyranny; the let-your-child-be-sexually-mutilated-or-go-to-prison tyranny; the worship-the-raping-burning-subhumans-or-lose-everything tyranny; the keep-your-mouth-shut-or-be-falsely-accused-of-crime tyranny — all of this and much more has its roots in what happened on Valentine’s Day 1945.

* * *

Your local print shop can print our stickers in mass quantities.

Every race, every ethny, needs a healthy dose of concern for its own survival: Any people that does not make its own survival one of its highest values will simply cease to exist. But the Jewish power structure has a history of denying self-determination to other peoples, and denigrating their ethnic solidarity, calling it racial “hate” even when it clearly is no such thing. The power structure that puts out shrill propaganda claiming that “there’s no such thing as the Palestinian people” also promotes the idea that “there’s no such thing as the White race” and sometimes even insists on putting the word race itself within quotation marks.

That power structure wants to ensure that non-Jewish societies around the globe are multiracial and legally “race-blind” — policies which facilitate the maintenance of that same power structure’s colonies in those societies, and its ownership of media and financial structures there as well.

Place our consciousness-raising stickers wherever other stickers are permitted; a simple walk through your town will reveal many, many opportunities. The QR code leads to our classic article exposing the Dresden atrocity.

Meanwhile, the Zionist state, the post-1945 overclass’s own state, is an openly racial state, with its main justification being the supposed uniqueness of the persecution Jews allegedly experienced during World War 2. It is to defend the public perception of Jewish wartime suffering as somehow unique that impels Rabbi Kaufman to wax angry over my article.

A Better Way

What would help us break free from this tyranny — in addition to recognizing the inhuman mindset of the overclass that created it over the dead bodies in Dresden; in addition to realizing that this same overclass is making direct war on White people right now — would be for us to recognize that we are subject to the natural law of life expressed by biologist Raymond Hall: “Two subspecies of the same species do not occur in the same geographic area.” Professor Hall did not exclude humans from that law, saying “To imagine one subspecies of man living together on equal terms for long with another subspecies is but wishful thinking and leads only to disaster and oblivion for one or the other.”

I would say one or the other or both.

With our technological power and scientific knowledge we have the ability to force the peoples of the world to live in multiracial, money-and-power based empires that are “democratic” only in the farcical sense of the word, obliterating all genetic and cultural uniqueness as we do so — with disastrous results for human biodiversity, evolution, and progress — and literally committing suicide as a result, genocide when you consider how an alien people have propagandized and bullied us into it. That’s what we’re doing now.

But we also have the power to forge a new world and free ourselves, as the Life Force commands us. And that is the mission of the National Alliance.

Right now the leadership of the world’s wealthiest ethnic group, Rabbi Kaufman’s ethnic group, is the leading element of the tyranny that enslaves us and has slated us for the same fate as the men and women and children who never woke up on Valentine’s Day 1945.

* * *

If you would like to educate the people in your community, in hopes that such a slaughter will never be repeated — and that its instigators will be brought to justice — please distribute and display our new consciousness-raising Dresden stickers in your neighborhood. They are free. They are there in our National Alliance archive ready to be downloaded and sent to the printer of your choice. Make a hundred of them and put them up. If just 100 people put up 100 stickers each, that is 10,000 stickers. If each sticker is seen by just ten people a day — and some will be seen by many more — that’s 100,000 views. In ten days, that’s a million people. A million people knowing that there are others who care. A million people seeing that there is an alternative view. A million people being sent to our Web sites. A million people realizing that they are not alone. All from 100 people hearing my voice and doing their duty.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. This program is published every week at and Please write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your inquiries and your financial support in spreading our message of hope to our people. We also welcome your applications for membership in our community of the conscious. Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Thank you for your help.

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11 February, 2023 11:11 am

Kalergi Plan, fratricidal wars, whites killing whites for the jew. Non-white invasions. We never learn. Will the last white man kiss the jew’s feet and turn out the light of civilization?

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Jim
11 February, 2023 9:55 pm

We here at the National Alliance have learned, Jim. Our membership, supporters, visitors to National Vanguard, and so many others who have been reached in many other ways know who we are and what we do. Our enemies are getting more desperate too, turning up the volume of anti-White hate and calling for our genocide to deafening, screeching levels. They’re worried that we’re catching on.

So stop spreading a defeatist message and get with the program of the National Alliance. It’s the very minimum you can do.

Nom De Guerre
Nom De Guerre
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
12 February, 2023 2:06 pm

How can we not catch on, now that they’ve taken it this far, and rub our White faces in their hatred for us because we’re in the way of their plans for domination of at least all of the western world.
Do you think perhaps that hopefully by taking it to such extremes, they will eventually shoot them selves in the foot and it’ll blow up in their faces and be the beginning of the end for their dominance? I sure hope so.
C’mon, rabbis and your minions, keep drumming it into our heads that you want us extinct, see where that gets you reptilians in the long run.
They should’ve stuck with keeping it all sneaky and under the radar. Oops, shlomo!

Nom De Guerre
Nom De Guerre
12 February, 2023 1:57 pm

I sure appreciate you retelling the truth about the atrocities of Dresden, Kev, and I especially love that you got under a rabbi’s skin! When our race’s most influential enemy gets upset and the Pearl clutching and hand wringing kick in, we can take comfort in knowing that it’s their reaction that the Goyim know. The things they feel we must not be privy to, let alone utter it amongst our Folk and spread that truth.
Kevin, do you think we missed the memo about the Jews having a patent on the word Holocaust? Rhetorical question, but they sure act like they want to have you arrested for copyright infringement for using “their “ word to describe the unspeakable crime against our own people.

Geraint Pendragon
Geraint Pendragon
13 February, 2023 3:51 pm

Never forget that the person primarily behind the firebombing of Dresden was none other than Britain’s ‘Greatest Briton,’ the drunken, warmongering, psychopath(let’s drop anthrax bombs on Germany) Winston Churchill. Of course, it was carried out by the RAF and USAF, but Dresden wasn’t on the initial target list, it was inserted from later from higher up. The Germans somewhat naively believed that Dresden, as cultural centre of minimal strategic value, would be bypassed by the Allied Air Forces in favour of the industrial sites such as the original target Leipzig. Thus, it was more or less left undefended. Never underestimate the malevolence of our enemies whose heirs stride the corridors of power today.

14 February, 2023 9:21 pm

It’s clear to me that Dazis who perpetrated the Holocaust of Dresden and 154 other German cities, later invented their Holohoax with the obvious purpose to represent the real criminals (themselves) as victims.