Pornography as Jewish Activism and Terrorism, part 3

Portrait of Jewish pornography mogul “Seymore Butts,” aka Adam Glasser

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by Kenneth Vinther

THE PORN INDUSTRY IS notorious for sex trafficking and for taking advantage of vulnerable people; in his essays, Luke Ford has likened the porn industry to the “White slave trade.”

Last year there was a series of cases where the rapes of kidnapped, underage girls were uploaded to and featured on major Jewish porn sites which often refused to take the videos down. Additionally, last year the owners of a porn production company, Michael Pratt and Mathew Wolfe (not confirmed to be Jewish, though the former is a common Jewish surname), were charged with multiple counts of sexual trafficking. Pratt is still at large (perhaps hiding in Israel). Several years ago, Jean-François Gariépy brought attention to a similar scandal by conducting an interview with a young White girl who was lured into hardcore porn through modeling gigs and forced into acting in interracial abuse videos. Gariépy’s interview makes it horrifically clear that the girl is being viciously exploited, as she is evidently not all there and appears to have the cognitive faculties of a child, probably due to brain damage sustained from a traumatic car accident during her childhood.

On this topic, note that Jews like Seymore Butts and Mike Kulich have specialized in the “interracial abuse” porn genre, which glorifies degrading Black male on White female sexual violence. The reluctance of White female actresses to star in these films has frustrated Jewish pornographers like James Deen, who says it is “irritating and disgusting and annoying. . . It’s racist and it’s belittling and it’s keeping me from making a good product.” While this kind of “product” is less profitable, Jewish pornographers have nevertheless taken it upon themselves to normalize and promote the genre as part of a “Crusade for Racial Equality.

In this regard, the story of Greg Lansky is also extremely telling. Greg Lansky is known as the “Steven Spielberg of porn” for his work of turning porn into what Rolling Stone describes as “high art.” Lansky has also been working to “mainstream” porn by advertising to the widest audience possible: “Adult companies need to learn to have a digestible social media presence — one that is safe for work, safe for the audience that wants to enjoy the brand. If they want to cross that border for graphic 18+ content they can click a link.” Lansky is talking about advertising his product on social media platforms, where it will reach impressionable young children. For this reason, Ad Age calls Lansky “a master of SFW marketing.

As pointed out in a French article written by Jacky Goldberg, Lansky’s “art” is more than porn; it is a “political gesture.” What genre is the focus of Lansky’s “artistic” pornography? According to Rolling Stone, it is “interracial sex and. . . portrayals of White women being sexually dominated by well-endowed Black men.” To promote this genre, Lansky has also associated himself with a variety of highly influential rappers, including Kanye West. In one publicity stunt, Lansky offered Kanye a contract to direct an interracial porn film for his brand. Lansky is “congratulated by the African-American community” for his interracial pornography, and Kanye West has publicly promoted Lansky’s pornography, which West praises as his favorite genre.

Another tweet from Pornhub’s social media manager, trivializing hardcore porn consumption by children

As Lansky himself stated several paragraphs above, he sees his work in the porn industry as a fight against discrimination, so his “artistic” interracial porn brand is very obviously intended to glamourize interracial sexual relationships, specifically between Black men and White women (this should be contextualized alongside the massive push for interracial couples, largely Black men and White women again, by Jewish advertising agencies). Of course, Lansky’s product is also frequently posted alongside anti-White hate screeds and calls to “rape White bitches” on social media platforms (more on this — graphic — here). Jack Sen also argues that the distribution of interracial abuse pornography “has encouraged a rise in violent rape perpetrated by Black men against non-Black women.” As shown above with the Kanye debacle, this sort of pornography is specifically marketed towards Black and non-White men. How many of the African and Middle Eastern rapists that have sexually assaulted and murdered scores of White women and schoolchildren throughout America, Western Europe, and South Africa were consumers of pornographic material depicting small and very young-looking White women in schoolgirl costumes being violently sodomized by Africans? Note that earlier this year, an 18-year-old White French girl named Victorine Dartois was raped and murdered by a non-White man. The accused was found to be uploading drawings of his interracial sex fantasies on YouTube.

Do Jewish pornographers indulge their lust for White women with pornography, and use it to “promote miscegenation” and “increase the sexual lusts of men of color for White women?”

Verdict: guilty as sin.

The Aftermath

Discussing hardcore pornography is distasteful, but necessary, because of the absolutely profound influence internet pornography has on the collective consciousness of the modern world.

Today, roughly 89% of young men and 31% of young women admit to viewing hardcore internet pornography, and the average age of exposure is estimated to be 11 years old. Google Analytics shows that porn traffic increases 4,700% after school hours when kids get home from school. Pornography is so ubiquitous that exposure to hardcore pornography, including the depiction of particularly deviant and extreme fetish activity, has been identified by studies as a “normative” childhood experience. Understanding the full sociological ramifications of pornography is undoubtedly difficult considering the near impossibility of finding a control group that has not been exposed to hardcore pornography. However, it is very reasonable to assume that the porn industry is a profound influence, if not the central influence, on the formation of young people’s sexuality and their attitudes towards members of the opposite sex. And, as discussed above, the industry producing this material deliberately produces increasingly graphic, deviant, and hateful anti-White material designed to push the boundaries of the acceptable and to shock and desensitize viewers.

For instance, a still from an interracial abuse porn video featuring an actress with braces, pigtails, and a flat chest — i.e., made to look like a 13-year-old — surrounded by African men has become a viral meme that has been shared and adapted millions of times online. The meme is so ubiquitous that high school students imitate it. High school students as young as 16 have been following porn trends and uploading videos online depicting “them[selves] crushing small creatures to death while performing sexual acts” in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Piper Perry Surrounded meme, which has been shared and adapted millions of times online

These are just a few examples illustrating the reach and the consequences of “porn culture” on our youth. Hardcore internet pornography has been absolutely devastating to our cultural psyche. It has corrupted, defiled, and demoralized an entire generation. And the simple fact is that our Jewish friends are largely responsible for legalizing, creating, and distributing this toxic filth. They did not accomplish this by militarily occupying America, seizing the television stations, and broadcasting demoralizing pornography to the occupied civilians, just as they did in Ramallah two decades ago. They achieved this through betraying the trust of the country that rescued them from persecution in Europe and welcomed them as refugees, by manipulating its laws, and engaging in cultural warfare within a market defended by no barriers against Jewish entry. What the IDF did to demoralize the residents of Ramallah, and black operations do to demoralize Jihadi fundamentalists, has been done to the West through its entertainment industry.

Pornography — just like abortion, feminism, gay rights, and the normalization of pedophilia — is promoted by the wealthiest and most tightly organized ethnic group on the planet as a form of ethnic political activism. Jews see pornography as a tool for fighting “fascism” and social discrimination, and for making society safe for Jews. The porn industry is one branch of a large Jewish Cultural-Marxist project to deconstruct the values of White, Western civilization, to gut Western ways of constructing meaning, and to render our culture disordered and meaningless. Pornography is a weapon, a form of Jewish “cultural terrorism,” and Jews candidly admit it. Do not take my words for it. Addressing the Jewish community, Rabbi Daniel Lapin writes:

Instead of focusing on imagined enemies, we should ask whether dogmatic commitment to a secular-liberal vision is encouraging dislike for the Jewish community. Without such honest self-appraisal, Jews will become more and more disliked — not by crazed individuals but by decent Americans distressed over their rapidly deteriorating culture and the role of Jews in that agenda. It cannot escape the notice of ordinary Americans coping with the challenge of raising responsible children in a hostile world that many Jewish names and groups lead the fight for policies these Americans see as causing the country’s decline.[49]

It’s true. Decent White men everywhere are finding out.

And we are sick and tired of it.



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* * *

Source: read the full article at Birth of a New Earth; originally published at Counter-Currents

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The Truth is Out There
The Truth is Out There
14 February, 2023 6:59 pm

Very good series of articles! Four points:

Pedophilia is what they have wanted all along, and they are now inching across the finish line.

“Rolling Stone” is and always has been decadent, at the very least borderline porn.

When there is a conference of Christian men, the porn site use at hotels goes way up.

Porn breaks down everything–art, family, relations. The purity of the sex act seems to related to the quality of the civilization.

Thank you.

Reply to  The Truth is Out There
21 February, 2023 12:34 am

Jews are Pedos

Reply to  The Truth is Out There
29 April, 2023 4:05 am

They only get across the finish line when you and I and we let them.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
18 February, 2023 10:21 am

This topic is very important. People tend to overlook it but it is more important than any purely political issues. Pornography is a weapon of mass destruction, especially against children and young people. It destroys the very basics of morality, decency and family values. When a woman is seen as a dehumanized object of brutal gratification, the whole foundation of humanity crumbles down. It is why all human civilizations, all societies had very strict laws forbidding immorality and indecent behavior. Female body was always considered as something sacred and not to be exposed for public gaze. You can’t put on display something that is holy. The best way to destroy and humiliate society is to tear down woman’s clothes. In earlier times the invaders humiliated the vanquished tribes by exposing… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Wolf Stoner
18 February, 2023 10:09 pm

Well said, Mr. Stoner. Especially where you mention it to be the task of all honest men to prevent children from exposure to pornography. This and many other tasks need our attention as well, and it is time for those men to step up and back the efforts the National Alliance has begun.

Many will come here to National Vanguard to read and comment on the articles presented here, but where are the true supporters and active members? Many look, but they do not appear to have the courage of their convictions. This must change!

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
20 February, 2023 1:54 am

Very well then. How about a better definition
of porn when “I know it when it see it?”

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Walt Hampton
20 February, 2023 8:00 pm

You aren’t satisfied with Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s definition?

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
21 February, 2023 6:07 pm

Pretty subjective definition to say the least.
What would he say about Venus Di Milo?
Don’t laugh. There were voices in the 19th
Century demanding that she be covered.
Where does erotica end and porn begin?
Where does porn end and erotica begin?

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Walt Hampton
21 February, 2023 10:25 pm

Why so worried about porn’s definition, Walt? The Cosmotheist community considers porn addicts to be ineligible for NA membership, are you trying to tell me something? Here’s a tip, if you think you are an addict, chances are that this is true. But only you can answer this question. After that, it’s up to you to do the right thing.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
22 February, 2023 4:24 am

No, I am not trying to tell you anything about myself.
However, if readers wish to project something like that
into what I posted here, I cannot stop them from doing
that. Going on now close to a half-century ago, I worked
in the adult entertainment industry. I didn’t do it.because
I had any porn issues. I did it because I needed the money…

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Walt Hampton
24 February, 2023 5:29 pm

WALT HAMPTON: [C]lose to a half-century ago, I worked in the adult entertainment industry. I didn’t do it.because I had any porn issues. I did it because I needed the money… — So, you were vulnerable, a victim. Like the author, Mr. Vinther, wrote in his opening sentence above, “THE PORN INDUSTRY IS notorious for… taking advantage of vulnerable people.” — Where does erotica end and porn begin? Where does porn end and erotica begin? — Porn and erotica are pretty much the same, Walt. They both have a prurient aspect: pornography, noun1. the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement2. material (such as books or a photograph) that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitementerotica, noun1. literary or artistic works having an erotic theme… Read more »

Reply to  William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
4 April, 2024 9:11 am

I think what you are saying is classic nude art and sex acts filming are completely different like a statue of sex acts isn’t really considered art more often considered pornography

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Wolf Stoner
20 February, 2023 11:18 pm

Wolf Stoner: This topic is very important. People tend to overlook it but it is more important than any purely political issues. Pornography is a weapon of mass destruction, especially against children and young people. It destroys the very basics of morality, decency and family values… There is no punishment too harsh for pornography producers. The most cruel death is too mild a punishment for what they do to our society. The time will come when these scoundrels will have their due. All those who produce pornography and those who facilitate this production, will meet their inglorious death. The production and distribution of pornography must be equalized with production and distribution of narcotics; the similar punishments must be applied. The restoration of the healthy moral climate in society is the… Read more »

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
22 February, 2023 1:25 am

Fully agree with your assessment. Porn addiction is too serious a problem to overlook it. It must be addressed. Yes, we can’t change the overall situation in society but we can have strict rules for ourselves. The only effective way to change the world is to start from ourselves. The pornography addiction is different from other vices. Alcoholism and narcotics are vices that are acquired. The difference with pornography is that its influence is based on a natural instinct. It influences human mind immediately. In this sense everyone is susceptible to this addiction, if not enough self-restrain and discipline is employed. In this sense pornography is more dangerous than alcohol and narcotics. And it is why any healthy society must be safeguarded in this regard by the most stringent measures.… Read more »

Russians_19th century.jpg
20 February, 2023 11:15 pm

Jews and porn

4 April, 2024 9:05 am

Our cowardly traitorous leadership allowed all this always and our ineptitude as a people to allow non whites to live together with our people
The disgrace and hideousness is beyond limits to see the cognoids near the white gal but to know she willingly defiled her self so disgustingly gross
Until we conquer and control our own living spaces and our people we will continue to be debased and poisoned beyond reason, but our people are rejecting the instinct is kicking in to revile the poison and filth of the disgusting jew

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Marina
4 April, 2024 11:46 am

“Until we conquer and control our own living spaces…” Doing this takes a considerable amount of preparation, Marina. Of the first things that need doing is the spiritual and philosophical awakening in enough Whites as to why we should exist in the first place and where we’re going into eternity has to be accomplished. We are building and continue to flesh out intentional communities of Whites who take on those preparatory steps towards near and long term goals we seek to accomplish. This has already begun by the National Alliance. If you wish to meaningfully contribute to our future success, understanding our program and joining us is your next step.